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Nightlife of the Midwest

Nightlife of the Midwest

Document animals active at night. All images should be taken outdoors between dusk and dawn. Sign in to join mission

Nightlife of the Midwest
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Website 37 participants 541 spottings

While most of us are sleeping, much of the animal world comes alive.

Nightlife of the Midwest

Lat: 41.23 Long: -95.96

Recent Spottings

Green lacewing ornithoptera80 0 2 Green lacewing
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle Tukup 1 0 Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle
Little Virgin Tiger Moth LuckyLogan 2 0 Little Virgin Tiger Moth
Fowler's Toad MelindaKiser 2 0 Fowler's Toad
Clymene Moth MelindaKiser 3 1 Clymene Moth
Io Moth Caterpillars MelindaKiser 1 1 Io Moth Caterpillars
Exposed Bird-dropping Moth MelindaKiser 2 0 Exposed Bird-dropping Moth
Delicate Cycnia MelindaKiser 2 0 Delicate Cycnia
Pink-striped Oakworm Moth MelindaKiser 2 0 Pink-striped Oakworm Moth
Ironweed Root Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Ironweed Root Moth
Juniper Twig Geometer MelindaKiser 1 0 Juniper Twig Geometer
Juniper Twig Geometer MelindaKiser 1 0 Juniper Twig Geometer
Sculptured Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Sculptured Moth
Pavlovski's Monopis MelindaKiser 1 0 Pavlovski's Monopis
Yellow Slant-Line MelindaKiser 1 0 Yellow Slant-Line
Green Leuconycta MelindaKiser 1 0 Green Leuconycta
Painted Lichen Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Painted Lichen Moth
Red Maple Borer MelindaKiser 1 0 Red Maple Borer
Pandora Sphinx LuckyLogan 2 0 Pandora Sphinx
Rosy Maple Moth MelindaKiser 2 0 Rosy Maple Moth
Alien Probole MelindaKiser 1 0 Alien Probole
Waved Sphinx Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Waved Sphinx Moth
Sleeping Baileya Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Sleeping Baileya Moth
Horned Spanworm Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Horned Spanworm Moth
Promethea Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Promethea Moth
Blinded Sphinx MelindaKiser 2 0 Blinded Sphinx
Click Beetle KeithRoragen 1 1 Click Beetle
Salt Marsh Tiger Moth MelindaKiser 2 0 Salt Marsh Tiger Moth
Exposed Bird-Dropping Moth MelindaKiser 4 3 Exposed Bird-Dropping Moth
Virgin Tiger Moth MelindaKiser 2 0 Virgin Tiger Moth
Regal Moth MelindaKiser 2 0 Regal Moth
Virgin Tiger Moth LuckyLogan 11 0 Virgin Tiger Moth
Luna Moth MelindaKiser 7 1 Luna Moth
Rose Hooktip MelindaKiser 1 0 Rose Hooktip
Honey Locust Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Honey Locust Moth
Virginia Creeper Sphinx MelindaKiser 1 0 Virginia Creeper Sphinx
Harnessed Tiger Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Harnessed Tiger Moth
Waved Sphinx MelindaKiser 1 0 Waved Sphinx
Spotting MelindaKiser 1 0 Spotting
Isabella Tiger Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Isabella Tiger Moth
Red-banded Leafroller MelindaKiser 1 0 Red-banded Leafroller
Banded Tussock Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Banded Tussock Moth
Spotting MelindaKiser 1 0 Spotting
Spotting MelindaKiser 1 0 Spotting
Io Moth MelindaKiser 11 1 Io Moth
Curve-tooth Geometer MelindaKiser 2 0 Curve-tooth Geometer
Double-banded Grass Veneer MelindaKiser 1 0 Double-banded Grass Veneer
Diamondback Moth MelindaKiser 1 0 Diamondback Moth
Rose Chafer MelindaKiser 1 0 Rose Chafer
Celery Leaftier MelindaKiser 1 0 Celery Leaftier

Recently joined

Brett ornithoptera80 Tukup RachelBaker
MelindaKiser Clubpenguin2.0 MelissaKappus Marvin Smith
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Adell zoomanallen megxmagx KeithRoragen
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