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Minnesota Wildlife (Animals)

Minnesota Wildlife (Animals)

Include as detailed of a description as possible. Any kind of animal is welcome: mammals, birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians, fish, etc... Except No domesticated animals please. I do not want livestock or pets, unless it something that you would normally see living in the wild in Minnesota (a pet whitetail deer or a pet squirrel for example). Please no plants or fungi! (but see my related missions, if you have some that you want to share!) Sign in to join mission

Minnesota Wildlife (Animals)
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To explore, discover, and learn about the many species of wildlife in the beautiful state of Minnesota, both for myself, and anyone else who wants to know.

Minnesota Wildlife (Animals)

Lat: 47.34 Long: -93.86

Recent Spottings

Bird-dropping moth Brett 2 1 Bird-dropping moth
Banded Tussock Moth Caterpillar dferris1 1 0 Banded Tussock Moth Caterpillar
White Admiral Brett 3 0 White Admiral
Eye spotted lady beetle Brett 4 0 Eye spotted lady beetle
Eastern Cottontail AustinC 7 0 Eastern Cottontail
Ashy Gray Lady Beetle BraveLittleChicken 2 0 Ashy Gray Lady Beetle
Brown mantidfly Brett 2 1 Brown mantidfly
Flathead Mayfly dferris1 1 2 Flathead Mayfly
Canada Geese AustinC 1 0 Canada Geese
American tree frog Spencer Wicktor 1 0 American tree frog
Virgin Tiger Moth - Hodges#8197 JanelleL.Streed 1 1 Virgin Tiger Moth - Hodges#8197
Edwards' Hairstreak JanelleL.Streed 1 3 Edwards' Hairstreak
Unknown spotting ajirber 0 1 Unknown spotting
Unknown spotting Clubpenguin2.0 4 2 Unknown spotting
Fingered Dagger dferris1 2 0 Fingered Dagger
American Robin JanelleL.Streed 2 0 American Robin
Red-Tailed Hawk ajirber 2 0 Red-Tailed Hawk
Barred Owl JanelleL.Streed 9 1 Barred Owl
Ruby-throated Hummingbird JanelleL.Streed 3 1 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Geese Clubpenguin2.0 3 4 Geese
Small chickadee nest Spencer Wicktor 2 2 Small chickadee nest
Family group of male,female chickadees Spencer Wicktor 1 1 Family group of male,female chickadees
Gray squirrel Clubpenguin2.0 3 1 Gray squirrel
Clouded Sulpher SherryH 1 0 Clouded Sulpher
Eastern Cottontail MplsMel 1 0 Eastern Cottontail
Grey Squirrel MplsMel 1 0 Grey Squirrel
Cardinal Clubpenguin2.0 2 0 Cardinal
Cardinal Clubpenguin2.0 2 0 Cardinal
Green Frog AdamGrau 1 0 Green Frog
Cardinal Clubpenguin2.0 1 0 Cardinal
Black crow Clubpenguin2.0 1 3 Black crow
Red wing black bird Oneka School Forest 1 1 Red wing black bird
Painted turtle AdamGrau 1 0 Painted turtle
Garter snake AdamGrau 1 0 Garter snake
Thirteen-lined ground squirrel MplsMel 4 0 Thirteen-lined ground squirrel
Red-bellied Woodpecker BraveLittleChicken 1 0 Red-bellied Woodpecker
Snake MplsMel 0 1 Snake
American Bison drittenhouse12 1 0 American Bison
Banded Argiope dferris1 1 0 Banded Argiope
Tiger salamander AdamGrau 2 1 Tiger salamander
Unknown spotting mnvandyke 2 0 Unknown spotting
American Toad ajirber 0 0 American Toad
Cedar Waxwing naturelover0224 1 0 Cedar Waxwing
Veiled Ear Moth Larvae dferris1 1 0 Veiled Ear Moth Larvae
American toad AdamGrau 2 0 American toad
Unknown spotting AustinC 0 0 Unknown spotting
Raccoon AdamGrau 0 0 Raccoon
Milk snake AdamGrau 3 1 Milk snake
Eastern cottontail AdamGrau 2 0 Eastern cottontail
American Toad AustinC 0 0 American Toad

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