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Help Save Hawaii's Coconut Trees

Help Save Hawaii's Coconut Trees

Invasive species have negative cultural, economic, and environmental impacts on Hawaii’s unique natural resources. Coconut rhinoceros beetles (Oryctes rhinoceros) are an invasive species that have recently been discovered on O’ahu and have the potential to rapidly reach epidemic proportions. Some Pacific islands have lost 50% of their coconut trees because of feeding damage by these beetles. Help us save Hawaii's coconut trees from the Rhinoceros Beetle by uploading photos of the tops of coconut trees. Sign in to join mission

Help Save Hawaii's Coconut Trees
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Upload pictures of the tops of all coconut trees, statewide. We will survey the photos for the distinctive V-shaped cuts that the beetles make in the fronds and flag suspicious leaf patterns for expert follow-up. For more information check out the following links: AND For further instructions on how to upload photos:

Help Save Hawaii's Coconut Trees

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