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World Science Festival Cicada Count

World Science Festival Cicada Count

The World Science Festival,, and Project Noah are teaming up to track cicadas, emerging after 17-years underground. We need YOU to take photos of cicadas to help gather the largest database of information on these fascinating creatures. Sign in to join mission

World Science Festival Cicada Count
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We're calling all citizen scientists to help track 17-Year Cicadas! Join the World Science Festival Cicada Count mission and head out to start looking for some cicadas! Share your observations and make sure you submit them to the WSF Cicada Count mission. All the data will be collected by Project Noah, analyzed by, and provided to John Cooley, a cicada expert at the University of Connecticut who is researching these fascinating 17-year cicadas.

World Science Festival Cicada Count

Lat: 40.71 Long: -74.01

Recent Spottings

Annual Cicada Yeni Setiawan 1 1 Annual Cicada
Cicada shekainah d. alaban 2 0 Cicada
Cicada SukanyaDatta 1 0 Cicada
Unknown Cicada molting Carol Snow Milne 2 1 Unknown Cicada molting
Cicada SukanyaDatta 1 0 Cicada
Robinson's Annual Cicada TaylorRobertson 0 0 Robinson's Annual Cicada
Cicada NidhinBasheer 1 0 Cicada
Dog Day Cicada Cutter9311 1 0 Dog Day Cicada
Cicada (Brood IV) Cutter9311 1 0 Cicada (Brood IV)
Periodical cicada JennySmith3 2 0 Periodical cicada
Periodic Cicada KeithRoragen 5 1 Periodic Cicada
Cicada lamewborn 1 0 Cicada
Cicada AprilCharlesHarrah 1 0 Cicada
Sulphur Cicada SukanyaDatta 29 34 Sulphur Cicada
Unknown spotting ajirber 2 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting LeonardoMB 1 0 Unknown spotting
Dog-day Cicada Carol Snow Milne 2 0 Dog-day Cicada
17 Year Cicada ScottKauffman 1 0 17 Year Cicada
Annual cicada msrgoble 1 1 Annual cicada
Unknown spotting Elizabth_dt 2 0 Unknown spotting
Dog-day Cicada dferris1 2 0 Dog-day Cicada
Dog-day Cicada dferris1 1 1 Dog-day Cicada
Cicada (exuviae) SargonR 1 0 Cicada (exuviae)
Cicada SargonR 1 0 Cicada
Cicada Jackson Welter 1 1 Cicada
Iowa's 2014 Periodical Cicada Brood LuckyLogan 11 3 Iowa's 2014 Periodical Cicada Brood
Cicada Jason Alexander 1 0 Cicada
Cactus dodger Cicada Jellis 1 0 Cactus dodger Cicada
Cicada SargonR 1 0 Cicada
Green Whizzer Cicada Andrea Lim 9 3 Green Whizzer Cicada
Periodical Cicada empidonax 4 0 Periodical Cicada
Cigarra / Cicada Rolo 1 4 Cigarra / Cicada
Green Grocer Cicada flyingfrogconcepts 2 2 Green Grocer Cicada
Cicada Nymph LeonardoMB 2 0 Cicada Nymph
Cicada Christine Schaetzl 5 5 Cicada
Cicada AnitaNovak 5 3 Cicada
Cicada Akshi 1 0 Cicada
Cigarra-do-cafeeiro Sckel 2 7 Cigarra-do-cafeeiro
Cicada DeannaBroderick 10 5 Cicada
Superb Cicada Born2binthesun 2 6 Superb Cicada
Unknown spotting Entropy freak 1 0 Unknown spotting
Cicada FaredinAliyevski 3 8 Cicada
Periodical cicada LuckyLogan 6 4 Periodical cicada
Cicada allyenw 1 2 Cicada
Cicada ben.skutnik 1 2 Cicada
Cicada finn.neher 2 0 Cicada
Cicada exuviae Frederic Ansermoz 1 0 Cicada exuviae
Cicadia exoskeleton katarafaith 1 4 Cicadia exoskeleton
Green Annual Cicada - JOHN2 0 2 Green Annual Cicada -
Cicada Frederic Ansermoz 0 2 Cicada

Recently joined

Oscar Neto Yeni Setiawan macro.artist flowntheloop
Geronimo Martin Alonso JojoDePeralta flyingfrogconcepts Thane Wilcox
Globalistar LindaAlisto Mauron twolittletoddies
Kris F PossumPrint Nidhin Basheer SukanyaDatta
ToreCanu Ganesh R Mandavkar. ChrisCutter KeithRoragen
JennySmith3 Kimberly Vanderbull RWest0006 ajirber
Dilan Chathuranga Elizabth_dt MichP dferris
Jellis Jackson Welter FranzKiernanBuenaflor IanAyotte
Alabama SargonR AnjaliAnantharam Indio Jones
Anthony8 AnitaNovak LeonardoMB Andrea Lim
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