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Native Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest

Native Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest

Find native edible and medicinal plants in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and British Columbia (parts of CA, OR, WA, ID, BC). Document them and upload them to Project Noah. Then add to this mission! Sign in to join mission

Native Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest
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In the Pacific Northwest we have lots of native edible and medicinal plants in our lush environment. We have 3 kinds of wild strawberries, sweet grass that tastes like green apples, native blackberries, wild onions, edible mushrooms and the list goes on.

Native Edible and Medicinal Plants of the Pacific Northwest

Lat: 43.80 Long: -120.55

Recent Spottings

Fawn Lily LivesInADream 1 0 Fawn Lily
Dandelion SilverFoxKelsey 1 0 Dandelion
Cleavers audrey.whitlatch 1 0 Cleavers
Lemon Balm Sequoia Spruce 1 0 Lemon Balm
Indian paintbrush Sequoia Spruce 1 0 Indian paintbrush
Puffballs Eva Varga 1 0 Puffballs
Self Heal Plant Sequoia Spruce 0 0 Self Heal Plant
yarrow Sequoia Spruce 0 0 yarrow
California Poppy Eva Varga 1 0 California Poppy
Turkey tail ClarissaJeannette 2 0 Turkey tail
Clover acebennyb 1 0 Clover
Salmon Berry audrey.whitlatch 2 0 Salmon Berry
Sourgrass Amanda Lynch 1 0 Sourgrass
Indian Plum LivesInADream 1 0 Indian Plum
Pacific Blackberry MichelleCraigPowell 1 0 Pacific Blackberry
Blackberry perezz 1 1 Blackberry
Unknown spotting Tracy Morris 0 2 Unknown spotting
Stinging nettle acebennyb 4 1 Stinging nettle
Rocky Mountain beeplant DerrickLK 2 0 Rocky Mountain beeplant
Oregon grape acebennyb 2 0 Oregon grape
Unknown spotting BrandonDixon 0 1 Unknown spotting
plains pricklypear DerrickLK 4 0 plains pricklypear
Unknown spotting audrey.whitlatch 0 2 Unknown spotting
Oyster Mushroom AmyBuchmeier 3 0 Oyster Mushroom
Miners Lettuce artsygrl44 1 0 Miners Lettuce
Camas LivesInADream 6 0 Camas
Unknown spotting LivesInADream 1 0 Unknown spotting
White Fawn Lily LivesInADream 3 0 White Fawn Lily
Red-Flowering Currant LivesInADream 1 0 Red-Flowering Currant
Wild Strawberries MichelleCraigPowell 3 1 Wild Strawberries
Thimble berry slireton 1 2 Thimble berry
Licorice Fern Amanda Lynch 2 3 Licorice Fern
Salal Amanda Lynch 1 2 Salal
Sword Fern Amanda Lynch 1 0 Sword Fern
Mountain Ash AmandaMinikenLynch 1 0 Mountain Ash
Indian mulberry / noni dw33zy 2 1 Indian mulberry / noni
Artist Conk (Conch) AmyBuchmeier 2 2 Artist Conk (Conch)
nineleaf biscuitroot dw33zy 1 3 nineleaf biscuitroot
Foxglove slireton 2 1 Foxglove
Sagebrush CorvusRae 2 0 Sagebrush
Oregon Grape MichelleZ 1 0 Oregon Grape
Indian Paint Brush MichelleCraigPowell 1 1 Indian Paint Brush
Lobster Mushroom TonyDeland 1 0 Lobster Mushroom
Wild Rose with Rose Hips MichelleZ 1 1 Wild Rose with Rose Hips
Hawthorn Zerinity 0 0 Hawthorn
Pearly Everlasting MichelleCraigPowell 0 1 Pearly Everlasting
Unknown spotting TonyDeland 0 2 Unknown spotting
French plantain dw33zy 0 0 French plantain
Red elderberry slireton 0 0 Red elderberry
Wild Onion MichelleCraigPowell 0 0 Wild Onion

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