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0 3 Egg


by Melissa6Wyoming, USA


0 1 Egg


by Kris FSouth Carolina, USA

Small birds

17 16 Cow bird eggs.

Cow bird eggs.

by LetitiaConnecticut, USA

Bird nest and cow

0 1 Robin eggs

Robin eggs

by lsohler17Buffalo, Minnesota, USA

Under the deck

2 2 Spotting


by TeresaBurkeSouth Carolina, USA

Eggs found in the backyard

1 1 Mockingbird eggs

Mockingbird eggs

by AlishaCheathamHarrah, Oklahoma, USA

0 0 Spotting


by PochempieArnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands


2 1 Bird egg

Bird egg

by okiegirl85Brandon, Florida, USA

Hatched unknown species bird

0 1 Spotting


by Steve_DaddOntario, Canada

Parking lot eggs.

3 4 House Finch eggs

House Finch eggs

by cbolwcSouth Carolina, USA

1 0 Spotting


by AndrewNaegerMissouri, USA

Blue eggs

1 0 Nest of bird eggs

Nest of bird eggs

by joywarrentnCoopertown, Tennessee, USA


2 2 Spotting


by alpha.syndairEdmonds, Washington, USA

Brown spotted eggs

1 1 Egg shell

Egg shell

by Erin15Newberg, Oregon, USA

Egg shell

2 2 Spotting


by KorriBozemanLouisiana, USA

1 1 Spotting


by NatashaGeertsOttawa, Ontario, Canada

Unknown bird with

2 3 Eastern Bluebird eggs

Eastern Bluebird eggs

by Homegrown HealthyNorth Carolina, USA

Bluebird box

1 1 Egg


by DominicPuccioPhoenix, Arizona, USA

Plain white with a normal egg shape to it.

0 0 Spotting


by mcgarriv51New York, USA

Tiny white egg, sadly there was a yolk ...

2 2 African Ostrich egg (preserved)

African Ostrich egg (preserved)

by keithp2012Tanzania

Ostrich egg (preserved)

0 0 Dove egg

Dove egg

by alex4Laredo, Texas, USA

1 2 Tero (Egg)

Tero (Egg)

by ManuelBatistaAricanduva, Minas Gerais, Brazil

0 3 Spotting


by IvyMinnesota, USA

Ocean blue hued egg with small specks of ...

0 0 Eggs


Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

Small white eggs.

3 5 Robin eggs.

Robin eggs.

by SummerMillerLittle Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USA

0 0 Bluebird egg

Bluebird egg

by lambert.keyonahSmyrna, Georgia, USA

bluebird eggs

4 1 Robin eggs

Robin eggs

by Laura33Michigan, USA

Blue eggs, oval shaped

0 1 Robin eggs

Robin eggs

by Savannah RileyLittle Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, USA

3 1 American Robin Eggs

American Robin Eggs

by haileehendricksFranklin, Tennessee, USA

0 0 Robin


by TMiller15Ohio, USA


3 2 Mallard eggs

Mallard eggs

by MattRittenhouseManchester, New Hampshire, USA

0 2 American Robin Eggs

American Robin Eggs

by CharlieTennessee, USA

Robin Eggs

1 0 Eastern blue bird egg

Eastern blue bird egg

by Kris FMarion, South Carolina, USA

New nest with egg

6 4 Humming bird eggs

Humming bird eggs

by JordonOntario, California, USA

About 1/2" pinkish white eggs

3 4 Mallard eggs

Mallard eggs

by Meisterheim FamilyWisconsin, USA

Colorful duck

0 0 Bird Eggs

Bird Eggs

by KarenMuenchFlorida, USA

3 5 Chicken egg

Chicken egg

by Kittycat22Manitoba, Canada