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2 1 Freshwater Crocodile

Freshwater Crocodile

by DarrenCVictoria, Australia

A very young crocodile

2 0 Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

by Christian9Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Long, long tail, big teeth

8 5 Garter Snake

Garter Snake

by Jim AvitallePennsylvania, USA

A garter snake opens it's mouth and shows it's

1 4 Piranha


by lmdangPuerto Maldonado, Cusco, Peru

Our guide caught this little guy in the Amazon basin to show us how sharp its ...

4 2 Alligator Lizard

Alligator Lizard

by consensuslifeFresno, California, USA

Common alligator lizard found sunning itself on a rock & cooperating with the ...

0 1 Bluefish


by CarlAdlerNew York, USA

These fish have extremely sharp teeth. You ...

2 2 Megabat


by BennoIboldBali, Indonesia

the fruits are crushed and only the juices consumed. The

1 5 Coral Snake/Milk Snake

Coral Snake/Milk Snake

by LeonardoMBSP, SP, Brazil

boat), only biting and how his mouth is ...

2 4 Urchin beak

Urchin beak

by TajSALDOPalawan, Philippines

teeth. These

3 2 Wild Boar

Wild Boar

by SatyenMShivpuri, India

growing teeth that protrude from the ...

0 0 Striped fang blenny

Striped fang blenny

by Marta RubioTexeiraDumaguete, Siquijor, Philippines

their lower jaws which seem to be used for defense. When handled, they may ...

0 0 Green Tiger Beetle

Green Tiger Beetle

by AmethustosNorth Carolina, USA

-shaped and very sharp pointed, with several

1 0 Arboreal Salamander

Arboreal Salamander

by JellisPetaluma, California, USA

by location. These species have teeth and ...

0 2 American Alligator

American Alligator

by cbenito00Kissimmee, Florida, USA

razor sharp teeth, and an extremely strong ...

5 3 Yellow Margin Triggerfish

Yellow Margin Triggerfish

by AlbertKangIndonesia

teeth and that can cause some serious ...

0 0 Tooth of Bull Shark

Tooth of Bull Shark

by AlbertKangFiji

's feeding dive, usually, when the Sharks

0 0 California Moray

California Moray

by KilouekaMonterey, California, USA

have sharp teeth covered with bacteria. A ...

43 19 Jaguar


by triggsturnerMT, Brazil

Third largest cat species after the Tiger and Lion. Males grow up to 100kg ...

18 7 South Indian rock agama

South Indian rock agama

by HemantKumarTelangana, India

. Some weapons used are spikes on the body and tail,

0 0 false widow

false widow

by JanineLingTurnerTunbridge Wells, England, United Kingdom

colour, differs from Latrodectus (black widow spiders) in having

0 1 Amazon Tree Boa

Amazon Tree Boa

by LD50 PhotographyBeaufort, South Carolina, USA

to the larger Emerald Tree Boa, C. hortulanus are equipped with very long ...

0 1 Common Fruit Bat

Common Fruit Bat


. They eat fruits, therefore they have quite sharp

11 4 Titan triggerfish

Titan triggerfish

by Marek Koszorekจังหวัดกระบี่, Thailand

snorkelers and scuba divers. They are not venomous but big

3 0 Titan Triggerfish

Titan Triggerfish

by AlbertKangIndonesia

The titan triggerfish, giant triggerfish or moustache triggerfish (Balistoides ...

5 0 The Wood Mouse

The Wood Mouse

by BkriptoPennsylvania, USA

subfamily Murinae, these mice have moderately low crowned cheek

0 1 Southern Black Racer

Southern Black Racer

by MelissaFergusonMelbourne, Florida, USA

Adult color is black with white markings on the chin and throat. The belly is ...

0 0 Northern Watersnake

Northern Watersnake

by sunswimer02Ellington, Missouri, USA

have anti-coagulant properties and their

0 0 Chileperro (Costa Rica)

Chileperro (Costa Rica)

by pamsaiSololá, Guatemala

Asclepias curassavica, popularly called blood flower, platanillo, Mary grass, ...

6 1 Redbelly Water Snake

Redbelly Water Snake

by MusicwolfNorth Carolina, USA

has been known to leave long teeth ...

0 0 Moray Eel

Moray Eel

by KilouekaAvalon, California, USA

From Monterey Bay Aquarium's website: "California moray eels are long slim ...

2 2 Argentine black and white tegu

Argentine black and white tegu

by Benno IboldRheinberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

he uses as a weapon against enemies. The

4 5 Southern Black Racer, Juvenile

Southern Black Racer, Juvenile

by MelissaFergusonMelbourne, Florida, USA

Juvenile color is gray with distinct reddish-brown blotches fading into a ...

1 1 Sunda Slow Loris

Sunda Slow Loris

by luke.mackinJambi, Indonesia

months, generally when it is sexually mature. Slow lorises have a toxic

31 11 Red-spotted Newt

Red-spotted Newt

by EdithArgyle Municipal District, Nova Scotia, Canada

harmless creature. It has no poison sting or

0 0 Jewelweed


by KarenLMuscle Shoals, Alabama, USA

/2" long, with a few rounded teeth. The ...

3 6 Arboreal Salamander

Arboreal Salamander

by misako.hillEmeryville, California, USA

Juvenile Arboreal salamander found inside one of my flower pots (approximately ...

6 0 True Aloe, Medicine Aloe, Burn Plant, and Barbados Aloe

True Aloe, Medicine Aloe, Burn Plant, and Barbados Aloe

by drfumblezz

the upper and lower stem. The margin of the leaf of an Aloe Vera is serrated ...

1 0 Black-headed centipede-eater

Black-headed centipede-eater

by Bo GilbertNewcastle Local Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

of its teeth it is unable to pierce the ...

1 2 Black-headed centipede-eater

Black-headed centipede-eater

by Bo GilbertNewcastle Local Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

dangerous to man and due to the small size of its

0 0 Brown House Snake

Brown House Snake

by Wendy ClaphamSwartland Local Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

rodents, which are secured with te sharp

9 8 Windscorpion/Solifugid


by CindyBinghamKeiserSan Diego, California, USA

VENOMOUS as they don't have venom glands! They do have very strong jaws and ...

2 0 Frilled dragon

Frilled dragon

by JaeCairns, Queensland, Australia

long, pointed canine-like teeth present in ...

1 0 Orange Mouthed Lizard Fish

Orange Mouthed Lizard Fish

Hawaii, USA

row of orange and white, shark, bristle like

1 0 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

by hildmacGreensboro, North Carolina, USA

slight stop. The backskull and blunt muzzle are about the same length. The ...

2 0 Southern Alligator Lizard

Southern Alligator Lizard

by Archer 07Chico, California, USA

This lizard was about 10 inches long and can get up to 16 + inches long, nose ...

2 0 Banana Slug

Banana Slug

by Hema ShahCalifornia, USA

Banana slugs have small teeth that are on ...

27 20 Sunda Slow Loris

Sunda Slow Loris

by luke.mackinJambi, Indonesia

IUCN Red List, mostly due to the illegal pet trade. Since they have a toxic ...

15 4 Kinkajou


by NopayahnahPittsboro, North Carolina, USA

agitated, kinkajous will scream, hiss, sometimes tremble and they can inflict ...