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1 0 Striped Bark Scorpion

Striped Bark Scorpion

by NoahFieldsFlorida, USA

Longleaf pine flatwoods

2 1 Hentz' Bark Scorpion

Hentz' Bark Scorpion

by skinheaddaveHomestead, Florida, USA

1 0 Hentz striped scorpion

Hentz striped scorpion

by skinheaddaveFlorida, USA

Two specimens.

2 1 Hentz' bark scorpion

Hentz' bark scorpion

by skinheaddaveHomestead, Florida, USA

6 7 Hentz's Striped Scorpion

Hentz's Striped Scorpion

by RickBohlerJacksonville, Florida, USA

The Hentz's Striped Scorpion observed was mostly pale sandy brown in color ...

0 0 Bark scorpion

Bark scorpion

by skinheaddaveHomestead, Florida, USA

Florida population of C.guanensis (C.keysi as a junior synonym) and C.

2 0 Southern unstriped scorpion

Southern unstriped scorpion

by Aaron_GGeorgia, USA

(SW), North and South Carolina (W), Georgia (North, not coastal or southern, ...