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0 3 "Doodle Bug" Antlion Larva

"Doodle Bug" Antlion Larva

by TeresaBurkeBluffton, South Carolina, USA

Possibly a "doodle

0 0 Ant Lion (doodle bug)

Ant Lion (doodle bug)

by TimMcBeeEunice, New Mexico, USA

The dig little funnel shaped holes to trap ants

3 8 Doodle Bug ?!

Doodle Bug ?!

by LisaFPTexas, USA

My son found this one on our porch, it's having babies! Never seen that before!

7 0 Doodle Bug

Doodle Bug

by RolandEGauthierSabah, Malaysia

Black and white body, long black and white antennae face looks like wearing a ...

0 0 Antlion larva

Antlion larva

by KristalWatrousIllinois, USA

Small larva with large forceful jaws.

0 1 Doodle Bug

Doodle Bug

Vermont, USA

Iridescent Beetle commonly known as the "Doodlebug"

0 1 Bug


by RolandEGauthierSabah, Malaysia

Black Bug about an inch long, has about 12 ...

3 1 Ant lion pit

Ant lion pit

by ZooNerdArlington, Texas, USA

Also known as Doodle

0 0 Antlion (Larve Stage)

Antlion (Larve Stage)

by ZooNerdArlington, Texas, USA

as the "Doodle