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Philippine Coral Survey

Philippine Coral Survey

Please submit clear photos of coral that you've spotted within the Philippines. Each spotting should be focused on the particular coral species being identified, and if possible, contain a close-up shot for better identification. Please provide scientific names, descriptions and other pertinent information (such as size, location, depth) as much as possible. Thank you for being a part of this mission! Sign in to join mission

Philippine Coral Survey
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The Philippines is known to be at the global center of marine biodiversity, and is an integral part of the Coral Triangle. This Mission aims to document the myriad coral species found in Philippine waters, in order to afford an appreciation of the diversity and beauty of the ocean's rainforest; and to somehow provide a view of the current state of our coral reefs.

Philippine Coral Survey

Lat: 9.24 Long: 122.46

Recent Spottings

Sun Corals AnnieLopezReyes 6 1 Sun Corals
Stony Coral Blogie 4 0 Stony Coral
Hell's Fire Anemone Marta RubioTexeira 10 10 Hell's Fire Anemone
Chinese Lettuce Coral Blogie 6 2 Chinese Lettuce Coral
Branching Frogspawn Coral Blogie 3 0 Branching Frogspawn Coral
Sea Pen Blogie 3 2 Sea Pen
Flower pot coral Marta RubioTexeira 12 0 Flower pot coral
Sun mushroom coral Marta RubioTexeira 2 0 Sun mushroom coral
Sunburst Sea Anemone Blogie 6 0 Sunburst Sea Anemone
Organ-pipe Coral Blogie 24 11 Organ-pipe Coral
Octopus Coral Blogie 4 0 Octopus Coral
Purple Horn Sea Whip Marta RubioTexeira 7 3 Purple Horn Sea Whip
Xenia Marta RubioTexeira 3 3 Xenia
Favia coral Marta RubioTexeira 4 2 Favia coral
Branching Coral Blogie 1 0 Branching Coral
unknown PaoloCo 0 2 unknown
Lace Coral Blogie 4 5 Lace Coral
Finger Coral Blogie 3 0 Finger Coral
Corallimorpharian Blogie 3 6 Corallimorpharian
Joker Coral Blogie 2 7 Joker Coral
Sun Coral, Sun Polyps, Sunflower Coral Eric Noora 1 0 Sun Coral, Sun Polyps, Sunflower Coral
Unknown spotting Eric Noora 2 5 Unknown spotting
Elephant Ear Anemone Blogie 1 2 Elephant Ear Anemone
Bean Coral Blogie 10 8 Bean Coral
Frogspawn Coral Blogie 0 2 Frogspawn Coral
Type of Hydroid? Blogie 1 2 Type of Hydroid?
Unknown spotting Blogie 2 0 Unknown spotting
Daytime Coral Blogie 0 2 Daytime Coral
Solitary Cup Coral Blogie 2 2 Solitary Cup Coral
Sea Fan Blogie 2 1 Sea Fan
Type of Coral? Blogie 0 1 Type of Coral?
Disc Coral Blogie 0 2 Disc Coral
Sea Anemone Blogie 1 2 Sea Anemone
Galaxea Branching Coral Blogie 0 1 Galaxea Branching Coral
Sea anemone? Blogie 3 1 Sea anemone?
Mushroom Leather Coral Blogie 2 0 Mushroom Leather Coral
Bubble Coral Blogie 8 6 Bubble Coral
Soft Tree Coral, Cherry Blossom Coral Eric Noora 4 6 Soft Tree Coral, Cherry Blossom Coral
Orange Wire Sea Fan Blogie 6 8 Orange Wire Sea Fan
Lacy-head Leather Coral Blogie 1 0 Lacy-head Leather Coral
Cherry Blossom Coral Blogie 7 1 Cherry Blossom Coral
Flower Soft Coral Blogie 2 2 Flower Soft Coral
Stinging Sea Anemone Blogie 1 9 Stinging Sea Anemone
Mushroom coral mold fossil BalincaguinConservancy 7 5 Mushroom coral mold fossil
Smooth Tree Coral Blogie 2 3 Smooth Tree Coral
Fire Coral Blogie 1 5 Fire Coral
Spiny Acropora Blogie 3 2 Spiny Acropora
Unknown spotting JohnGrant 0 1 Unknown spotting
White Stinger Blogie 2 1 White Stinger
Corallimorpharian Blogie 3 1 Corallimorpharian

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