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0 0 Rose hair tarantula

Rose hair tarantula

by peewok30California, USA


1 2 Spotting


by ZachFightmasterLakewood, Colorado, USA

Very docile. Red bottom.

0 0 Prayingmantis


by isaiah2Cebu, Philippines

pose no harm, very docile when ...

0 0 American Bison

American Bison

by AndrewGowenSablonYukon, Canada

Very docile

5 4 Mud Snake

Mud Snake

by MitchRayMonroe, Louisiana, USA

5 and a half feet of docile awesomeness

5 2 Linnaeus's Mouse Opossum

Linnaeus's Mouse Opossum

by John G. PhillipsJinotega, Nicaragua

Mouse Opossum. Actually was quite docile.

20 8 Horned Toad

Horned Toad

by TimMcBeeEunice, New Mexico, USA

Little spices all over body, very docile

0 0 Spotting


by KevinWright2Chicago, Illinois, USA

Brown humpbacked beetle. About 2 inches long,

0 0 Jumpingspider


by isaiah2Cebu, Philippines

docile, good observer, doesn't fear human, ...

1 1 Alligator


by smith.jacquelineJohnston, Iowa, USA

8 inches long, docile

3 0 Satiny Parrot Snake

Satiny Parrot Snake

by John G. PhillipsHeredia, Costa Rica

Fairly docile species. Beautiful too!

0 1 Bronzeback Snake

Bronzeback Snake

by AlbertKangRomblon, Philippines

Just about a meter long, quite docile.

1 3 Spotting


by Suzanne WolfNew York, USA

6 legs, docile, long antennas, brown, 1 ...

0 0 Moth


by KimberlyDuranMemphis, Tennessee, USA

Very docile.

3 1 Spotting


by Mark BolnikThulamela Local Municipality, Limpopo, South Africa

Large spider, slightly smaller than palm-size. Quite

0 2 Help I'd

Help I'd

by impeccablehomeGeary, Oklahoma, USA

Pretty beetle found while at the river. Was very

0 0 Spotting


by JdUtah, USA

A very docile tarantula of some sort?

0 0 Degenhardt's Scorpion-eating Snake

Degenhardt's Scorpion-eating Snake

by John G. PhillipsAtlántico Sur, Nicaragua

I found a number of Stenorrhina in streams around the island. Very

0 1 Budgerigar


by CarlaRibeiroSão Luís, Maranhão, Brazil

A small and docile blue bird. It was free ...

0 0 Dojo


by rubens.lucianoCaçapava, Brazil

Picture taken in my aquarium. This is a

0 0 Shiny Whipsnake

Shiny Whipsnake

by John G. PhillipsPanama

Arboreal snake found in southern Central America. Fairly

0 0 Texas Spiny Lizard

Texas Spiny Lizard

by cathcfitzTexas, USA

Very docile. Let my nephew carry it around ...

1 3 Cat


by SadieMaeWinterset, Iowa, USA

Domestic and usually docile unless provoked

1 0 Chilean Rose

Chilean Rose

by agravateDavao City, Davao del Norte, Philippines

My first pet tarantula. Rather calm and

0 1 Beetle


by flyingfrogconceptsNew South Wales, Australia

Large beetle, about 5-6 cm long.

0 0 Bronze Tree Snake

Bronze Tree Snake

by AlbertKangRomblon, Philippines

Adult size, around 1.5 meter in length. Quite

0 0 Slipper Lobster

Slipper Lobster

by Bill RichieCayman Islands

Very docile, well camouflaged, unusual find

0 0 Social huntsman

Social huntsman

by CassieJadeHolmes-BrownVictoria, Australia

All huntsmans have very little venom and are very

0 0 Speckled kingsnake

Speckled kingsnake

by AaronPaulTullockJefferson, Texas, USA

3 feet long. Very docile.

2 0 Pandora Sphinx Moth

Pandora Sphinx Moth

by KimberlyDuranMemphis, Tennessee, USA

Large, docile sphinx moth found resting ...

0 0 Ragdoll cat. Apollo

Ragdoll cat. Apollo

by cerasgardenSan Diego, California, USA

Cat. Black and white. Blue eyes. Male.

1 0 Stick-bug


by fernamsSão Paulo, Brazil

This brown stick-bug measures about 8cm. It's very

0 0 Spotting


by EarleMasciantonioQuincy, Washington, USA

white belly, white feet, brown grey fur, very

4 0 Banded Sea Krait

Banded Sea Krait

by ElsaIndonesia

Highly venomous, but docile seasnake. Grey ...

4 5 Green and Yellow Beetle

Green and Yellow Beetle

by rubens.lucianoCaçapava, São Paulo, Brazil

Big and docile beetle. Size about 5cm with ...

2 1 Common Chuckwalla

Common Chuckwalla

by FianaShapiroSt. George, Utah, USA

Was totally docile- didn't seem to mind ...

1 1 Raccoons


by 2ndnatcoColorado, USA

Local raccoon Family at Bird Feeders

1 0 Red Ruffed Lemur

Red Ruffed Lemur

by Nicholas4New York, New York, USA

Zoo kept, apparently eat fruits and insects and some nectar.

3 0 Southern Copperhead

Southern Copperhead

by Jim WestFerris, Texas, USA

Found on the road. Thought I'd better move it before someone ran over it. Very ...

4 1 Ostrich


by rubens.lucianoParaibuna, Brazil

She likes the camera, almost eat it. It´s a nice and

4 3 Stick Bug, Bicho Pau

Stick Bug, Bicho Pau

by rubens.lucianoSão José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil

Proscopiidae family. Very nice and docile ...

2 0 Gray Tree Frog

Gray Tree Frog

by myeventingpassionWoodstock, Illinois, USA

docile; looked to be a male headed to ...

0 0 Silkie


by TolishaTuckerFlorida, USA

White silky like feathers. Five toes and has a bluish black skin. More

4 2 Rough greensnake (young of the year)

Rough greensnake (young of the year)

by KarenLTennessee, USA

5" long extremely docile non venomous snake.

9 7 Midland water snake

Midland water snake

by KarenLAshland City, Tennessee, USA

Yearling water snake. These have a reputation for being aggressive my this guy ...

2 0 Banded Krait

Banded Krait

by Vijay Anand IsmavelAssam, India

Yellow and black banded snake with a triangular body cross-section

0 0 Spotting


by SureshSt. George's, Grenada

about 8 inches in lenght,tanish green in colour.this one was in the process of ...

7 10 Copper-bellied watersnake (young of the year)

Copper-bellied watersnake (young of the year)

by KarenLAshland City, Tennessee, USA

Tiny docile watersnake. The 2nd of this ...