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0 0 Aconitum


by XinxinWest Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

0 0 Monkshood


by MartinUrbanOberösterreich, Austria

Blauer Eisenhut

0 0 Μonkshood


by DespinaTsafetopoulouChristchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Aconitum napellus, a European endemic, ...

0 0 Wolfsbane


by PochempieMittelberg, Vorarlberg, Austria

0 0 monkshood


by Bella123Alaska, USA

2 4 Monkshood


by Frederic AnsermozFribourg - Freiburg, Switzerland

Mountains, praire, spotted around 1400m

1 5 Western Monkshood

Western Monkshood

by JaybirdWyoming, USA

Purple bloom in clusters. Common plant in area.

0 0 Western Monkshood

Western Monkshood

by nitrogen15Arizona, USA

These beautiful flowering plants have the potent neurotoxin aconitine.

0 0 Monkshood


by RowanSchleyStaffordshire Moorlands, England, United Kingdom

Tall flowering spike, blue flowers spaced alternately along stem.

2 1 Acónito común

Acónito común

by NúriaQueralbs, Catalunya, Spain

Ranúnculacea de Montaña en el mediterráneo. Planta tóxica.

1 4 Monk's hood

Monk's hood

by IsabelaNYC, New York, USA


0 2 Monkshood


by Nicholas4Maine

Apparently toxic!!

2 2 Aconite


by LarsKorbHohenhorn, Schleswig-Holstein (Landmasse), Germany

0 1 Eisenhut - aconite

Eisenhut - aconite

by maxgerhardtPerl, Saarland, Germany

0 0 Aconitum napellus

Aconitum napellus

by filippo.guenziParis, Île-de-France, Tromelin Island

Dolomites Mountain, Italy

0 0 Aconitum lycoctotum

Aconitum lycoctotum

by filippo.guenziParis, Île-de-France, Tromelin Island

Dolomites mountains, Italy

2 1 Wolfsbane


by imattparodyRidge, New York, USA

Blue-ish fall flower.

0 0 Monkshood


by Rita DoucetteNova Scotia, Canada

0 0 Monkshood


by HeidiEatonColorado, USA

Dark purple hood-shaped flowers loosely arranged near top of a tall stem.

0 0 Ozkoceladasta preobjeda

Ozkoceladasta preobjeda

by UrsulaBovec, Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia

Light yellow with hanging flowers

1 0 Nosed Aconitum

Nosed Aconitum

by Ori Fragman-SapirՍյունիք, Armenia

An impressive alpine perennial, stems erect, branched. Leaves lobed, the lobes ...

2 10 Preobjeda/Monkshood


by UrsulaBovec, Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia

Dark purple, tall, thin leaves

0 0 Larkspurleaf Monkshood

Larkspurleaf Monkshood

by MachiAlaska, USA

Densely vegetated field on top of Old Women's Mountain.

0 0 aconite, monkshood, wolf's bane

aconite, monkshood, wolf's bane

by Joseph CHIEF REDEARTHUttarakhand, India

From the meadows of Hemkund.

2 0 Monkshood


by RedRockSalt Lake City, Utah, USA

Unique "hood" shaped flower of blue/purple color. Leaves are palmate and lobed. ...

0 0 Garden Monkshood

Garden Monkshood

by SooJinNew York, USA

Found at the side of a man-made pond.

0 0 Columbian Monkshood

Columbian Monkshood

by DanAmJackson Hole, Wyoming, USA

they usually have a spur. The fruits are pod-like follicles. Like other ...

1 0 Northern Wolfsbane, Wolfs-Eisenhut

Northern Wolfsbane, Wolfs-Eisenhut

by monkey-mind and nana-puppetGemeinde Muggendorf, Niederösterreich, Austria

30-50 cm high plant, deadly- poisonous, white flowers in groups

0 0 Columbian Monkshood

Columbian Monkshood

by SFShepPocatello, Idaho, USA

It looks like an orchid, are there wild orchids in Idaho? I thought they were ...

0 0 Monkshood


Colorado, USA

Dark purple flowers. Tall stock with palmate leaves. Alternate flower heads.

0 0 Aconite


by haydeZakopane, małopolskie, Poland

This protected plant is pollinated only by bumble bees. It is very poisonous ...

2 0 Northern Wolfsbane/monkshood

Northern Wolfsbane/monkshood

by Marta RubioTexeiraLeuven, Vlaanderen, Belgium

It is a herbaceous perennial plant growing to 1 m tall. The leaves are ...

2 0 Monkshood


by Zlatan CelebicBourgogne-Franche-Comté, Tromelin Island

plant seen (>150cm). Anyway, the Aconitum ...

2 3 Monkshood/Modra preobjeda

Monkshood/Modra preobjeda

by UrsulaRocca Pietore, VEN, Italy

Dark purple helmet shaped multiple flowers with kind of rounded leaves. About ...

8 1 Monkshood


by Marta RubioTexeiraKortenberg, Vlaanderen, Belgium

Tall plant, more than 1 m to the tip of the flower raceme. It is an herbaceous ...

6 6 Monkshood


by ElsaAkershus, Norway

Also known as devil's helmet or wolf's bane. This is a wildflower growing in ...

0 3 Arizona Monkshood

Arizona Monkshood

by NickIrvine1Arizona, USA

Long stalk (~6 feet long) with purple flowers on top. Flowers had a "hood" type ...

0 0 Monkshood


by BlueAppaloosaColorado, USA

Neat purple flowers that look like little monk hoods. It looks like we were ...

0 0 Larkspur-leaf Monkshood

Larkspur-leaf Monkshood

by MachiAlaska, USA

A plant of many names, most commonly monkshood and wolfsbane. Well known for ...

0 0 Scandinavian monkshood

Scandinavian monkshood

by arne.royslandOslo, Norway

The whole plant is highly toxic. The plant is pretty tall and the flowers are ...

0 1 northern monks hood

northern monks hood

by sandraYukon, Canada

perennial.corm-like rhizome,stem simple,glabrous.leaves alternate,few palmately ...

0 0 Longhorn Beetle

Longhorn Beetle

by injicaCroatia

Body length: 14 - 23 mm; Adults in: May - June

7 3 Monkshood


by Zlatan CelebicBourgogne-Franche-Comté, Tromelin Island

This is a very tall herbaceous plant, growing up to 150 cm or more. Its stem is ...

1 0 Bumblebee / Bumbar

Bumblebee / Bumbar

by injicaCroatia

Some scientist stressed that the species could show a very low number of worker ...

9 6 Pease Blossom

Pease Blossom

by codrut.ecoBucurești, Romania

I found this moth flying around my house. I took a picture of it and released ...