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Jumping Spiders of the World

Jumping Spiders of the World

This is a mission to appreciate, identify, discuss and debate the jumping spiders of the Family Salticidae. Sign in to join mission

Jumping Spiders of the World
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With cat like grace, agility and Teddy Bearish charms bellying their formidable predatory instincts, the jumping spiders of the Family Salticidae are one of the most important predators of the crawling kingdom, ceaselessly stalking their prey on house walls, in leaf litter and the undergrowth the world over. From the humble Grey wall jumpers patiently stalking flies in our homes to the famous Bagheera kiplingi, an almost vegan wonder among the largely vampiric and ghoulish world of tissue and plama feeders, bring forth your jumping spider photographs.

Jumping Spiders of the World

Lat: 19.80 Long: 72.76

Recent Spottings

Bold jumping spider GhostBurglar 1 0 Bold jumping spider
Magnolia Green Jumper female ForestDragon 1 0 Magnolia Green Jumper female
Jumping Spider LaurenZarate 5 2 Jumping Spider
Jumping Spider harshad 2 1 Jumping Spider
Ant Mimic Jumping Spider ForestDragon 1 0 Ant Mimic Jumping Spider
Spider IvanPancic 4 2 Spider
Jumping Spiders IvanPancic 3 0 Jumping Spiders
Ant mimicking jumping spider Doctor Franz 1 0 Ant mimicking jumping spider
Juvenile Jumping Spider with Prey LaurenZarate 2 0 Juvenile Jumping Spider with Prey
Thyene jumping spider DespinaTsafetopoulou 1 0 Thyene jumping spider
Metaphidippus Jumping Spider / Aranha-Saltadora-Metaphidippus Oscar Neto 1 0 Metaphidippus Jumping Spider / Aranha-Saltadora-Metaphidippus
Ant mimic spider sunnyjosef 10 3 Ant mimic spider
Jumping Spider Paul Davis 1 0 Jumping Spider
Magnolia Green Jumping Spider momsavang 1 0 Magnolia Green Jumping Spider
Unknown Jumping Spider / Aranha Papa-Moscas Desconhecida Oscar Neto 2 0 Unknown Jumping Spider / Aranha Papa-Moscas Desconhecida
Bold Jumper male, atypical audax Brian38 1 3 Bold Jumper male, atypical audax
Tan Jumping Spider momsavang 1 1 Tan Jumping Spider
Goldfinch; Jilguero Malcolm Wilton-Jones 1 1 Goldfinch; Jilguero
Jumping Spider Wild Things 8 0 Jumping Spider
Unknown spotting JaniekevanDijk 1 0 Unknown spotting
Phiale Jumping Spider / Papa-Moscas-Phiale Oscar Neto 11 2 Phiale Jumping Spider / Papa-Moscas-Phiale
Jumping spider Wild Things 5 2 Jumping spider
Brilliant Jumper Machi 3 0 Brilliant Jumper
Jumping Spider Wild Things 1 0 Jumping Spider
Hentzia Jumping Spider Machi 3 2 Hentzia Jumping Spider
Ant-mimic jumping spider Wild Things 1 0 Ant-mimic jumping spider
Two-striped Jumper sunnyjosef 16 16 Two-striped Jumper
Unknown spotting Sckel 3 0 Unknown spotting
Jumping Spider InêsVeloso 4 0 Jumping Spider
Jovial Jumping Spider-female Leuba Ridgway 8 6 Jovial Jumping Spider-female
Jumping spider Sckel 3 0 Jumping spider
Small spider Sckel 2 0 Small spider
Unknown spotting Jan Cuales 14 4 Unknown spotting
Orb Weaver Jan Cuales 4 0 Orb Weaver
Tan Jumping Spider Machi 1 0 Tan Jumping Spider
Furry jumping spider Mark Ridgway 1 0 Furry jumping spider
Bold Jumping Spider flowntheloop 6 0 Bold Jumping Spider
Jumping spider, female Marianna Di Santo 2 0 Jumping spider, female
Gray Wall Jumper JordiPrats 1 0 Gray Wall Jumper
Jumping Spider JordiPrats 1 0 Jumping Spider
ternate island jumping spider JaniekevanDijk 4 8 ternate island jumping spider
Unknown spotting JaniekevanDijk 1 1 Unknown spotting
Bold Jumper FabienneNJohnDye 1 0 Bold Jumper
Jumping Spider CindyBinghamKeiser 2 0 Jumping Spider
jumping spider RickBohler 13 4 jumping spider
Jumping Spider FabienneNJohnDye 1 0 Jumping Spider
Unknown spotting JaniekevanDijk 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Felix Fleck 1 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting LovelessRon 2 1 Unknown spotting
Ant Mimic Jumping Spider Wild Things 4 0 Ant Mimic Jumping Spider

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