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Northern California Entomology

Northern California Entomology

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Northern California Entomology
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Though technically incorrect, the definition is sometimes widened to include the study of terrestrial animals in other arthropod groups or other phyla, such as arachnids, myriapods, earthworms, land snails, and slugs. -Wikipedia

Northern California Entomology

Lat: 40.44 Long: -122.30

Recent Spottings

Unknown spotting misako 2 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting ANTHONY 2 5 Unknown spotting
Unidentified Moth misako 1 0 Unidentified Moth
Unknown spotting treelessmountain 1 1 Unknown spotting
Crambid Snout Moth misako 2 0 Crambid Snout Moth
Anise Swallowtail 2nd instar larvae misako.hill 1 1 Anise Swallowtail 2nd instar larvae
Unknown spotting Christy Chow 1 0 Unknown spotting
Common Buckeye Butterfly misako 3 0 Common Buckeye Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly Cluster misako 33 14 Monarch Butterfly Cluster
Vivid Dancer Christy Chow 2 3 Vivid Dancer
Unknown spotting Christy Chow 2 0 Unknown spotting
Variable checkerspot larva Christy Chow 2 0 Variable checkerspot larva
Yellow-spotted millipede Christy Chow 3 2 Yellow-spotted millipede
Unknown spotting NicoleLook 1 5 Unknown spotting
Spotted Tussock Moth Caterpillar misako 4 2 Spotted Tussock Moth Caterpillar
Millipede Christy Chow 2 0 Millipede
Cicada Christy Chow 0 0 Cicada
Diurnal firefly beetle Christy Chow 3 0 Diurnal firefly beetle
Anise Swallowtail Butterfly misako 6 1 Anise Swallowtail Butterfly
Western Spotted Orbweaver misako 1 2 Western Spotted Orbweaver
Leafhopper misako.hill 2 0 Leafhopper
common buckeye Christy Chow 1 0 common buckeye
Unknown spotting Christy Chow 1 0 Unknown spotting
Mantid Ootheca misako.hill 2 2 Mantid Ootheca
Banded Woolly Bear Caterpillar Makita 1 0 Banded Woolly Bear Caterpillar
Flame Skimmer Dragonfly Eva Varga 5 0 Flame Skimmer Dragonfly
Unknown spotting misako 4 4 Unknown spotting
Pipevine Swallowtail NicoleLook 0 1 Pipevine Swallowtail
Honey bee RachelanneRaeVanderWerf 1 0 Honey bee
Armyworm Moth Eva Varga 1 0 Armyworm Moth
Painted Lady Butterflies misako 4 0 Painted Lady Butterflies
Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar misako 3 5 Giant Leopard Moth Caterpillar
Snakefly Larva AnnetteLeroux 1 1 Snakefly Larva
Mylitta Crescent misako 1 0 Mylitta Crescent
Western Paper Wasp misako 2 1 Western Paper Wasp
Centipede AnnetteLeroux 0 1 Centipede
California Sister Caterpillar misako 16 6 California Sister Caterpillar
Snowy Tree Cricket AnnetteLeroux 0 5 Snowy Tree Cricket
Oak Apple (Oak Gall) LeahFerneReed 2 1 Oak Apple (Oak Gall)
Coastal Green Hairstreak misako 10 10 Coastal Green Hairstreak
California Prionus ElizMcP 1 1 California Prionus
Shield Bug/Stink Bug treelessmountain 1 0 Shield Bug/Stink Bug
Unknown spotting NicoleLook 0 1 Unknown spotting
Shield bug/Stink bug treelessmountain 0 0 Shield bug/Stink bug
Unknown spotting AnnetteLeroux 0 8 Unknown spotting
Fairy Longhorn Moth (male) misako 6 7 Fairy Longhorn Moth (male)
Morning-glory Plume Moth misako 3 1 Morning-glory Plume Moth
California Oak Moths (mating/pupae) misako 1 2 California Oak Moths (mating/pupae)
Unknown spotting misako 0 2 Unknown spotting
Leaf gall AnnetteLeroux 3 2 Leaf gall

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