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Plants of South Eastern Australia

Plants of South Eastern Australia

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Plants of South Eastern Australia
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Website 13 participants 862 spottings

To provide a photographic database of plants found in South Eastern Australia, as a showcase of the wonderful variety and diversity found within and between species. Further it is aimed to include ecological and taxonomic information about spotting's wherever possible, to provide an easily accessible network for information.

Plants of South Eastern Australia

Lat: -37.81 Long: 144.96

Recent Spottings

Johnson's Grass Tree (bushfire recovery) Neil Ross 6 4 Johnson's Grass Tree (bushfire recovery)
Feverfew Leuba Ridgway 2 3 Feverfew
Riberry Leuba Ridgway 2 3 Riberry
Tulipwood Leuba Ridgway 7 2 Tulipwood
Tall Greenhood Leuba Ridgway 5 2 Tall Greenhood
Miniature Lupine Leuba Ridgway 4 0 Miniature Lupine
Sticky Bartsia Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Sticky Bartsia
Subterranean Clover Leuba Ridgway 2 0 Subterranean Clover
Blue Tongue Neil Ross 4 2 Blue Tongue
Scented Sundew Leuba Ridgway 3 1 Scented Sundew
Holly Grevillea Leuba Ridgway 2 1 Holly Grevillea
Queensland Blue Gum Single D 2 1 Queensland Blue Gum
Pine Heath Leuba Ridgway 3 0 Pine Heath
Alpine Grevillea Leuba Ridgway 4 1 Alpine Grevillea
Common Lagenophora Neil Ross 1 4 Common Lagenophora
Smudgee Apple Neil Ross 4 0 Smudgee Apple
Stinging Nettle Neil Ross 1 0 Stinging Nettle
Mountain Blue Gum Neil Ross 2 0 Mountain Blue Gum
Giant Maidenhair Neil Ross 4 0 Giant Maidenhair
Blackbutt Neil Ross 2 2 Blackbutt
Tiny Caladenia Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Tiny Caladenia
Golden Penda Neil Ross 8 4 Golden Penda
Narrow-leaved Palm Lily (fruiting) Neil Ross 2 0 Narrow-leaved Palm Lily (fruiting)
Grey Gum Neil Ross 2 0 Grey Gum
Leopard Ash Neil Ross 1 0 Leopard Ash
Cunjevoi Lily (fruiting) Neil Ross 23 18 Cunjevoi Lily (fruiting)
Broad-leaved Paperbark Neil Ross 17 24 Broad-leaved Paperbark
Scribbly Gum Neil Ross 3 6 Scribbly Gum
Madeira Vine Neil Ross 1 3 Madeira Vine
Formosa Lily Neil Ross 2 0 Formosa Lily
Common Mullein Neil Ross 3 2 Common Mullein
Donkey Orchid Leuba Ridgway 1 1 Donkey Orchid
Slender Devil's Twine Leuba Ridgway 1 1 Slender Devil's Twine
Common Three-Square Neil Ross 2 0 Common Three-Square
Mountain Hood-orchid Leuba Ridgway 8 2 Mountain Hood-orchid
Purplish Bearded Orchid Leuba Ridgway 3 1 Purplish Bearded Orchid
Small-leaved Clematis Argy Bee 1 0 Small-leaved Clematis
Bluebell Creeper Leuba Ridgway 2 0 Bluebell Creeper
Common Bird Orchid Leuba Ridgway 4 3 Common Bird Orchid
Myrtle-Leaf Milkwort Mark Ridgway 4 0 Myrtle-Leaf Milkwort
Grey Gum (with Nasutiterminae sp. shelter tubes) Neil Ross 1 0 Grey Gum (with Nasutiterminae sp. shelter tubes)
Scribbly Gum Neil Ross 5 0 Scribbly Gum
Flying duck orchid Mark Ridgway 23 7 Flying duck orchid
Slaty Helmet Orchid Vinny 3 0 Slaty Helmet Orchid
Sea nymphs Mark Ridgway 24 22 Sea nymphs
Drooping Spider Orchid Vinny 3 2 Drooping Spider Orchid
Maroonhood Leuba Ridgway 1 0 Maroonhood
Spotting Vinny 1 1 Spotting
Midget Greenhood Vinny 7 8 Midget Greenhood
Daviesia eremaea Vinny 1 0 Daviesia eremaea

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