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Wildlife Refuges & Adjacent State Parks of OH, WV, VA, PA, NY, DE, NJ, NC

Wildlife Refuges & Adjacent State Parks of OH, WV, VA, PA, NY, DE, NJ, NC

Please visit a wildlife refuge and submit your wildlife spottings. To find a wildlife refuge in your area, visit *Edited by Project Noah Management team in line with user-created mission rules. Sign in to join mission

Wildlife Refuges & Adjacent State Parks of OH, WV, VA, PA, NY, DE, NJ, NC
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At our elementary school we are learning about wildlife that can be found in the National Wildlife Refuge System. We appreciate any wildlife spottings you can share with us when you visit a wildlife refuge. We have found that many wildlife refuges are adjacent to state parks, so this mission also accepts photos of organisms in state parks that are connected to wildlife refuges. You can check out videos related to our wildlife refuges and nature project here:

Wildlife Refuges & Adjacent State Parks of OH, WV, VA, PA, NY, DE, NJ, NC

Lat: 37.76 Long: -79.24

Recent Spottings

Purple Gallinule KenCheeks 1 0 Purple Gallinule
American Lotus KenCheeks 1 0 American Lotus
Blue-winged Teal KenCheeks 3 0 Blue-winged Teal
Aaron's Skipper KenCheeks 2 0 Aaron's Skipper
Savannah Sparrow KenCheeks 1 0 Savannah Sparrow
Glossy Ibis KenCheeks 1 0 Glossy Ibis
Silver Fox audrey.m.archer 1 0 Silver Fox
American Alligator KenCheeks 1 0 American Alligator
Eastern Cottontail TylerGraden 2 0 Eastern Cottontail
Little Brown Bats CrosbyMorrow 1 1 Little Brown Bats
Red-spotted Purple audrey.m.archer 1 1 Red-spotted Purple
Tarantula quixotic iconoclast 19 21 Tarantula
Ornate Box Turtle quixotic iconoclast 3 0 Ornate Box Turtle
Texas Brown Tarantula quixotic iconoclast 1 1 Texas Brown Tarantula
Eastern collared lizard quixotic iconoclast 1 1 Eastern collared lizard
Bullsnake quixotic iconoclast 0 0 Bullsnake
Canada Goose d.j.obrien1776 1 0 Canada Goose
Mallard d.j.obrien1776 1 0 Mallard
Carp d.j.obrien1776 0 4 Carp
Ring-billed Gull d.j.obrien1776 0 0 Ring-billed Gull
White-tailed Deer d.j.obrien1776 0 0 White-tailed Deer
Bluebird d.j.obrien1776 0 0 Bluebird
Clasping Venus' Looking-glass KenCheeks 1 0 Clasping Venus' Looking-glass
North American Common Gallinule KenCheeks 1 0 North American Common Gallinule
Diamondback Terrapin mdwildlife 1 2 Diamondback Terrapin
Unknown spotting mdwildlife 1 4 Unknown spotting
Eastern Phoebe PamMonahan 1 1 Eastern Phoebe
Green Tree Frog PamMonahan 1 1 Green Tree Frog
Desert Box Turtle audrey.m.archer 2 3 Desert Box Turtle
Eastern Collared Lizard sterling92es 2 1 Eastern Collared Lizard
White-tailed Deer (piebald) audrey.m.archer 12 4 White-tailed Deer (piebald)
Unknown spotting Laurie 1 4 Unknown spotting
Eastern Fox Squirrel sterling92es 1 0 Eastern Fox Squirrel
White-tailed Deer sterling92es 0 0 White-tailed Deer
Eastern collared lizard sterling92es 0 0 Eastern collared lizard
Bluebonnet audrey.m.archer 1 0 Bluebonnet
Common Murre DonnaPomeroy 2 0 Common Murre
Horned Puffin DonnaPomeroy 5 0 Horned Puffin
Unknown spotting audrey.m.archer 0 1 Unknown spotting
Unnamed spotting Laurie 0 1 Unnamed spotting
Unknown spotting Laurie 0 0 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Laurie 0 2 Unknown spotting
Common Wood-nymph audrey.m.archer 0 1 Common Wood-nymph
Band-winged Grasshopper mdwildlife 3 1 Band-winged Grasshopper
Unknown spotting mdwildlife 0 2 Unknown spotting
Wood frog mdwildlife 1 1 Wood frog
American Robin (juvenile) mdwildlife 0 4 American Robin (juvenile)
White Admiral mdwildlife 1 0 White Admiral
Zebra Swallowtail mdwildlife 7 2 Zebra Swallowtail
Harbor seal han_david 1 0 Harbor seal

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