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Insects of Costa Rica

Insects of Costa Rica

Photographs of Costa Rican insects are welcome. Fotografías de insectos de Costa Rica son bienvenidas. Sign in to join mission

Insects of Costa Rica
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Photographs of Costa Rican insects are welcome. Fotografías de insectos de Costa Rica son bienvenidas.

Insects of Costa Rica

Lat: 9.75 Long: -83.75

Recent Spottings

Assassin Bug pamsai 3 1 Assassin Bug
Unknown spotting pamsai 4 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Diaz José Miguel 2 0 Unknown spotting
"Golden" Froghopper or Spittlebug Diaz José Miguel 10 6 "Golden" Froghopper or Spittlebug
Unknown spotting Diaz José Miguel 8 0 Unknown spotting
Cog Wheel Assassin Bug AlbertKang 8 3 Cog Wheel Assassin Bug
Blushing Phantom Butterfly AlbertKang 10 2 Blushing Phantom Butterfly
Polymnia Tigerwing Tom15 1 2 Polymnia Tigerwing
Gray Ministreak Tom15 1 3 Gray Ministreak
Polymnia Tigerwing Tom15 3 1 Polymnia Tigerwing
The Doris Tom15 4 2 The Doris
Blurry-striped Longtail Tom15 3 0 Blurry-striped Longtail
Mimosa Yellow Tom15 1 2 Mimosa Yellow
Blurry-striped Longtail Tom15 1 2 Blurry-striped Longtail
Pompeius Skipper Tom15 1 2 Pompeius Skipper
Orion Cecropian or Stinky Leafwing Tom15 1 0 Orion Cecropian or Stinky Leafwing
Blue-winged Eurybia Tom15 1 2 Blue-winged Eurybia
Tiger-striped Longwing Tom15 0 4 Tiger-striped Longwing
Dusky-blue Groundstreak Tom15 1 0 Dusky-blue Groundstreak
Omocerus tortoise Beetle Diaz José Miguel 2 1 Omocerus tortoise Beetle
Simplex Clearwing Butterfly AlbertKang 51 25 Simplex Clearwing Butterfly
Unknown spotting nosarasue 5 1 Unknown spotting
Flora Silkmoth Diaz José Miguel 10 2 Flora Silkmoth
Unknown spotting Diaz José Miguel 3 0 Unknown spotting
Acromis Tortoise beetle Diaz José Miguel 22 15 Acromis Tortoise beetle
Nogodinid Planthopper Nymph nosarasue 0 2 Nogodinid Planthopper Nymph
Harlequin Beetle Diaz José Miguel 1 0 Harlequin Beetle
Stink Bug Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-Norman 10 8 Stink Bug
Urania Swallowtail Moth Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-Norman 6 8 Urania Swallowtail Moth
Swallowtail Butterfly MatthewKritzer 1 0 Swallowtail Butterfly
Mexican Unicorn Praying Mantis ClaudiaGalindo 10 2 Mexican Unicorn Praying Mantis
Unknown spotting SarotaBoy 3 0 Unknown spotting
Thorn Bug Diaz José Miguel 2 2 Thorn Bug
Thorn Treehopper Sigg 14 2 Thorn Treehopper
Thorn Treehopper Mother & Nymphs Sigg 4 0 Thorn Treehopper Mother & Nymphs
Ant mimic Hopper Diaz José Miguel 4 4 Ant mimic Hopper
Sesiid Clearwing Moth Ignacio Gamboa 1 2 Sesiid Clearwing Moth
Tiger Moth SarotaBoy 9 2 Tiger Moth
Unknown spotting SarotaBoy 12 12 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting SarotaBoy 6 5 Unknown spotting
Tiger Moth SarotaBoy 2 2 Tiger Moth
Brentus weevil JosePabloCastillo 14 4 Brentus weevil
Unknown spotting SarotaBoy 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Diaz José Miguel 3 0 Unknown spotting
Weevil/Gorgojo JosePabloCastillo 4 0 Weevil/Gorgojo
Heliconius sp. JosePabloCastillo 3 2 Heliconius sp.
Membracid JosePabloCastillo 1 0 Membracid
Rusty-tipped Page JosePabloCastillo 1 0 Rusty-tipped Page
Ant-mimicking Bark Mantis Nymph Sigg 20 2 Ant-mimicking Bark Mantis Nymph
Green Dragonfly JosePabloCastillo 2 0 Green Dragonfly

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