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Biodiversity of Attica

Biodiversity of Attica

Here you can post photos and comments about all the living organisms of Attica (Greece), as well as the habitats and landscape. Sign in to join mission

Biodiversity of Attica
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A contribution to the record to Attica's biodiversity which -despite thousands of years of habitation and continuous human activity with varied and intense interventions in the environment-, has a biodiversity that surprises, very important organisms, habitats, landscapes and, to date, new species to show.

Biodiversity of Attica

Lat: 38.00 Long: 23.82

Recent Spottings

Crocus Tania17 7 11 Crocus
Globe Thistle Tania17 2 0 Globe Thistle
Globe Thistle Tania17 3 0 Globe Thistle
Little egret Tania17 1 0 Little egret
Mud dauber Tania17 13 0 Mud dauber
Scilla dimartinoi StavrosApostolou 5 1 Scilla dimartinoi
White hedge-nettle Tania17 2 0 White hedge-nettle
Wild Fennel Tania17 17 11 Wild Fennel
Ophrys cretica phantomailbox 4 0 Ophrys cretica
Tongue orchid phantomailbox 3 0 Tongue orchid
Large Ant- Lion Tania17 2 0 Large Ant- Lion
Crown of thorns (Κόκκινη ευφορβία) DespinaTsafetopoulou 2 0 Crown of thorns (Κόκκινη ευφορβία)
Crab spider Tania17 11 5 Crab spider
Bumblebee scarab beetle Tania17 4 0 Bumblebee scarab beetle
Silver Sage Tania17 8 0 Silver Sage
Butterfly orchid phantomailbox 6 0 Butterfly orchid
Sun Spurge Tania17 6 1 Sun Spurge
Egyptian Grasshopper Tania17 1 0 Egyptian Grasshopper
Unknown spotting Tania17 2 3 Unknown spotting
Peacock Anemone Tania17 10 1 Peacock Anemone
Ophrys reinholdii Tania17 11 3 Ophrys reinholdii
Ophrys attica Tania17 3 0 Ophrys attica
Barbary Nut, Ίρις Tania17 1 1 Barbary Nut, Ίρις
African mantis / Αλογάκι της Παναγίας Tania17 7 5 African mantis / Αλογάκι της Παναγίας
Naked Man Orchid / Satyr Orchid Tania17 7 0 Naked Man Orchid / Satyr Orchid
Orchids as food Tania17 4 3 Orchids as food
Common blanketflower DespinaTsafetopoulou 3 1 Common blanketflower
Siamese Bee-orchids Tania17 3 1 Siamese Bee-orchids
Sawfly orchid Tania17 16 9 Sawfly orchid
Horseshoe Bee-orchid Tania17 13 4 Horseshoe Bee-orchid
Βlack Ιris Tania17 6 3 Βlack Ιris
Milky Orchid StavrosApostolou 7 0 Milky Orchid
Malcolmia StavrosApostolou 4 0 Malcolmia
Cardopatium StavrosApostolou 4 2 Cardopatium
Marginated tortoise (Κρασπεδωτή χελώνα) ChristosMaroulis 5 2 Marginated tortoise (Κρασπεδωτή χελώνα)
Hypochromatic Ophrys ferrum-equinum Tania17 7 0 Hypochromatic Ophrys ferrum-equinum
Ophrys attica Tania17 17 20 Ophrys attica
The orchid with the breasts Tania17 11 6 The orchid with the breasts
Hoopoe Tania17 8 5 Hoopoe
Judas tree (Κουτσουπιά) ChristosMaroulis 2 3 Judas tree (Κουτσουπιά)
Jurinea mollis ChristosMaroulis 2 4 Jurinea mollis
Egyptian Locust (Ανακρίδιο το Αιγύπτιο) ChristosMaroulis 2 2 Egyptian Locust (Ανακρίδιο το Αιγύπτιο)
Yellow bee orchid Tania17 10 2 Yellow bee orchid
Horseshoe Bee-orchid Tania17 9 4 Horseshoe Bee-orchid
Serapias Tania17 5 0 Serapias
Gynandriris StavrosApostolou 4 1 Gynandriris
Four-spotted Blister Beetle, on Sage Tania17 6 4 Four-spotted Blister Beetle, on Sage
Chinaberry in winter Tania17 2 0 Chinaberry in winter
Capricorn Beetle Tania17 2 0 Capricorn Beetle
House finch ChristosMaroulis 2 0 House finch

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