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0 0 Sargo


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Shallow waters of Old City Harbor.

2 0 Coral


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

The only coral species in Adriatic sea that ...

0 0 Asparagus / Šparuga

Asparagus / Šparuga

by injicaCroatia

Meadows (Adriatic coast)

0 0 Beadlet anemone

Beadlet anemone

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Here seen during the low tide and all tentacles are retracted. In this stage, ...

0 0 Chestnut


by alicelongmartin

Green leaves, yellow ball blooms

1 2 Acorn


by alicelongmartin

This Acorn looks like it is wearing a Russian hat!

0 0 Domestic House Spider

Domestic House Spider

by injicaCroatia

On the rocky beaches of Adriatic sea.

0 0 Maiden Pink

Maiden Pink

by Zlatan CelebicRepublika Srpska / Република Српска, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Lawn in a town park, mediterranean.

1 0 Greenfinch


by Zlatan CelebicTrebinje, Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sparrow sized finch, with greenish appearance.

1 2 Adriatic Blenny / Adriatischer Schleimfisch / Slingurica Jadranka

Adriatic Blenny / Adriatischer Schleimfisch / Slingurica Jadranka

by injicaCroatia

It is a species of combtooth blenny. This species grows to a length of 5.2 cm ...

0 0 Rock Samphire

Rock Samphire

by Ava T-B

This is an edible succulent that grows from England to the Mediterranean along ...

1 2 European searocket

European searocket

by MauronCroatia

spray and transient seawater inundation. This one is spotted near

0 6 Ogrc


by injicaCroatia

The name Osilinus turbinatus refers to the black shell on the right corner in ...

6 2 Woodlice


by injicaCroatia

Pm the notorth part of Adriatic coast there ...

0 0 Yellow Tube Sponge / Sumporača

Yellow Tube Sponge / Sumporača

by injicaCroatia

It is distributet throughout: Adriatic Sea, ...

2 0 Southern Skimmer

Southern Skimmer

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

This member of skimmer family, Libellulidae, is present from North Africa to ...

2 0 Sea snail

Sea snail

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Small snail like creature. Shell about 2 cm long, patterned white, brown and ...

0 0 Convolvulus Hawk-moth

Convolvulus Hawk-moth

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Large grey moth, some 8 to 10cm in wingspan, observed rather regularly ...

0 0 Black sea Urchin

Black sea Urchin

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Medium sized mainly black sea urchin. Hemispherical in shape, about 10 cm in ...

2 0 Mediterranean house gecko

Mediterranean house gecko

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

A small translucent gecko, very common to

2 0 Broad-clawed Porcelain Crab

Broad-clawed Porcelain Crab

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

An extremelly flattened small crab belonging to family Porcellanidae. It has ...

1 1 Egyptian locust

Egyptian locust

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Quite large and impressive locust, one of the largest european species; with ...

5 0 Red-backed Shrike

Red-backed Shrike

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

The Red-backed Shrike, nicknamed "Butcher bird" is a carnivorous passerine bird ...

0 0 Snakelocks anemone

Snakelocks anemone

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Tentacles green-greyish with purple tips anemone.

0 0 Barn swallow

Barn swallow

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Well known and probably the most widespread swallow in the world. Black with ...

5 1 Maritime Sunburst lichen

Maritime Sunburst lichen

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

A foliose lichen of pale green-yellowish-orange color, forming circular plaques ...

0 0 Carpenter bee

Carpenter bee

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

A large and impressive bee, rather big insect belonging to the sub-family ...

0 0 Shield Bug

Shield Bug

by Zlatan CelebicRepublika Srpska / Република Српска, Bosnia and Herzegovina

All brown shield-bug, speckled orange. About 18 mm in length, a bit shy of 10 ...

0 0 Little Grebe

Little Grebe

by Zlatan CelebicRepublika Srpska / Република Српска, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Small waterbird, at about 25 cm in length, this is the smallest european member ...

0 0 Oleander seed pod

Oleander seed pod

by alicelongmartin

I have seen many Oleander plants in Florida, but never seen this kind of seed ...

1 1 Adriatic bellflower

Adriatic bellflower

by Josipa MasicCroatia

Perennial plant, basal leaves are pointed and double sawtooth, flowers colored ...

0 0 European flat oyster / Oštriga / Kamenica

European flat oyster / Oštriga / Kamenica

by injicaCroatia

When mature, adults range from 3.8 - 11 cm across.

1 1 Adriatic Swallow-wort / Jadranski lastavičnjak

Adriatic Swallow-wort / Jadranski lastavičnjak

by injicaCroatia

It is a long-lived herbaceous perennial plant.

1 5 Spurge / Glavičasta mlječika

Spurge / Glavičasta mlječika

by injicaCroatia

Mat forming species. Composed of gray, fleshy leaves; orange-red flowers. This ...

0 0 Glavičasta mlječika

Glavičasta mlječika

by JopyCroatia

Euphorba capitulata is an evergreen, perennial, herbaceous plant that reaches a ...

0 0 Variable Risso

Variable Risso

by injicaCroatia

It is a species of minute sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk or micromollusk ...

2 4 Northern white-breasted hedgehog

Northern white-breasted hedgehog

by UrsulaDomžale, Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia

Small hedgehog.

0 1 Dalmatian wall lizard

Dalmatian wall lizard

by LaviCroatia

Albania. It is present on many Adriatic ...

1 0 Marsh frog

Marsh frog

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Rather large frog, covered with irregular dark green blotches, on a light-green ...

1 0 Millipede


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Approx 10 - 12 cm in length. Two pairs pf legs per segment. Shiny ...

0 0 Damselfish


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Small dark fish, some 10 to 12 cm in length; appears blackish or dark red when ...

1 2 House Martin

House Martin

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Small swallow-like bird, member of Hirundidae family, black above and white ...

1 1 Purple loosestrife

Purple loosestrife

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Approximately 80-90 cm in height, herbaceous perennial plant with purple ...

1 1 Lichen


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

This organism appeared as squamulose lichen, showing tightly clustered ...

1 1 Calabrian soapwort (Σαπωνάρια της Καλαβρίας)

Calabrian soapwort (Σαπωνάρια της Καλαβρίας)

by DespinaTsafetopoulouΉπειρος - Δυτική Μακεδονία, Greece

An annual species of Saponaria, the Saponaria calabrica or Calabrian soapwort, ...

0 0 Lepa / East Atlantic Peacock Wrasse

Lepa / East Atlantic Peacock Wrasse

by injicaCroatia

Adults are found near rocks mainly in eel-grass beds, sometimes in salty ...

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