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Great Alaskan Challenge

Great Alaskan Challenge

Photograph as many different species of plants and animals as you can spot in Alaska, upload your images be sure you have correctly identified and named your photo! Sign in to join mission

Great Alaskan Challenge
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Website 32 participants 383 spottings

To photograph and capture nature and wildlife in the last American frontier.

Great Alaskan Challenge

Lat: 61.22 Long: -149.81

Recent Spottings

Humpback whale KelseyEvans-Layng 4 2 Humpback whale
Kodiak grizzly tracks KelseyEvans-Layng 1 0 Kodiak grizzly tracks
Sea otters KelseyEvans-Layng 1 0 Sea otters
Kodiak grizzly KelseyEvans-Layng 1 0 Kodiak grizzly
Sculpin KelseyEvans-Layng 1 0 Sculpin
Alaskan crane fly/ mosquito hawk KelseyEvans-Layng 1 0 Alaskan crane fly/ mosquito hawk
Green Isopod KelseyEvans-Layng 1 0 Green Isopod
Gazoryctra Moth KelseyEvans-Layng 0 0 Gazoryctra Moth
Red Squirrel Kellii Wood 1 0 Red Squirrel
Killer Whale Kellii Wood 2 0 Killer Whale
North Pacific Giant Octopus Kellii Wood 8 3 North Pacific Giant Octopus
Hermit crab Kellii Wood 3 0 Hermit crab
Steller Sea Lion Machi 1 0 Steller Sea Lion
Dungeness crab Kellii Wood 1 0 Dungeness crab
Brown Box Crab Kellii Wood 1 0 Brown Box Crab
Red Sea Urchin Kellii Wood 1 0 Red Sea Urchin
Bald Eagle Machi 1 0 Bald Eagle
Wild Flag Iris Machi 2 5 Wild Flag Iris
Bald Eagle Machi 1 0 Bald Eagle
Calthaleaf Avens Machi 1 2 Calthaleaf Avens
Lupine Machi 1 0 Lupine
Unknown spotting Machi 1 0 Unknown spotting
Bald Eagle Oleg M 3 2 Bald Eagle
Three-banded Lady Beetle Oleg M 1 2 Three-banded Lady Beetle
Yellowjackets Oleg M 1 1 Yellowjackets
Bedstraw Hawkmoth Caterpillar Oleg M 1 0 Bedstraw Hawkmoth Caterpillar
Ragfish Machi 6 2 Ragfish
Leafhopper CindyBinghamKeiser 1 0 Leafhopper
Variegated Snailfish Machi 2 6 Variegated Snailfish
Milbert's Tortoiseshell KathyInAlaska 2 1 Milbert's Tortoiseshell
Low-bush Cranberry KathyInAlaska 2 0 Low-bush Cranberry
Unknown spotting KathyInAlaska 0 0 Unknown spotting
Orca Machi 3 0 Orca
Starry Flounder Machi 5 1 Starry Flounder
Unknown spotting Machi 2 0 Unknown spotting
Bald Eagle EmilyRacenet 12 3 Bald Eagle
Orca EmilyRacenet 6 0 Orca
Daul Sheep EmilyRacenet 5 0 Daul Sheep
Grizzly Bear EmilyRacenet 4 1 Grizzly Bear
Moose EmilyRacenet 2 0 Moose
Daul Porpoise EmilyRacenet 2 0 Daul Porpoise
Seal EmilyRacenet 2 0 Seal
Bald Eagle Machi 2 4 Bald Eagle
Shooting Star Machi 0 2 Shooting Star
Common Mosquito indigodogma 1 0 Common Mosquito
Giant California sea cucumber Machi 6 0 Giant California sea cucumber
Humpback Whale Machi 3 3 Humpback Whale
Glaucous-winged Gull Machi 0 0 Glaucous-winged Gull
Red King Crab Machi 1 0 Red King Crab
Sitka black-tailed deer Machi 1 0 Sitka black-tailed deer

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