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0 0 Bulbous honey fungus

Bulbous honey fungus

by linda.guestNewcastle-under-Lyme, England, United Kingdom

0 0 Armillaria gallica

Armillaria gallica

by EmilyUmbargerMichigan, USA

Small round red mushrooms, 1in wide and tall, found in mossy patch in mixed ...

1 0 Bulbous Honey Mushroom

Bulbous Honey Mushroom

by PochempieSchiedam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

0 0 Honey Fungus

Honey Fungus

by PochempieRheden, Gelderland, Netherlands

2 1 Honey Fungus

Honey Fungus

by NellekePlouffePrince Edward Island, Canada

2 3 Bulbous Honey Fungus

Bulbous Honey Fungus

by MauronFederacija Bosne i Hercegovine, Bosnia and Herzegovina

4 7 Bulbous Honey fungus

Bulbous Honey fungus

by staccyhWaverley, England, United Kingdom

Found these growing in clusters around a tree stump. Slimy surface because it ...

3 4 Humungous fungus

Humungous fungus

by kunzahNYC, New York, USA

A type of honey fungus. Dry brown caps. They grow in bunches. About an inch and ...

0 2 Humungous fungus

Humungous fungus

by Jonathan GuyotGerbépal, Lorraine, Tromelin Island

Laminated mushroom, cap brown, scaly. Foot swollen at the base, ringed. Grows ...

4 9 "dark" honey fungus/mushroom

"dark" honey fungus/mushroom

by AlexKonigHorst aan de Maas, Limburg, Netherlands

.4 square miles. Armillaria solidipes grows ...

0 0 Armillaria (Honey Mushroom)

Armillaria (Honey Mushroom)

by EdwardNathanReulbachJr.Bremerton, Washington, USA

In most areas of North America, Armillaria ...

2 0 Honey Mushroom

Honey Mushroom

by EdwardNathanReulbachJr.Seattle, Washington, USA

the name Armillaria mellea.