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0 0 Australian Cockroach

Australian Cockroach

by jalockieAdelaide, South Australia, Australia

Cockroach on my tiles! Uninvited.

1 10 Australian Hornet

Australian Hornet

by LeanneGardnerQueensland, Australia

vespid insect

6 1 Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosella

by CataAnaAdelaide, South Australia, Australia

30cm, feeds on nectar, fruit, seeds and

14 11 Domino Cuckoo Bee

Domino Cuckoo Bee

by ChicquitaRajawaliNew South Wales, Australia


0 2 Flame Tree

Flame Tree

by ChristianeNew South Wales, Australia

Details: - Height: 15-20m - Width: 10-15m - Full Sun - Spring or Summer - Bird ...

15 13 Australian Native cockroach

Australian Native cockroach

by AJ ArrudaWestern Australia, Australia

Polyzosteria mitchelli is a wingless, dorsally-flattened

0 2 Sugarbag Bee

Sugarbag Bee

by Neil RossBrisbane, QLD, Australia

Sugarbag Bees are Australian

10 11 Hatching spiny leaf insect

Hatching spiny leaf insect

by martinlMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

This tiny stick insect is emerging from its ...

0 0 Cockhafer / Melolonthine Beetle

Cockhafer / Melolonthine Beetle

by ChicquitaRajawaliSydney, New South Wales, Australia

8mm. Australian

2 0 Leafroller Tachinid (Fly)

Leafroller Tachinid (Fly)

by JillBlackPuketapapa, Auckland, New Zealand

family Tachinidae native to eastern ...

4 1 Botany Bay Cockroach

Botany Bay Cockroach

by TonyMarkhamWollongong, New South Wales, Australia

Large Australian

1 0 Spiny Leaf insect

Spiny Leaf insect

by Benno IboldNordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

Male 12 cm, female 10 cm, lightbrown color

7 2 Cottony Cushion Scale

Cottony Cushion Scale

by CindyBinghamKeiserSan Diego, California, USA

"The white fluted part of the insect is an ...

0 1 Australian Leaf Roller Fly

Australian Leaf Roller Fly

by pamsaiVictoria, Australia

Trigonospila brevifacies is a species of true fly in the family Tachinidae ...

2 4 Cottony Cushion Scale

Cottony Cushion Scale

by ArgybeeVictoria, Australia

Scale insect with ant attendant. The waxy ...

3 8 Large Brown Mantid (female)

Large Brown Mantid (female)

by Neil RossBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

brown mantid", but also "bunny mantis" and "

7 7 Grey Butcherbird (adult)

Grey Butcherbird (adult)

by Neil RossNathan, Queensland, Australia

The "grey butcherbird" is an Australian ...

2 1 Swamp Banksia

Swamp Banksia

by Neil RossBrisbane, QLD, Australia

I love banksias - I just can't help myself. They are one of my favourite ...

2 0 Australian Tiger

Australian Tiger

by Neil RossQueensland, Australia

Australian Tigers are yellow and black in ...

3 0 Australian Tiger (male)

Australian Tiger (male)

by Neil RossBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Australian Tiger is a large yellow and ...

0 2 Botany Bay Diamond Weevil

Botany Bay Diamond Weevil

by StephenSolomonsGosford, New South Wales, Australia

25 mm. standard weevil physique. Black with blue check pattern.

2 0 Pink Flower Spider

Pink Flower Spider

by ChristianeQueensland, Australia

-yellow abdomen with red markings. This allows it to hide on green leaves or in ...

5 3 Large Brown Mantid (Nymph)

Large Brown Mantid (Nymph)

by naross

"Australian ghost hopper mantis", is a ...

5 11 Grass Trigger plant

Grass Trigger plant

by Mark RidgwayVictoria, Australia

Strings of small pinkish flowers growing on tubular grass-like stems to about 1 ...

5 4 Common Paper Wasp

Common Paper Wasp

by Neil RossBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

Polistes humilis is a species of wasp in the Vespidae family, and is an

2 0 Australian Logrunner (female)

Australian Logrunner (female)

by Neil RossWarwick, Queensland, Australia

Another first encounter for me on this hike was this beautiful

9 8 White Banded Noctuid Moth

White Banded Noctuid Moth

by Neil RossBrisbane, Queensland, Australia


1 0 Common Paper Wasp (nest)

Common Paper Wasp (nest)

by Neil RossBrisbane, QLD, Australia

possibilities are the Common Large Paper Wasp, aka

1 3 Native Australian Earwig ♀

Native Australian Earwig ♀

by sarahaw1981Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Long body ranging in colour from redis brown (on the head area) to a more black ...

0 0 Sticky Hop Bush

Sticky Hop Bush

by Neil RossQLD, Australia

this species. The Sticky Hop Bush is an

6 5 Pied Currawong

Pied Currawong

by Neil RossBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

The "pied currawong" (Strepera graculina) is a medium-sized black passerine ...

16 15 Australian Green Tree Frog

Australian Green Tree Frog

by FrancisQuintanaDenver, Colorado, USA

) is a species of tree frog native to ...

1 0 Hoverfly


by Neil RossQueensland, Australia


4 4 Shining cockroach

Shining cockroach

by Mark RidgwayMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

A fairly large Australian

4 0 Australian Magpie (juvenile)

Australian Magpie (juvenile)

by narossBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Australian Magpie is a medium-sized ...

1 0 Australian Magpie (adolescent)

Australian Magpie (adolescent)

by narossSydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Australian Magpie is a medium-sized ...

0 2 Laughing Kookaburra

Laughing Kookaburra

by Courtney64000, Queensland, Australia

Kookaburras are known for their distinctive call, which sounds like echoing ...

1 0 Blue-banded bee

Blue-banded bee

by JohnTasirinManado, Indonesia

Amegilla cingulata, commonly known as the blue banded bee, is an

0 2 White Plumed Honeyeater

White Plumed Honeyeater

by LouiseBlackwoodCanberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

The White-plumed Honeyeater (Lichenostomus penicillatus) is a bird

12 12 Saw-shelled Turtle

Saw-shelled Turtle

by DanielePralongBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

When I first spotted this turtle in the distance I thought it to be a Brisbane ...

0 1 Hobo spider

Hobo spider

by Jenice FloresUtah, USA

spiders known colloquially as funnel web spiders, but not to be confused with ...

4 0 Small-eyed Box-owlet

Small-eyed Box-owlet

by Neil RossQueensland, Australia

. It is an Australian

1 2 Resin Mason Wasp

Resin Mason Wasp

by Neil RossBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

sp. wasps. Another spotting that looks similar, but it's an unknown ...

5 1 Masked Lapwing

Masked Lapwing

by Neil RossPoint Lookout, Queensland, Australia

"masked lapwing" (Vanellus miles) is a large, common and conspicuous bird ...

0 1 Citrus gall (wasp gall)

Citrus gall (wasp gall)

by LeubaMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

Rough woody swelling on stems of a lemonade lemon tree (citrus). They were of ...

0 0 Australian green tree frog

Australian green tree frog

by Ranger 25New York, USA

A species of tree frog native to Australia ...

2 3 Orange Threadtail

Orange Threadtail

by Neil RossWarwick, QLD, Australia

The orange threadtail or ochre threadtail (Nososticta solida) is an

1 0 White Punk

White Punk

by Neil RossQueensland, Australia

, Australia, and New Zealand. It has been used traditionally as a tinder and to ...