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Florida's Flora & Fauna

Florida's Flora & Fauna

Help share Florida’s diverse 'Flora & Fauna' which create many photographic opportunities for residents and tourists alike and bring awareness to Florida’s common sights and the long list of threatened and endangered species and wildlife. Sign in to join mission

Florida's Flora & Fauna
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Become more aware of the need to conserve, preserve, and coexist with our wildlife and natural surroundings in Florida!

Florida's Flora & Fauna

Lat: 28.08 Long: -80.61

Recent Spottings

Gray Hairstreak robert emond 2 0 Gray Hairstreak
Ocola Skipper robert emond 1 0 Ocola Skipper
Giant Leopard Moth robert emond 2 2 Giant Leopard Moth
Obtuse Yellow robert emond 1 0 Obtuse Yellow
False Crocus Geometer Moth robert emond 1 0 False Crocus Geometer Moth
Red-legged Thrush robert emond 14 11 Red-legged Thrush
Southern Cloudywing robert emond 1 0 Southern Cloudywing
Gemmed Satyr robert emond 1 0 Gemmed Satyr
Pearl Crescent robert emond 1 0 Pearl Crescent
Horase's Duskywing robert emond 1 0 Horase's Duskywing
Little Blue Heron (adult) mauna Kunzah 3 2 Little Blue Heron (adult)
Spotting Machi 1 0 Spotting
Wild Boar robert emond 3 0 Wild Boar
Cotton Rat robert emond 2 0 Cotton Rat
Purple Skimmer robert emond 0 2 Purple Skimmer
Black Skimmer LivanEscudero 17 10 Black Skimmer
Dwarf Sundew Machi 1 3 Dwarf Sundew
Black Skimmers LivanEscudero 4 2 Black Skimmers
American Oystercatcher LivanEscudero 5 2 American Oystercatcher
Laughing Gull LivanEscudero 4 0 Laughing Gull
Red-winged Blackbird Machi 1 0 Red-winged Blackbird
Royal Tern LivanEscudero 1 0 Royal Tern
Sandwich Tern LivanEscudero 1 0 Sandwich Tern
Least Tern LivanEscudero 1 0 Least Tern
Least Terns LivanEscudero 1 0 Least Terns
Willet LivanEscudero 1 0 Willet
Snowy Egret LivanEscudero 1 0 Snowy Egret
Oyster Mushroom Machi 2 0 Oyster Mushroom
Carolina Mantleslug Machi 2 1 Carolina Mantleslug
Monomorium Ants Machi 2 0 Monomorium Ants
Red Buckeye Machi 1 0 Red Buckeye
Cloudless Sulphur Caterpillar Machi 2 0 Cloudless Sulphur Caterpillar
Pinewoods Treefrog Machi 9 2 Pinewoods Treefrog
Zebra Swallowtail Machi 2 0 Zebra Swallowtail
Violet Machi 1 0 Violet
Sky-blue Lupine Machi 1 0 Sky-blue Lupine
Florida Scrub-Jay Machi 4 2 Florida Scrub-Jay
Spotting mauna Kunzah 5 2 Spotting
Lesser Swinecress Machi 1 0 Lesser Swinecress
Laughing gull (nonbreeding adult) mauna Kunzah 0 1 Laughing gull (nonbreeding adult)
Assassin Bug Nymph Machi 1 0 Assassin Bug Nymph
Eastern Giant Swallowtail LivanEscudero 6 0 Eastern Giant Swallowtail
Florida Soft Shell Turtle JimJohnson2 2 0 Florida Soft Shell Turtle
Pyramid Ant Machi 3 0 Pyramid Ant
Great Blue Heron Machi 2 0 Great Blue Heron
Long-headed Toothpick Grasshopper Machi 1 0 Long-headed Toothpick Grasshopper
Brown-headed Cowbird Machi 1 0 Brown-headed Cowbird
Florida Keys Blackbead LivanEscudero 2 0 Florida Keys Blackbead
Rambur's Forktail LivanEscudero 1 0 Rambur's Forktail
Spotting Machi 1 0 Spotting

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