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2 0 Star Fruit

Star Fruit

by VishalKarnataka, India

0 0 Carambola, Starfruit

Carambola, Starfruit

by rubens.lucianoSão José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil

Carambola tree and fruits.

2 0 Carambola


by Albert CendikiawanMalang, Indonesia

The flowers of the juicy carambola

0 2 Carambola or Starfruit, Kamranga

Carambola or Starfruit, Kamranga

by ChiefRedEarthThiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

Used for cooking.

0 0 Carambola


by AlanoMagalhães de Almeida, Brazil

0 0 Starfruit


by JohnTasirinManado, Indonesia

Mixed plantation

0 0 Starfruit


by VivBraznellPhatthalung, Thailand

1 0 Starfruit


by Aya2itrHawaii, USA

4 0 Starfruit flower

Starfruit flower

by IanMichaelIletoMetro Manila, Philippines

2 4 Starfruit, Balimbing

Starfruit, Balimbing

by IanMichaelIletoQuezon, Philippines

Other info source:

0 1 starfruit


by SeemaOrange, California, USA

1 0 Carambola


by Alexander ZnavskyBlumenau, SC, Brazil

0 0 Starfruit


by NICOLE HANSingapore, Singapore

0 1 Starfruit


by Vijay Anand IsmavelAssam, India

Forested campus

0 0 Star fruit, Carambola

Star fruit, Carambola

by PaulMcDowellWest Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Dreher Park

0 5 Carambola/ Starfruit

Carambola/ Starfruit

by ceherzogSarasota, Florida, USA

Wonderful sweet- tasting fruit. Very thirst quenching. I slice up star-shaped ...

0 0 carambola


by YueXinhĐẹpThành phố Hồ Chí Minh, H? Chí Minh city, Viet Nam

0 1 star fruit

star fruit

by VietaYanuardiSemarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

1 1 Carambola


by LucianaCVargem Grande Paulista, Brazil

Is planted in the backyard of my aunt's house.

1 0 Star Fruit

Star Fruit

by ArvinMemaphuCamarines Norte, Philippines

2 2 Starfruit tree

Starfruit tree

by Olivia CheeSingapore, Singapore

Singapore Botanical Garden

0 0 Star fruit flower 楊桃花

Star fruit flower 楊桃花

by Yeung PK香港 Hong Kong, Paracel Islands

1 1 Star fruit flower and fruit

Star fruit flower and fruit

by rubens.lucianoSão José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil

0 2 Starfruit


by John G. PhillipsNicaragua

Some starfruit growing wild. Had a tart taste to it.

1 0 Carambola flowers/fruit

Carambola flowers/fruit

by auntnance123Cartago, Costa Rica

small spreading tree

0 0 Starfruit/Carambola


by VivBraznellPhatthalung, Thailand

The Starfruit belongs to the same family of plants as this P.N spotting of mine ...

0 0 Pomegrante bloom

Pomegrante bloom

by auntnance123Florida, USA

approx. 1 1/4 inches

4 4 Carambola . Star Fruit

Carambola . Star Fruit

by Jonathan SequeiraAlajuela, Costa Rica

An introduced species, from Asia, commonly found in lowlands at both sides of ...

0 1 carambola fruit

carambola fruit

by SureshScarborough, Trinidad and Tobago

commonly called five fingers,there are 2 variety growing here in trinidad .one ...

1 0 Star Fruit

Star Fruit

by JackieDoughertyAlto Inambari, Puno, Peru

Delicious :)

2 1 Star Fruit (Carambola)

Star Fruit (Carambola)

by Jolly IbañezZamboanga City, Philippines

Carambola, also known as starfruit, is the ...

0 0 kamias


by KristelRizal, Philippines

relative of carambola tree.

0 0 Star Fruit

Star Fruit


Found this on the ground under neath the tree were it came from. The size is ...

0 1 Starfruit, Balimbing

Starfruit, Balimbing

by IanMichaelIletoQuezon City, Metropolitan Manila, Philippines

Picked this three-inch fruit from the office tree to eat. But this one is ripe ...

1 2 Carambola (starfruit)

Carambola (starfruit)

by DhalmaHoSan Juan, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico

Fruit is oval shaped and has from 4-8 prominent longitudinal ridges. In cross ...

0 0 Starfruit or Hua hōkū

Starfruit or Hua hōkū

The Averrhoa carambola is a small, ...

0 0 Caramboleira


Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

A caramboleira (Averrhoa carambola ) é uma ...

5 4 Carambola


by SukanyaDattaKolkata, West Bengal, India

This fruit is unmistakable because it has five (sometimes more) prominent ...

0 0 Cross section of Star Fruit

Cross section of Star Fruit

by Emma Concord, California

Fruit is Tart in taste.Rich in anti-oxidants and Vit C.Has antimicrobial ...

0 1 Starfruit Tree

Starfruit Tree

by moralcoralDa Nang, Ðà N?ng, Viet Nam

A species of tree native to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, ...

0 0 star fruit

star fruit

Singapore, Singapore

The flowers are a pink-violet. The stems of the flowers are a red. It gives off ...

0 1 Starfruit (Overripe)

Starfruit (Overripe)

Singapore, Singapore

One of the yellow starfruits often found at the entrance of the SAS Rainforest. ...

0 0 Star Fruit

Star Fruit

Singapore, Singapore

There was a tree next to the fruit, and many lying on the path. They looked ...

2 0 Fruit fly

Fruit fly

by lenisutcliffeCavite, Philippines

Tiny fruit fly with bright yellow markings, feeding (?) on orchid blooms.

0 0 Averrhoa bilimbi

Averrhoa bilimbi

by MediyansyahTaharaniMalang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

of the genus Averrhoa, family Oxalidaceae. It is a close relative of the

2 0 star fruit

star fruit

by Debbie StewartGuyana

the star fruit is a pleasure both to the taste, and to the eye. Its mild, ...