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Australian Native Flowers and Fruits

Australian Native Flowers and Fruits

A showcase of Australian native flowers and fruits. Be it a tree or shrub, vine or succulent... as long as it's a NATIVE that's flowering and/or fruiting, or showing evidence of either (like the mission photo), please add your spotting here. Australian natives attract wildlife, look bizarre and beautiful, and stand up to a wide range of challenging climates. They are unique to this country and fill an ecological niche that only species that have evolved here can. Preference is for plants growing in their natural habitat, but specimens that are cultivated are also welcome. NB: Australia is a mighty big place, so if your spotting falls outside of the mission radius, it is still welcome! Sign in to join mission

Australian Native Flowers and Fruits
Created by

Neil Ross

8 participants 139 spottings

This mission is for Australian native plants only. Other species that have been naturalised (eg: lantana) are not appropriate. Please add a description of the plant characteristics and habitat where it was located - ecological and taxonomic information about your spotting is important. Flowers and fruiting bodies can also be the best and easiest way to identify many native plant species, and this only occurs at certain times of the year. Of particular significance are plants considered to be "bush tucker" (bushfood) for people, and food plants for animals. If not consumed as food, some plants also have medicinal or utilitarian value.

Australian Native Flowers and Fruits

Lat: -30.49 Long: 151.64

Recent Spottings

Blady Grass Neil Ross 1 0 Blady Grass
Coast Banksia Neil Ross 4 0 Coast Banksia
Rattle Beaks Felix Fleck 16 12 Rattle Beaks
Striped Cucumber Neil Ross 4 0 Striped Cucumber
Beak Orchid Felix Fleck 8 7 Beak Orchid
Tall Windmill Grass Neil Ross 7 6 Tall Windmill Grass
Book Triggerplant Felix Fleck 6 2 Book Triggerplant
Leaping Spider Orchid Felix Fleck 3 2 Leaping Spider Orchid
Splendid Spider Orchid Felix Fleck 2 2 Splendid Spider Orchid
Purple Pansy Orchid Felix Fleck 2 2 Purple Pansy Orchid
Common Donkey Orchid Felix Fleck 1 2 Common Donkey Orchid
Pimpernel Sundew Felix Fleck 3 8 Pimpernel Sundew
White Smartweed Neil Ross 3 4 White Smartweed
Golden Penda Neil Ross 8 1 Golden Penda
Spiny-headed mat-rush rjwhite2453 1 0 Spiny-headed mat-rush
Narrow-leaved Palm Lily (fruiting) Neil Ross 2 0 Narrow-leaved Palm Lily (fruiting)
Yellow rush lily Robert White 1 1 Yellow rush lily
Australian indigo rjwhite2453 2 0 Australian indigo
Australian blackthorn Robert White 1 0 Australian blackthorn
Tadgell's bluebell Robert White 1 1 Tadgell's bluebell
Cunjevoi Lily (fruiting) Neil Ross 23 18 Cunjevoi Lily (fruiting)
Bidgee-widgee rjwhite2453 1 1 Bidgee-widgee
Broad-leaved Paperbark Neil Ross 17 24 Broad-leaved Paperbark
Mountain kangaroo apple Robert White 3 1 Mountain kangaroo apple
Ivy goodenia Robert White 2 0 Ivy goodenia
Common everlasting Robert White 2 1 Common everlasting
Clustered everlasting Robert White 2 1 Clustered everlasting
Cumbungi (Bulrush) Neil Ross 2 0 Cumbungi (Bulrush)
Black Orchid Neil Ross 1 0 Black Orchid
Native bluebell Robert White 3 2 Native bluebell
Cherry ballart rjwhite2453 5 2 Cherry ballart
Wax-lipped orchid rjwhite2453 5 0 Wax-lipped orchid
Drooping mistletoe Robert White 2 1 Drooping mistletoe
Early Nancy rjwhite2453 2 1 Early Nancy
Monkey Rope Neil Ross 3 0 Monkey Rope
Whiteroot rjwhite2453 1 0 Whiteroot
Warrigal greens rjwhite2453 1 0 Warrigal greens
False sarsparilla rjwhite2453 1 0 False sarsparilla
Foxtail Palm Neil Ross 9 8 Foxtail Palm
Grass Trees Neil Ross 17 18 Grass Trees
Flannel Flower Neil Ross 20 16 Flannel Flower
Conesticks Neil Ross 1 0 Conesticks
Bumpy Satinash Neil Ross 3 4 Bumpy Satinash
Blue Quandong (fruit) Neil Ross 2 3 Blue Quandong (fruit)
Donkey Orchid Leuba Ridgway 1 1 Donkey Orchid
Sturt's Desert Pea armadeus.4 1 2 Sturt's Desert Pea
Tree Zieria Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Tree Zieria
White Banksia Neil Ross 2 0 White Banksia
Slender Devil's Twine Leuba Ridgway 1 1 Slender Devil's Twine
Moreton Bay Chestnut (seed pod) Neil Ross 4 0 Moreton Bay Chestnut (seed pod)

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