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Wild Love

Wild Love

Most animals courtship and mating occurs out of sight of humans so it is the least documented of animal behavior . Aim of this mission is not to interfere with the animals mating or their migration patterns. If you all come across such behaviours during your adventurous photo shoots kindly post it in this mission . All wildlife photos of courtship,mating and breeding plumage are entitled for the submission . Thank you for your participation . Sign in to join mission

Wild Love
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Ashok N Pulliyerengi

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The mating rituals of some animals are wonderfully bizarre and each species in animal kingdom has a different courtship behavior and mating rituals . Some birds like the egret even produce special lace like plumage called aigrettes during breeding season . In fact understanding bird courtship behavior can help birders recognize how birds act in their backyard and with practice it is possible to identify birds based on their mating behavior . Night animals like the fireflies excite the sense of sight by light and color display . Some animals use sounds to call the attention of their potential mates . The longest courtship and copulation ritual in the animal world goes to several species of snail and world . Gift giving during courtship is not exclusive to human beings .But it is quite common in some species of birds ,fishes and insects .For example male weaverbird builds a nest to entice female to choose him as mate .There is lot more intresting facts on courtship and mating rituals among wildlife and understanding of complex mating rituals has made ethology growing field .

Wild Love

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Moth SukanyaDatta 4 5 Moth
Bronzed Tiger Beetles Greg Shchepanek 4 2 Bronzed Tiger Beetles
LeConte's Tiger Beetles Greg Shchepanek 4 2 LeConte's Tiger Beetles
Yamfly i_munasinghe 8 2 Yamfly
Common Snapping Turtles Greg Shchepanek 8 6 Common Snapping Turtles
Ribbon Eels AlbertKang 14 4 Ribbon Eels
Southern Two-striped Walkingstick Tukup 1 0 Southern Two-striped Walkingstick
LeConte's Tiger Beetles Greg Shchepanek 4 0 LeConte's Tiger Beetles
Marbled white mating Jopy 3 2 Marbled white mating
Praying Mantis (mating) SukanyaDatta 6 0 Praying Mantis (mating)
Fly IvanPancic 6 0 Fly
Crane Flies (m/f) momsavang 1 0 Crane Flies (m/f)
The white stork Mauron 7 4 The white stork
Acrididae IvanPancic 1 0 Acrididae
Millipedes Mating LaurenZarate 1 0 Millipedes Mating
Monarch Greg Shchepanek 3 0 Monarch
Bibionid Flies Mating LaurenZarate 1 0 Bibionid Flies Mating
Tussock Moth SukanyaDatta 2 0 Tussock Moth
Diptera IvanPancic 2 2 Diptera
Gold Dust Weevils JordiPrats 5 2 Gold Dust Weevils
Moth AlbertKang 1 1 Moth
Stick Insect, Phasmid AlbertKang 1 0 Stick Insect, Phasmid
Erebid Moth AlbertKang 10 1 Erebid Moth
Eastern Sand Tiger Beetles Greg Shchepanek 1 0 Eastern Sand Tiger Beetles
Senegal Golden Dartlet (mating) SukanyaDatta 11 3 Senegal Golden Dartlet (mating)
House Finches Christine Y. 9 10 House Finches
Stoneflies (Mating) Christine Y. 4 6 Stoneflies (Mating)
Weaver Ants' Nest SukanyaDatta 2 0 Weaver Ants' Nest
Maria-Fedida-Predadora / Predatory Stinkbug Oscar Neto 7 3 Maria-Fedida-Predadora / Predatory Stinkbug
Green Turtle AlbertKang 22 18 Green Turtle
Soldier Fly Machi 1 0 Soldier Fly
Jagged Ambush Bugs (Coupling) Christine Y. 6 0 Jagged Ambush Bugs (Coupling)
Mating Stink Bugs Machi 2 2 Mating Stink Bugs
Differential Grasshoppers Christine Y. 3 0 Differential Grasshoppers
Swift Moth LasseOksanen 1 0 Swift Moth
Grasshoppers (mating) SukanyaDatta 1 0 Grasshoppers (mating)
Yellow Dung Fly Christine Y. 1 0 Yellow Dung Fly
Spotting VincentVanur 1 0 Spotting
The gray pansy VincentVanur 1 0 The gray pansy
Net-winged Beetles Christine Y. 4 1 Net-winged Beetles
Feral horses Mauron 2 0 Feral horses
Spotting Machi 1 0 Spotting
Macedonian Mountain Grasshopper KostasZontanos 14 6 Macedonian Mountain Grasshopper
Lubber love momsavang 2 0 Lubber love
Mating Longlegged Flies Machi 3 0 Mating Longlegged Flies
Meadow Grasshopper KostasZontanos 1 0 Meadow Grasshopper
Banded Longhorn Beetles Christine Y. 8 0 Banded Longhorn Beetles
Spotted Fritillary KostasZontanos 13 2 Spotted Fritillary
Jagged Ambush Bugs (Coupling) Christine Y. 2 0 Jagged Ambush Bugs (Coupling)
Carolina Satyrs (mating) flowntheloop 2 0 Carolina Satyrs (mating)

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