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I am a young nature enthusiast, getting out in nature with my buddy, Camera! :)

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al-ee-oop Spring Peeper
Spring Peeper commented on by al-ee-oop Ontario, Canada6 years ago

I don't believe so with all do respect

al-ee-oop Eastern Screech Owl
Eastern Screech Owl commented on by al-ee-oop Bristol, USA6 years ago

OMG!! :P

al-ee-oop Cupmoth pupation
Cupmoth pupation commented on by al-ee-oop Victoria, Australia6 years ago


al-ee-oop Glass frog
Glass frog commented on by al-ee-oop Heredia, Costa Rica6 years ago

AWWW. Cute squinty eyes. Glass Frog says: "I'm keeping my eye on you, joker" ;)

al-ee-oop American Badger
American Badger commented on by al-ee-oop Minnesota, USA6 years ago

Cute story, and Beautiful animal! :)

al-ee-oop Wood Duck
Wood Duck commented on by al-ee-oop Unity, Maine, USA6 years ago

What college do you go to? If you don't mind answering.. I am in a wildlife program myself.
That's a male Wood Duck in it's none breeding plumage.

al-ee-oop Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel
Red and White Giant Flying Squirrel commented on by al-ee-oop Paracel Islands6 years ago

Great share! Such a beautiful squirrel. I keep viewing that video. I'm fascinated with flying squirrels. I would like to see that big guy one day! 1 meter H.T. ! WOW crazy! Can't believe such creature exists. :)

al-ee-oop Golden Poison Dart Frog
Golden Poison Dart Frog commented on by al-ee-oop Amazonas, Colombia6 years ago

Oh interesting DanielePralong. & JuanDiTrani, it sounds like you have some traveling in the future. :)
I think what makes them more hungry is that they are a bigger sized dart frog. I am sure you could get them to breed in captivity, but I didn't wish to find out for myself. I'm happy with my one,Topaz :)

al-ee-oop Banded woolly bear
Banded woolly bear commented on by al-ee-oop Tacoma, Washington, USA6 years ago

Check this out! >>

these caterpillars are so cute!

al-ee-oop Golden Poison Dart Frog
Golden Poison Dart Frog commented on by al-ee-oop Amazonas, Colombia6 years ago

Yes, that is correct. I feed it pin head crickets. So this particular specimen of Golden Poison Dart Frog is not poisonous, because of what it eats. It isn't eating the ants that carry the toxins from the particular poison plant to the dart frog, that it would get in it's natural environment. This species of poison dart frog has a more voracious appetite out of the other species in it's family.