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1 0 Animal burrow

Animal burrow

by HaydenGKing, Ontario, Canada

8 1 Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

by Melinda StewartCalifornia, USA

Burrowing Owls are small

0 1 Spotting


by ABIGAIL HUNTMountain View, California, USA

Looks like an animal

0 0 Pocket gopher

Pocket gopher

by n.jacob.c

Burrowing rat like

7 5 European Common Frog

European Common Frog

by LizzyAntwerpen, Vlaanderen, Belgium

Ponds, marshes, long grass and muddy

0 3 Spotting


by CindyBinghamKeiserPoway, California, USA

White growth on dirt

0 3 Burrow


by keithp2012New York, USA

Some sort of animal

0 0 Spotting


by JasonGonzalezRiverside, California, USA

little round cacoon like burrowers on a ...

0 2 Animal burrow/hideaway

Animal burrow/hideaway

by kunzahNew York, USA

It might be home to a snake, chipmunk or squirrel.

14 5 Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

by Dan and Lin DzurisinWashington, USA

if others are unavailable, but typically an owl pair will nest in a

1 2 Nutria


by railgummyКраснодарский край, Russian Federation

River rat

8 3 Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

by Francisco AraújoBrasília, DF, Brazil

They live in a hole on the ground

0 0 Ground Squirrel Burrows

Ground Squirrel Burrows

by Emma Concord, California, USA

out of here. Next time i will try to catch the squirrels in the pic!! The ...

2 0 Gopher Tortoise Burrow

Gopher Tortoise Burrow

by MachiCity of Gainesville Municipal Boundaries, Florida, USA

This burrow had a side

0 0 Mole or mouse hole

Mole or mouse hole

by Leslie-KateKingreyArkansas, USA

Mole or Mouse hole

0 2 Ant Burrow

Ant Burrow

by CindyBinghamKeiserSan Diego, California, USA

Small dirt mount with two holes that lead into an underground tunnel system for ...

2 0 Oklahoma Brown Tarantula (Male)

Oklahoma Brown Tarantula (Male)

by Jack SettleOkmulgee, Oklahoma, USA

This male tarantula was found at the edge of a

0 0 Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoise

by James A McNairTitusville, Florida, USA

. The gopher tortoise is seen as a keystone species because it digs

1 1 Spotting


by CindyBinghamKeiserSan Diego, California, USA

Small burrow in the ground about 5 mm in ...

0 0 Pallid Ghost Crab

Pallid Ghost Crab

by joanbstanley

The pallid ghost crab, Ocypode pallidula, is a small ghost crab that digs

0 0 Sand Fiddler Crabs (burrows)

Sand Fiddler Crabs (burrows)

by SFShepCharleston, South Carolina, USA

The burrows are close together, with small ...

0 0 Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

Florida, USA

Looking for burrowing owls/

3 0 Burrow


by SukanyaDattaDambulla, Sri Lanka

Beautifully constructed and compacted hole in the ground. No loose soil that ...

57 37 Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

by Jim NelsonMaricopa, Arizona, USA

As in the photos…this is a smaller-sized owl, with long legs. They live in ...

1 0 mangoose


by dr.sanjay datePune, Maharashtra, India

animals feed on insects and small ...

0 0 Pallid Ghost Crab

Pallid Ghost Crab

by joanbstanley

Common on sandy beaches and active during the day.

1 0 Sand Flea

Sand Flea

by DanielKlotzCape May, New Jersey, USA

These are small animals that

0 6 Round-tailed ground squirrel

Round-tailed ground squirrel

by the_tajminatorArizona, USA

Small sandy colored ground squirrel

1 0 Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoise

by MachiFlorida, USA

A keystone species in Florida because their

1 0 Burrowing Bug

Burrowing Bug

by CindyBinghamKeiserCalifornia, USA

Black bug with opaque wings and deep red eyes.

2 4 Bare Nosed Wombat

Bare Nosed Wombat

by DavidAlderNew South Wales, Australia

A small bare like animal. It is the worlds ...

1 0 Nine-banded armadillo

Nine-banded armadillo

by BrunoMollerFoz do Iguaçu, PR, Brazil

. One animal can make up to 12

0 0 European Badger

European Badger

by sttweetsEde, Gelderland, Netherlands

The European badger is a social burrowing ...

10 5 Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl

by RickGomezPunta Gorda, Florida, USA

. The gasoline is toxic to all animals that ...

0 0 Earthworm


by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

than any other animal. Ubiquitous in ...

0 0 Spotting


by MachiColorado, USA

Not sure what dug these burrows, but there ...

0 0 Marbled Hopper

Marbled Hopper

by nativeboy1997LA, California, USA

Small and green with brown crossing markings

1 0 Gopher tortoise

Gopher tortoise

by joanbstanleyFlorida, USA

strong elephant-like back legs and front feet specialized for digging, they ...

25 9 American Badger

American Badger

by Joshua AselCalifornia, USA

. But sometimes, during the seasonal part of the year, these badgers come out ...

1 0 Woodchuck (home)

Woodchuck (home)

by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

also be a serious problem for larger, grazing

0 0 Puncture Vine (Goat Head)

Puncture Vine (Goat Head)

by glbnoah109Dallas, Texas, USA

as much as 2.4 meters. It produces a very hard spine

1 3 Thread-waisted Wasp

Thread-waisted Wasp

by gatorfellowsDenton, Texas, USA

This small, 0.5 in or 1.27 cm, wasp like insect was digging small holes in the ...

8 10 Silurian Worm Casts

Silurian Worm Casts

by KerryHawkinsWestern Australia, Australia

These are trace fossils - so called because they are traces or tracks left by ...

4 1 Gopher Tortoise

Gopher Tortoise

by JoshMrozowskiSt. Petersburg, Florida, USA

southeastern United States. The gopher tortoise is seen as a keystone species ...

7 0 Tarbagan marmot

Tarbagan marmot

by BasБаян-Өлгий, Mongolia

animals! running away for or car and ...

0 0 round tailed ground squirrel

round tailed ground squirrel

by the_tajminatorArizona, USA

Long round tail, sandy colored, long hind feet, usually underside has a lighter ...

1 1 Missouri Wolf Spider

Missouri Wolf Spider

by bugeric24Fountain, Colorado, USA

Fairly large, stout spider. This specimen is a male.

1 0 Mole kingsnake

Mole kingsnake

by drPVirginia, USA

sandy soil, and it can use old burrows of ...