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Biodiversity of Western Ghats (India)

Biodiversity of Western Ghats (India)

Please mention habitat and provide descriptions when filling in spotttings. Wild spottings only. Spottings of pets, domesticated or caged animals and garden plants are not eligible for this mission. Please no spottings from urban areas. Sign in to join mission

Biodiversity of Western Ghats (India)
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The Western Ghats are one of eight "hottest hotspots" of biological diversity in the world. Spottings for this mission can be in any Organism category (no Pets), spotted in the Westerns Ghats from Gujarat to Kerala.

Biodiversity of Western Ghats (India)

Lat: 13.73 Long: 76.37

Recent Spottings

The Indian golden oriole VincentVanur 1 0 The Indian golden oriole
King Cobra G Mohandas 3 1 King Cobra
The common crow pupa VincentVanur 7 5 The common crow pupa
The house crow VincentVanur 10 5 The house crow
Common pond damsel VincentVanur 1 0 Common pond damsel
Indian golden oriole VincentVanur 11 4 Indian golden oriole
whitethroated kingfisher VincentVanur 3 0 whitethroated kingfisher
Wild banana VincentVanur 5 2 Wild banana
The Indian cormorant VincentVanur 1 0 The Indian cormorant
The common flameback VincentVanur 1 0 The common flameback
Signature spider VincentVanur 2 0 Signature spider
Unknown spotting VincentVanur 1 1 Unknown spotting
Orb weaver VincentVanur 1 0 Orb weaver
The grey francolin VincentVanur 4 0 The grey francolin
The Indian chameleon VincentVanur 12 2 The Indian chameleon
The Indian darter VincentVanur 2 0 The  Indian darter
The oriental garden lizard VincentVanur 6 0 The oriental garden lizard
The Indian Owlet-moth VincentVanur 4 0 The Indian Owlet-moth
Indian pitta VincentVanur 5 0 Indian pitta
The coppersmith barbet VincentVanur 8 2 The coppersmith barbet
The white-breasted waterhen VincentVanur 1 0 The white-breasted waterhen
The lesser whistling duck VincentVanur 1 0 The lesser whistling duck
Unknown spotting VincentVanur 3 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting VincentVanur 1 0 Unknown spotting
Blue morning glory VincentVanur 1 0 Blue morning glory
Oriental Grass jewel VincentVanur 3 0 Oriental Grass jewel
Indian rat snake VincentVanur 12 14 Indian rat snake
The southern birdwing VincentVanur 1 2 The southern birdwing
Red Passion Flower VincentVanur 1 0 Red Passion Flower
The gray pansy VincentVanur 1 0 The gray pansy
Malabar giant squirrel VincentVanur 7 4 Malabar giant squirrel
The white-browed wagtail VincentVanur 3 0 The white-browed wagtail
Painted lady VincentVanur 4 0 Painted lady
The baya weaver VincentVanur 2 2 The baya weaver
striped lynx spider VincentVanur 2 0 striped lynx spider
Unknown spotting VincentVanur 3 0 Unknown spotting
The red-wattled lapwing VincentVanur 1 0 The red-wattled lapwing
Nilgiri grass yellow VincentVanur 1 0 Nilgiri grass yellow
Cross-backed Frog Vipul Ramanuj 18 10 Cross-backed Frog
Lacewing Egg & Parasitic Wasp KarthiKeyanS 14 6 Lacewing Egg & Parasitic Wasp
Black-rumped flameback Woodpecker G Mohandas 2 1 Black-rumped flameback Woodpecker
Indian Grey Hornbill G Mohandas 1 0 Indian Grey Hornbill
White bellied Sea Eagle G Mohandas 1 0 White bellied Sea Eagle
Oriental White Ibis G Mohandas 1 0 Oriental White Ibis
Brown Headed Gull G Mohandas 1 0 Brown Headed Gull
House Sparrow G Mohandas 1 0 House Sparrow
Vernal Hanging Parrot G Mohandas 1 0 Vernal Hanging Parrot
Jayaram's Bush Frog Vipul Ramanuj 21 11 Jayaram's Bush Frog
jumping spider Uday 1 0 jumping spider
Cattle egret PrashastiPrashantavanam 1 0 Cattle egret

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