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Fungi in the Benelux

Fungi in the Benelux

In autumn you see A lot of strange mushrooms appear. With my company, I want to map each fungi in the Benelux. We are Experts of finding them, but we don't know all the names off the fungi. Together we can identify every mushroom. Join my mission and share your fungus with me! Sign in to join mission

Fungi in the Benelux
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29 participants 1,018 spottings

Take Pictures of all the fungi you find! Select my mission and de data will come to me!

Fungi in the Benelux

Lat: 52.17 Long: 5.17

Recent Spottings

Wortelende champignonparasol MichelBeeckman 2 0 Wortelende champignonparasol
Duinboschampignonparasol MichelBeeckman 2 0 Duinboschampignonparasol
Green-spored Dapperling/Groenplaatzwammetje MichelBeeckman 2 0 Green-spored Dapperling/Groenplaatzwammetje
Artist's bracket Jae 2 1 Artist's bracket
Unknown spotting Pochempie 1 0 Unknown spotting
Shaggy parasol Jae 3 0 Shaggy parasol
Orange Mat Inkcap/Rossige viltinktzwam MichelBeeckman 4 3 Orange Mat Inkcap/Rossige viltinktzwam
Coprinopsis spelaiophila/Ivoorinktzwam MichelBeeckman 2 0 Coprinopsis spelaiophila/Ivoorinktzwam
Brown birch bolete Jae 4 0 Brown birch bolete
Tawny grisette Jae 4 0 Tawny grisette
Lacquered bracket Jae 5 0 Lacquered bracket
Unknown spotting Pochempie 2 0 Unknown spotting
Saffron ringless amanita Jae 6 1 Saffron ringless amanita
Beech jellydisc Jae 4 0 Beech jellydisc
European Gemmed Amanita/Narcisamaniet MichelBeeckman 1 0 European Gemmed Amanita/Narcisamaniet
Barometer Earthstar or False Earthstar fungus Pochempie 3 0 Barometer Earthstar or False Earthstar fungus
Tawny grisette Jae 5 0 Tawny grisette
Leafy brain Jae 5 0 Leafy brain
Enoki Pochempie 2 0 Enoki
Golden ear Pochempie 1 0 Golden ear
Unknown spotting Pochempie 1 0 Unknown spotting
Black Witch's Butter Pochempie 0 0 Black Witch's Butter
Fly agaric Jae 7 3 Fly agaric
Wood cauliflower Jae 3 0 Wood cauliflower
Toothed jelly fungus Jae 2 0 Toothed jelly fungus
The sickener Jae 9 2 The sickener
Rooting shank Jae 1 0 Rooting shank
Dyer's mazegill Jae 2 0 Dyer's mazegill
Cinnabar polypore Jae 2 0 Cinnabar polypore
Tinder fungus Jae 4 3 Tinder fungus
Horse mushroom Jae 2 0 Horse mushroom
Slate bolete/Harde populierboleet MichelBeeckman 4 2 Slate bolete/Harde populierboleet
Bonnet mould Jae 21 16 Bonnet mould
"Dune Coral Fungus"/Duinkoraalzwam MichelBeeckman 1 0 "Dune Coral Fungus"/Duinkoraalzwam
Upright coral Jae 3 0 Upright coral
Bitter bolete Jae 3 0 Bitter bolete
Beech jellydisc Jae 21 30 Beech jellydisc
Collared earthstar Jae 4 0 Collared earthstar
Dyer's mazegill Jae 3 0 Dyer's mazegill
Unknown spotting Pochempie 1 0 Unknown spotting
Yellow-stemmed mycena Jae 5 0 Yellow-stemmed mycena
Tinder fungus Jae 7 1 Tinder fungus
Vermillion waxcap Jae 5 0 Vermillion waxcap
Stinkhorn Jae 2 0 Stinkhorn
Unknown spotting Jae 2 0 Unknown spotting
Yellow stagshorn Jae 6 0 Yellow stagshorn
Bay cup Jae 2 0 Bay cup
Earth Star Pochempie 2 1 Earth Star
Unknown spotting Pochempie 2 2 Unknown spotting
Fly agaric Pochempie 2 0 Fly agaric

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