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Flora & Fauna of New South Wales

Flora & Fauna of New South Wales

To document the flora and fauna of New South Wales Sign in to join mission

Flora & Fauna of New South Wales
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A mission dedicated to documenting the flora and fauna in New South Wales. Thank you for all the spottings added to the mission!

Flora & Fauna of New South Wales

Lat: -32.42 Long: 149.87

Recent Spottings

Eastern Water Dragon JamesPriest2 1 0 Eastern Water Dragon
Black Prince Cicada JamesPriest2 3 0 Black Prince Cicada
Humpback Whales Neil Ross 1 0 Humpback Whales
Bull rays katey2au 1 0 Bull rays
Pencilled Blue JamesPriest2 1 0 Pencilled Blue
Laughing Kookaburra JamesPriest2 1 0 Laughing Kookaburra
Eastern Osprey Neil Ross 12 13 Eastern Osprey
Garden Wolf Spider StephenSolomons 2 0 Garden Wolf Spider
Calico Stem Borer Moth StephenSolomons 3 0 Calico Stem Borer Moth
Green Blotched Moth StephenSolomons 10 2 Green Blotched Moth
Timber Moth StephenSolomons 2 0 Timber Moth
African Armyworm StephenSolomons 2 0 African Armyworm
Tea-tree Emerald Moth StephenSolomons 4 1 Tea-tree Emerald  Moth
Concealer Moth StephenSolomons 2 0 Concealer Moth
Concealer Moth StephenSolomons 2 0 Concealer Moth
Lycid-mimicking Moth StephenSolomons 2 0 Lycid-mimicking Moth
Concealer Moth StephenSolomons 3 0 Concealer Moth
Light Brown Apple Moth StephenSolomons 3 0 Light Brown Apple Moth
Eucalyptus Leafroller StephenSolomons 2 0 Eucalyptus Leafroller
Gelechioid Moth StephenSolomons 1 1 Gelechioid Moth
Leaf Roller Moth StephenSolomons 1 0 Leaf Roller Moth
Concealer Moth StephenSolomons 1 0 Concealer Moth
Seed borer, Moth StephenSolomons 1 0 Seed borer, Moth
Grass moth StephenSolomons 1 0 Grass moth
Pyralid Moth StephenSolomons 1 0 Pyralid Moth
Bold-waved Bark Moth StephenSolomons 1 0 Bold-waved Bark Moth
Geranium Plume Moth StephenSolomons 2 0 Geranium Plume Moth
Eastern Water Dragon JamesPriest2 8 0 Eastern Water Dragon
Anthela Moth StephenSolomons 6 2 Anthela Moth
Huntsman Spider (female) StephenSolomons 1 0 Huntsman Spider (female)
Endotricha Moth StephenSolomons 1 0 Endotricha Moth
Australian Cranberry Moth StephenSolomons 1 0 Australian Cranberry Moth
Feral Goats (with newborn kid) Neil Ross 5 4 Feral Goats (with newborn kid)
Native Drone Fly JamesPriest2 3 1 Native Drone Fly
Greater Blue-ringed Octopus Neil Ross 2 2 Greater Blue-ringed Octopus
Eastern Water Skink JamesPriest2 4 0 Eastern Water Skink
Blue Flower Wasp KerryHawkins 5 0 Blue Flower Wasp
Southern Boobook Neil Ross 3 0 Southern Boobook
Eastern Grey Kangaroo JamesPriest2 1 2 Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Grey-headed Flying Fox (colony July 2016) Neil Ross 9 7 Grey-headed Flying Fox (colony July 2016)
Pied Currawong Neil Ross 9 14 Pied Currawong
Australian Cranberry Moth StephenSolomons 2 0 Australian Cranberry Moth
Little Baron Cicada StephenSolomons 2 0 Little Baron Cicada
Nudibranch Neil Ross 2 7 Nudibranch
Common Yabby? Neil Ross 0 11 Common Yabby?
Coastal Gazania Neil Ross 1 2 Coastal Gazania
Black Nerite Neil Ross 1 0 Black Nerite
Eastern Rosella Neil Ross 2 0 Eastern Rosella
Plant Pot Dapperling StephenSolomons 2 4 Plant Pot Dapperling
Heath-leaved Banksia Neil Ross 3 0 Heath-leaved Banksia

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