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Ecology of California

Ecology of California

If you're anywhere in California, USA please submit your sightings of all life forms you observe, thank you in advance. Sign in to join mission

Ecology of California
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13 participants 591 spottings

I'm creating this mission for the purpose of trying to document all the wildlife inhabiting California, USA. I reside in Santa Cruz area so most of the sightings I myself put up will likely come from that region. All sightings in the California region are acceptable as long as you submit at least the area in which the sighting occurred. Than from there others will surely help in identifying and improving information on the life form sighted.

Ecology of California

Lat: 36.97 Long: -122.03

Recent Spottings

Red-whiskered Bulbul JackGraham 2 0 Red-whiskered Bulbul
Great Blue Heron JackGraham 2 1 Great Blue Heron
Unknown spotting Noahs Ark 3 0 Unknown spotting
Western Star Flower Noahs Ark 5 0 Western Star Flower
Unknown spotting Noahs Ark 3 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Noahs Ark 3 1 Unknown spotting
Pacific Forktail Noahs Ark 1 0 Pacific Forktail
Gulf Fritillary Noahs Ark 1 0 Gulf Fritillary
Red Admiral JackGraham 3 0 Red Admiral
Gulf Fritillary JackGraham 1 0 Gulf Fritillary
California Oak Moth Noahs Ark 2 0 California Oak Moth
Sierra Juniper Noahs Ark 7 1 Sierra Juniper
Ten-lined June beetle Noahs Ark 8 1 Ten-lined June beetle
By-The-Wind Sailor (Velella) Noahs Ark 1 0 By-The-Wind Sailor (Velella)
Western Tussock Moth Noahs Ark 7 0 Western Tussock Moth
Gulf Fritillary Noahs Ark 2 0 Gulf Fritillary
Monarch Butterfly Noahs Ark 2 1 Monarch Butterfly
Burrowing Owl Noahs Ark 5 4 Burrowing Owl
Pacific Spiketail Noahs Ark 1 2 Pacific Spiketail
Salt Marsh Moth Noahs Ark 1 2 Salt Marsh Moth
Red-tailed Hawk Noahs Ark 3 1 Red-tailed Hawk
Yellow-faced bumblebee Noahs Ark 1 0 Yellow-faced bumblebee
Fiery Skipper Noahs Ark 3 0 Fiery Skipper
California Slender Salamander Noahs Ark 3 1 California Slender Salamander
Spotted Cucumber Beetle Noahs Ark 2 1 Spotted Cucumber Beetle
Western Tussock Moth Noahs Ark 2 2 Western Tussock Moth
Pacific Banana Slug Noahs Ark 1 0 Pacific Banana Slug
Common Checkered-Skipper Noahs Ark 2 0 Common Checkered-Skipper
Gulf Fritillary Noahs Ark 2 0 Gulf Fritillary
Golden Buprestid Noahs Ark 1 1 Golden Buprestid
Millipede Noahs Ark 1 0 Millipede
Butterfly JackGraham 1 3 Butterfly
Moth JackGraham 1 0 Moth
Joshua Tree JackGraham 1 0 Joshua Tree
Acorn Woodpecker Pixie 0 0 Acorn Woodpecker
False Earthstar JackGraham 1 0 False Earthstar
Rhinoceros Auklet JackGraham 1 1 Rhinoceros Auklet
Unknown spotting Pixie 1 0 Unknown spotting
Pyrosome JackGraham 3 0 Pyrosome
Unknown spotting Pixie 1 0 Unknown spotting
Botta's Pocket Gopher JackGraham 2 0 Botta's Pocket Gopher
Monarch Caterpillar Mandy Hollman 1 0 Monarch Caterpillar
Western Tussock Moth JackGraham 2 2 Western Tussock Moth
Agaricus JackGraham 1 0 Agaricus
Mottlegill JackGraham 1 0 Mottlegill
Witch's Hat JackGraham 1 0 Witch's Hat
Fluted Black Elfin Saddle JackGraham 2 0 Fluted Black Elfin Saddle
Wood Blewit JackGraham 2 0 Wood Blewit
Turkey Tail JackGraham 2 0 Turkey Tail
King Bolete JackGraham 2 0 King Bolete

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