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0 2 Osprey


by oxyjackCalifornia, USA

On lightpost near Bodega Marine Laboratory, ...

10 8 White-Tailed Kite

White-Tailed Kite

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

Where the Barn Owl used to perch, this WTKI now does.

1 0 Spotting


by MachiCalifornia, USA

Ruffled seaweed growing near Pelvetiopsis limitata and Mastocarpus papillatus.

6 5 Seaside Daisy

Seaside Daisy

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

Small and usually appears in clusters.

2 3 Cobblestone Lichen

Cobblestone Lichen

by MachiBodega Bay, California, United States

Yellow and brown lichen that had the appearance of little cobblestones as the ...

3 0 Columbian Black-tailed Deer

Columbian Black-tailed Deer

by MachiBodega Bay, California, United States

There were four together and a couple others wandering around the hillsides

1 0 Aggregating Anemone

Aggregating Anemone

by MachiBodega Bay, California, United States

Unlike the green anemones I posted before this one, these ones have lines at ...

0 0 Cormorant


by Walnut CrowCalifornia, USA

Fishing off pacific coast of N. America near kelp beds at

3 1 Crab


by GinaCasnerBodega Bay, California, United States

Tan with rough spots.

3 0 California Rock Crab

California Rock Crab

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Dark red crab that died and washed up on the beach.

1 0 Dwarf Rockweed

Dwarf Rockweed

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Small yellow-green seaweeds with branching blades. They start out smoother ...

4 4 Hydrozoan


by MachiCalifornia, USA

Another colonial organism! Also a hydrozoan like my last spotting, but a ...

1 0 Brewer's Blackbird

Brewer's Blackbird

by MachiCalifornia, USA

There were several of these and also some starlings in the area scavenging for ...

4 3 Turkish Washcloth

Turkish Washcloth

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Bumpy red seaweed growing among a couple other species

3 0 Coral Orange Lichen

Coral Orange Lichen

by MachiBodega Bay, California, United States

Yellow coral-looking lichens. They were somewhat sparse on this rock

18 10 Giant Green Anemone

Giant Green Anemone

by MachiBodega Bay, California, United States

These were very plentiful in the tide pools and even more vibrant in person ...

0 0 Starfish


by kevin.c.marksCalifornia, USA

Red P. ochraceus feeding upon California mussels near the rocky shore of

1 1 Apple Seed

Apple Seed

by DonnaPomeroySan Mateo, California, USA

Small shell about 1/2 inch long, spotted in tidepool at low tide

0 0 Pacific Ice Plant

Pacific Ice Plant

by joshuaharris707California, USA

first stages green then turns red/orange, blooms with purple flowers

1 1 Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret

by Jeffrey GrayCalifornia, USA

Snowy Egret patrolling the waters of the tidal slough at Doran Park,

2 0 Western Gull

Western Gull

by GinaCasnerCalifornia, USA

Most of the time white, But rarely Seagulls can be brown.

1 1 Limpets


by MachiCalifornia, USA

Limpet with lots of ridges and dark bumps

0 0 Feather Boa Kelp

Feather Boa Kelp

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Very long seaweeds hanging from the rocks.

0 0 Seaside Fleabane

Seaside Fleabane

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Flowers had lavender petals with yellow florets. Round, slightly hairy leaves.

2 0 Ice Plant

Ice Plant

by MachiCalifornia, USA

A beautiful succulent with yellow flowers and foliage that was turning red ...

5 2 Bryozoan


by MachiCalifornia, USA

AKA Moss Animals. Some of the Y-shaped structures further branched to make a ...

0 0 Sea Thrift

Sea Thrift

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Thin, grass-like leaves, long stems, pink to lavender flowers growing in a ...

6 2 Ochre Sea Star

Ochre Sea Star

by MachiCalifornia, USA

These starfish were very plentiful at this beach among the rocks. Some were ...

10 4 Hydrozoan


by MachiCalifornia, USA

It's not feathers with roots, nor is it a plant or seaweed. This is actually a ...

5 0 Black Turban Snail

Black Turban Snail

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Black with an iridescent layer underneath

0 0 Varied Lupine

Varied Lupine

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Pale yellow flowers with some purple tinge.

2 0 Coralline Red Algae

Coralline Red Algae

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Purplish-pink hard algae with white tips. It looks like coral, which is where ...

6 2 Giant Green Anemones

Giant Green Anemones

by misako.hillCalifornia, USA

Generally, A. xanthogrammica is found along the low to mid intertidal zones of ...

8 6 Great Horned Owl

Great Horned Owl

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

GHOW's can have a little past 5 foot wingspans and will take anything they so ...

1 1 Sea Fig

Sea Fig

by MachiCalifornia, USA

At first, I thought these were just a purple morph of Carpobrotus edulis, which ...

1 0 Gooseneck Barnacle

Gooseneck Barnacle

by MachiCalifornia, USA

Very plentiful at this beach. They seemed to thrive here amongst the mussels ...

0 0 Calla Lily

Calla Lily

by MachiBodega Bay, California, United States

A small clump of lilies surrounded by lots of invasive succulents. I can't tell ...

0 0 Magnolia Warbler

Magnolia Warbler

by JellisNewark, California, USA

Non-breeding male
Gray head and face, greenish back. Yellow from chest to ...

8 0 Tidepool Octopus

Tidepool Octopus

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

This octopus, like all octopi, can not only change color but texture as well. ...

0 0 California Harbor Seal

California Harbor Seal

by MachiCalifornia, USA

There were dozens of these on the small rocky islands. If you zoom in on the ...

1 2 Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

Monarch butterflies are known for the incredible mass migration that brings ...

0 0 CA Banana Slug

CA Banana Slug

by Joshua AselSan Mateo, California, USA

Banana slugs are often bright yellow (giving rise to the banana sobriquet) ...

4 3 Starburst Anemone

Starburst Anemone

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

The starburst anemone is just one of over 1,000 types of sea anemones found ...

6 3 White Abalone (Endangered)

White Abalone (Endangered)

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

Kristen. And to me, looks more like a cute little alien.

4 0 Sharp-shinned Hawk

Sharp-shinned Hawk

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

Sharp-shinned hawks are often mistaken for Cooper's Hawks, and vise versa, ...

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