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Beetles of Southeastern Australia

Beetles of Southeastern Australia

To document different species of beetles (Order Coleoptera)
This includes their ova, larvae and pupae where possible.
Please keep photographs sharp.
Please include head shots if possible.
Our range includes Tasmania, South Australia, NSW and Victoria. Sign in to join mission

Beetles of Southeastern Australia
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This mission is expanded to include all beetles of southeast Australia. Many beetles are unique to Australia. There are hundreds to find. Lets collect the whole set. There may be some new to science; lets collect them too.

Beetles of Southeastern Australia

Lat: -37.48 Long: 145.28

Recent Spottings

Unidentified Beetle Leuba Ridgway 1 2 Unidentified Beetle
Scarab Beetle flyingfrogconcepts 2 0 Scarab Beetle
Fiddler Beetle flyingfrogconcepts 1 0 Fiddler Beetle
Fungus-eating Ladybird flyingfrogconcepts 1 0 Fungus-eating Ladybird
Fungus-eating Beetle Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Fungus-eating Beetle
Clerid Beetle Leuba Ridgway 2 2 Clerid Beetle
Unidentified black beetle Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Unidentified black beetle
Cryptocephalinid Mark Ridgway 1 0 Cryptocephalinid
Gumnut Leaf Beetle Leuba Ridgway 2 0 Gumnut Leaf Beetle
Chrysomelid Beetle Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Chrysomelid Beetle
Paropsine Leaf Beetle Leuba Ridgway 5 1 Paropsine Leaf Beetle
Aterpinae weevil Mark Ridgway 4 1 Aterpinae weevil
Flea leaf beetle Mark Ridgway 2 0 Flea leaf beetle
Leaf Beetle Leuba Ridgway 11 4 Leaf Beetle
Spotted Longicorn -male Leuba Ridgway 3 0 Spotted Longicorn -male
Fiddler beetle Mark Ridgway 14 3 Fiddler beetle
Spotted flower chafers Mark Ridgway 14 5 Spotted flower chafers
Clerid beetle Mark Ridgway 2 0 Clerid beetle
Kunzea Weevil Leuba Ridgway 6 1 Kunzea Weevil
Broad Nosed Weevil Leuba Ridgway 3 1 Broad Nosed Weevil
Wooden Chrysomelid Beetle Leuba Ridgway 3 0 Wooden Chrysomelid Beetle
Pie-dish Beetle -2 Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Pie-dish Beetle -2
Orange-Brown Scarab Leuba Ridgway 4 0 Orange-Brown Scarab
Clerid Beetle Leuba Ridgway 3 4 Clerid Beetle
Longicorn Beetle - ? wasp mimic Leuba Ridgway 1 1 Longicorn Beetle - ? wasp mimic
Decora Longicorn Beetle Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Decora Longicorn Beetle
Jewel Beetle - 10 Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Jewel Beetle - 10
Unknown Clerid Beetle Leuba Ridgway 2 0 Unknown Clerid Beetle
Weevil on sedge Mark Ridgway 1 3 Weevil on sedge
Ant mimic weevil Mark Ridgway 5 2 Ant mimic weevil
Leaf Beetle MartinL 13 0 Leaf Beetle
Leaf beetle MartinL 3 0 Leaf beetle
Erudite Beetle MartinL 7 1 Erudite Beetle
A lovely beetle! MartinL 20 4 A lovely beetle!
Paropsis roseola MartinL 3 1 Paropsis roseola
Paropsisterna stygia trivittata MartinL 3 0 Paropsisterna stygia trivittata
Piedish Beetle Leuba Ridgway 4 2 Piedish Beetle
Jewel beetle MartinL 11 3 Jewel beetle
Flower scarab MartinL 9 0 Flower scarab
Jewel Beetle MartinL 8 0 Jewel Beetle
Leaf Beetle MartinL 4 0 Leaf Beetle
Jewel beetle MartinL 1 0 Jewel beetle
Paropsisterna erudita MartinL 5 0 Paropsisterna erudita
Paropsis geographica MartinL 1 0 Paropsis geographica
False Blister Beetle Mark Ridgway 1 0 False Blister Beetle
Paropsis mystica MartinL 7 2 Paropsis mystica
Paropsis glauca MartinL 7 4 Paropsis glauca
Acacia leaf beetle MartinL 1 0 Acacia leaf beetle
Acacia longicorns Mark Ridgway 1 0 Acacia longicorns
Jewel beetles Mark Ridgway 1 0 Jewel beetles

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