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Florida Invasives

Florida Invasives

Please use this mission to post spottings of invasive plants and animals in Florida. Use as much description as you can to help other learn how to identify these invaders. Please be sensitive to others on this website as you discuss ways of controlling invasive species. Sign in to join mission

Florida Invasives
Created by

Karen Hileman

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Invasive plants and animals are most often defined as introduced species that adversely affect the habitats they invade economically, environmentally and ecologically. While all species compete to survive, invasive species seem to have one or more traits that allow them to out-compete native species. Florida has been severely impacted by invasive species. In the Everglades alone, control of invasive species cost $500 million a year. The object of this mission is to help identify the many invasive plant and animal species found in Florida and share information about how they can be controlled.

Florida Invasives

Lat: 27.53 Long: -82.39

Recent Spottings

Caesar's Weed Ric3 2 0 Caesar's Weed
Caesar's Weed Ric3 3 0 Caesar's Weed
Indian Peacock dcslaugh 2 0 Indian Peacock
Cuban Tree Frog immature dcslaugh 1 3 Cuban Tree Frog immature
Brown Anole MsMcGurr 0 0 Brown Anole
Mexican Milkweed Ric3 1 0 Mexican Milkweed
Cuban tree frog DebLongLookabill 1 0 Cuban tree frog
Cuban Tree Frog JenniferRoge 2 0 Cuban Tree Frog
Guinea fowl, helmeted guineafowl Mick G 4 0 Guinea fowl, helmeted guineafowl
Marine toad maura.p.powers 2 0 Marine toad
cuban knight anole jamiewgoodspeed 1 0 cuban knight anole
cuban tree frog jamiewgoodspeed 1 0 cuban tree frog
Pink Wood Sorrel MichaelEdward 1 0 Pink Wood Sorrel
Rainbow Whiptails courting LydiaMarie 2 0 Rainbow Whiptails courting
Rainbow Whiptail LydiaMarie 1 0 Rainbow Whiptail
Cuban Tree Frog Ryan.Champiny 0 3 Cuban Tree Frog
Blue fronted amazon parrot Mick G 1 0 Blue fronted amazon parrot
eurasian collared dove jamiewgoodspeed 3 0 eurasian collared dove
The brown anole MUSE 1 1 The brown anole
The green iguana MUSE 1 1 The green iguana
Purple Swamphen Mick G 0 3 Purple Swamphen
Green Iguana Mick G 1 0 Green Iguana
Cuban Tree Frog JenniferRoge 2 0 Cuban Tree Frog
The raccoon MUSE 1 2 The raccoon
muscovy ducks jamiewgoodspeed 3 3 muscovy ducks
Green Iguana MUSE 7 3 Green Iguana
Wild hogs ByhaliaJewett 1 0 Wild hogs
Rosary pea Mick G 1 2 Rosary pea
Black-hooded Parakeet Mick G 1 0 Black-hooded Parakeet
Cuban tree frog JenniferRoge 3 0 Cuban tree frog
Grey squirrel MUSE 11 7 Grey squirrel
Nanday conures Mick G 3 0 Nanday conures
Indian peacock Mick G 1 0 Indian peacock
Cuban Brown Anole (infant) reptiwilder339 2 1 Cuban Brown Anole (infant)
brown anole jamiewgoodspeed 5 2 brown anole
Brown Basilisk(invasive species) reptiwilder339 0 3 Brown Basilisk(invasive species)
Basilisk or Jesus Lizard MichaelEdward 7 5 Basilisk or Jesus Lizard
The Zebra Longwing or Zebra Heliconian MUSE 2 0 The Zebra Longwing or Zebra Heliconian
green iguana jamiewgoodspeed 22 13 green iguana
red eared slider jamiewgoodspeed 3 0 red eared slider
Green iguana (adults) Mick G 1 0 Green iguana (adults)
Green iguana (juvenile) Mick G 1 0 Green iguana (juvenile)
nanday conure jamiewgoodspeed 1 1 nanday conure
Green Iguana or Common Iguana JenniferRoge 1 0 Green Iguana or Common Iguana
cuban knight anole jamiewgoodspeed 7 2 cuban knight anole
Squirrel Treefrog JenniferRoge 1 0 Squirrel Treefrog
Cane Toad JenniferRoge 4 3 Cane Toad
Variable Lady Beetle Lee Williams 1 2 Variable Lady Beetle
Quaker Parrot MichaelEdward 2 0 Quaker Parrot
Cuban tree frog auntnance123 2 0 Cuban tree frog

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