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 Carnivores of the Southeastern US

Carnivores of the Southeastern US

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 Carnivores of the Southeastern US
75 participants 118 spottings

This mission accepts spottings of carnivores from Tennessee, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia & Kentucky.

 Carnivores of the Southeastern US

Lat: 34.71 Long: -84.84

Recent Spottings

Timber Rattlesnake LisaPowers 11 2 Timber Rattlesnake
Gray Ratsnake larkinpb 9 4 Gray Ratsnake
Unknown spotting larkinpb 4 6 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting larkinpb 2 3 Unknown spotting
American alligator LisaPowers 19 12 American alligator
North American raccoon LisaPowers 13 5 North American raccoon
Queen Snake ToddMcKinney 3 0 Queen Snake
Mud Salamander LisaPowers 6 0 Mud Salamander
Coyote Machi 2 1 Coyote
American alligator ColtMooney 1 2 American alligator
Wood Frog LisaPowers 4 0 Wood Frog
American mink LisaPowers 1 0 American mink
Copperhead Entropy freak 2 0 Copperhead
Southern red-backed salamander larkinpb 7 0 Southern red-backed salamander
AntLion Larvae JOHN2 1 0 AntLion Larvae
Yellow Garden Spider Mandy Hollman 2 2 Yellow Garden Spider
Trapdoor spider (female) TaylorRobertson 1 1 Trapdoor spider (female)
Wheel Bug TaylorRobertson 1 0 Wheel Bug
Mexican redknee tarantula larkinpb 4 0 Mexican redknee tarantula
Eastern Garter snake LCHinchey 2 0 Eastern Garter snake
Green Frog LisaPowers 4 0 Green Frog
Raccoon AlexBoyette 2 1 Raccoon
Seal Salamander LisaPowers 2 1 Seal Salamander
Unknown spotting sarah in the woods 1 1 Unknown spotting
Eastern Box Turtle LCHinchey 4 0 Eastern Box Turtle
Bald-faced Hornet sarah in the woods 1 0 Bald-faced Hornet
Common snapping turtle larkinpb 1 0 Common snapping turtle
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin sarah in the woods 1 0 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin
Common Grackle sarah in the woods 1 0 Common Grackle
Fowler's toad larkinpb 2 1 Fowler's toad
Barred Owl Kris F 3 0 Barred Owl
Bald eagle Entropy freak 2 0 Bald eagle
Eastern Fence Lizard LCHinchey 1 2 Eastern Fence Lizard
Virginia opossum LCHinchey 1 1 Virginia opossum
Eastern Ratsnake LCHinchey 1 0 Eastern Ratsnake
Brown Snake MaggieMahan 1 1 Brown Snake
Green Heron Mandy Hollman 1 0 Green Heron
Wood Frog LisaPowers 9 4 Wood Frog
American Alligator KenCheeks 1 0 American Alligator
American Alligator KenCheeks 1 0 American Alligator
Woodlouse Spider sarah in the woods 9 4 Woodlouse Spider
Black Widow sarah in the woods 10 0 Black Widow
Barred owl KristinaFallon 4 0 Barred owl
Mantis Egg Case sarah in the woods 3 3 Mantis Egg Case
Glass Lizzard hummellstudios 1 0 Glass Lizzard
Long-jawed Orb Weavers (male & female) LisaPowers 1 0 Long-jawed Orb Weavers (male & female)
Western Ribbonsnake LisaPowers 2 0 Western Ribbonsnake
Milksnake (Red x Eastern) LisaPowers 1 0 Milksnake (Red x Eastern)
Osprey JasonHarris 1 0 Osprey
Yellow Garden Spider Mandy Hollman 1 0 Yellow Garden Spider

Recently joined

Life Is Like a Lime Rosa Maria AlexBoyette jbstrange2202
Abby Ccga shinleveranna vilasbirdrefuge nursejurs
larkinpb Kris F BerrianA.HobbyIV the-forest-room2
sarahp.grafton sarah in the woods JennieDoomsday Lisa NGA
ColtMooney SMWG Entropy freak jomillski
JOHN2 LCHinchey msp05f Strange7
TimShelnutt KenCheeks hcopplestone digdugrugjug
QWMom Kayla9 Heather33 ToddMcKinney
rewindtheyes hummellstudios AngelaMummaw JasonHarris
MaggieMahan LisaPowers ThomasOrth DavidBStone
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