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Alien Species in Hawaii

Alien Species in Hawaii

Identify any alien species in Hawaii, especially the invasive species. Make sure to state where the species originates! Sign in to join mission

Alien Species in Hawaii
Created by

mauna Kunzah

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Hawaii is home to rare, endemic flora and fauna. However, the 8 islands are also not strangers to introduced and invasive species. Although many times these organisms are beautiful and benign, they can also be disruptive. Drawing attention to the sheer number of introduced wild species brings us one step closer to protecting Hawaii's endangered native plants and animals. Together, we can raise awareness.

Alien Species in Hawaii

Lat: 21.38 Long: -158.13

Recent Spottings

Eucalyptus trees mauna Kunzah 5 6 Eucalyptus trees
Bamboo orchid mauna Kunzah 8 5 Bamboo orchid
Medinilla mauna Kunzah 2 0 Medinilla
Saffron Finch mauna Kunzah 5 6 Saffron Finch
Asian swordfern mauna Kunzah 2 0 Asian swordfern
Yellow-billed cardinal mauna Kunzah 8 4 Yellow-billed cardinal
Erckel's francolin mauna Kunzah 10 6 Erckel's francolin
Begonia mauna Kunzah 1 1 Begonia
Prickly pear cactus mauna Kunzah 1 0 Prickly pear cactus
Tahitian prawns Allen Hoof 1 0 Tahitian prawns
Gold Dust Day Gecko Allen Hoof 2 0 Gold Dust Day Gecko
Spotting AdamAmosa 1 1 Spotting
Star of Bethlehem mauna Kunzah 1 2 Star of Bethlehem
Cockroach Nymph D'rtanyon 1 0 Cockroach Nymph
Hammerhead worm Allen Hoof 2 1 Hammerhead worm
Giant African Land Snail D'rtanyon 2 2 Giant African Land Snail
Female Mallard Allen Hoof 1 0 Female Mallard
Indian myna mauna Kunzah 3 0 Indian myna
Mickey Mouse Plant Allen Hoof 1 0 Mickey Mouse Plant
Black Potter Wasp allen.hoof 0 2 Black Potter Wasp
Red crested cardinal shebebusynow 11 4 Red crested cardinal
Asian swallowtail jackie.hawaii 1 0 Asian swallowtail
Yellow-fronted Canary (Male) jackie.hawaii 1 0 Yellow-fronted Canary (Male)
Black Witch Moth lowellmtyler 1 0 Black Witch Moth
Sphinx Moth lowellmtyler 1 0 Sphinx Moth
Monarch Butterfly (Larvae)/ lepe o Hina jackie.hawaii 4 1 Monarch Butterfly (Larvae)/ lepe o Hina
Red-crested Cardinal jackie.hawaii 3 1 Red-crested Cardinal
Red-vented bulbuls allen.hoof 1 1 Red-vented bulbuls
Saffron finch shebebusynow 1 0 Saffron finch
Northern Cardinal (Male) jackie.hawaii 1 0 Northern Cardinal (Male)
Gold Dust Day Gecko jackie.hawaii 6 2 Gold Dust Day Gecko
Nutmeg Mannikin jackie.hawaii 2 2 Nutmeg Mannikin
Common Mynah nestling allen.hoof 3 7 Common Mynah nestling
Spotted Dove jackie.hawaii 2 1 Spotted Dove
Northern Cardinal pre-fledgling allen.hoof 1 2 Northern Cardinal pre-fledgling
Potter Wasp jackie.hawaii 2 0 Potter Wasp
Black Stink Bug/ Pu 'u jackie.hawaii 1 0 Black Stink Bug/ Pu 'u
Large Orange Sulphur (Male) jackie.hawaii 1 0 Large Orange Sulphur (Male)
Sonoran Carpenter Bee (Male)/ Nalo Nui jackie.hawaii 1 0 Sonoran Carpenter Bee (Male)/ Nalo Nui
Vietnamese Centipede (juvenile) jackie.hawaii 1 0 Vietnamese Centipede (juvenile)
Western Honey Bee/ Nalo Meli jackie.hawaii 1 0 Western Honey Bee/ Nalo Meli
House Sparrow (Male) jackie.hawaii 1 0 House Sparrow (Male)
Brown anole shebebusynow 0 0 Brown anole
Plumeria shebebusynow 4 3 Plumeria
Cacao shebebusynow 1 2 Cacao
rainbow eucalyptus shebebusynow 1 0 rainbow eucalyptus
cattle egret shebebusynow 1 0 cattle egret
wild chickens shebebusynow 1 0 wild chickens
spotted dove shebebusynow 0 3 spotted dove
Hammerhead worm allen.hoof 3 9 Hammerhead worm

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