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0 0 orchid (Nicaragua)

orchid (Nicaragua)

by Indio JonesNicaragua

green; no flower

6 0 Turquoise-browed Motmot

Turquoise-browed Motmot

by mel_tProvincia Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Turquoise-browed Motmot, drying off after ...

0 0 Garden Croton

Garden Croton

by Indio JonesNicaragua

vibrant colors of red and yellow

0 1 Nutting's Flycatcher

Nutting's Flycatcher

by Indio JonesRivas, Nicaragua

Grey body; black beak, black eyes;

25 9 Bolivian monkey frog

Bolivian monkey frog

by MauricioPachecoMunicipio San Borja, Departamento de Beni, Bolivia

This big frog, occurs usually in dry

0 0 Leafhopper Nymph

Leafhopper Nymph

by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This hopper is quite large and measures 3/8" of an inch...roughly

0 0 Earth-Boring Dung Beetles (Nicaragua)

Earth-Boring Dung Beetles (Nicaragua)

by Indio JonesNicaragua

~.5 inch x .5 inch, black; active

3 2 Cicada


by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

with the first rain of the season which ...

0 0 Leafhopper


by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

this hopper is about 1/4" long. I have seen them regularly through the

5 2 Capped langur

Capped langur

by Wild ThingsAssam, India

. Its natural habitat is subtropical or

0 0 Flower/Bush


by lgCostaNutPlaya Junquillal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

This little bush was only knee high. Considering that all the plants nearby are ...

1 0 Heliconia


by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This is an erect spiral heliconia with up to 5 or 6 bracts in best light and ...

1 1 Calathea


by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This plant grows three or gour leaves per rainy season with the accompanied ...

6 7 Yellow-head gecko

Yellow-head gecko

by DominguezLopezMoiMontería, Córdoba, Colombia

, from dry zones to

1 0 Queen Ant

Queen Ant

by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

this ant is about 1/2" long

1 2 Moth


by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This moth is about 3/4" long

0 0 Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider

by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This is a larger jumping spider measuring about 3/8" long. This is the first I ...

2 4 Golden Carpenter Ant

Golden Carpenter Ant

by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This is one of the largest ants that I have ever seen. It is about the same ...

0 0 Leafhopper


by LarryGrazianoGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This leafhopper is medium sized. It measures just over 1/4" long. Spotted at ...

1 0 Borboleta Coruja - Owl butterfly

Borboleta Coruja - Owl butterfly

by fernamsSão José dos Campos, SP, Brazil

a dry leaf.

1 7 Spotting


by dandoucetteHuila, Colombia

strange fungi, about 4" tall, see last photo to show it releasing its spores

0 0 Cricket


by LarryGrazianoGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This cricket has a body length of 1" and antennae length of 1". It may be in ...

1 0 Yellowface


by dotun55Port Harcourt, Nigeria

subtropical or tropical

4 0 Golden-bellied grosbeak

Golden-bellied grosbeak

by, Maryland, USA

subtropical or tropical

1 3 Parrotsnake


by Jonathan SequeiraCosta Rica

The dirty face is because it was chasing a prey. Like all members of the genus, ...

0 0 Fountain Tree

Fountain Tree

by Small WondersPuerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

Common Names: Fountain Tree, African Tulip Tree, Pichkari or Nandi Flame. ...

0 0 Spotting


by StephenSolomonsGosford, New South Wales, Australia

the end of its life. Leathery and dry ...

3 2 Ants


by LarryGrazianoCosta Rica

These are common ants in the area. They measure 3 - 4mm.

4 11 Orchid


by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This is a tropical

1 1 Bicho-do-cesto (Bagworm)

Bicho-do-cesto (Bagworm)

by Sergio MonteiroCuritiba, PR, Brazil

This is a quite rare photo, as it shows a great part of the larva's body. It is ...

0 0 Land Snail (Nicaragua)

Land Snail (Nicaragua)

by Indio JonesNicaragua

shell color: dark grey and sepia; length of neck ~2 inches; length of "eyes" ~1 ...

0 0 June Beetle

June Beetle

by lgCostaNutGuanacaste, Costa Rica

This June bug was shot in April...guess we'll have to change the name. The ...

0 1 Giant White Caterpillar Pupa

Giant White Caterpillar Pupa

by LarryGrazianoGuanacaste, Costa Rica

in that they always pupate on the top side of the leaf leaving themselves ...

15 9 Indian Licorice, Rosary pea

Indian Licorice, Rosary pea

by Rajas DeshpandeThane, Maharashtra, India

area. Leaves are used to dry and used as a ...

3 1 Curcuma


by lgCostaNutCosta Rica

This flower comes up with the first rains ...

0 0 Katydid


by dane.a.hepProvidence, Utah, USA

Primarily nocturnal in habit, with strident mating calls, many katydids exhibit ...

1 0 Katydid


by JordiPratsKuala Lumpur, Malaysia

About 10cm large, green colour. Tettigoniids may be distinguished from the ...

1 0 Tarantula


by drstephenQuito, Pichincha, Ecuador

Also called Purple Tree Tarantula, Ecuadorian Purple Tarantula or Ecuador ...

3 0 Golden Jelly Fungus

Golden Jelly Fungus

by LarsKorbHohenhorn, Schleswig-Holstein (Landmasse), Germany

, appearing during rainy weather. Within a few days after

15 13 Spectacled Owl

Spectacled Owl

by pamsaiHeredia, Costa Rica

The Spectacled Owl, Pulsatrix perspicillata, is a large

0 0 Yellow-banded poison dart frog

Yellow-banded poison dart frog

by sttweetsAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

amphibian is normally found in very humid conditions in

2 1 Yellow-banded poison dart frog

Yellow-banded poison dart frog

by BrinschkMünster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

The yellow-banded poison dart frog (also known as yellow-headed poison dart ...

2 1 African TulipTree, Fountain Tree

African TulipTree, Fountain Tree

by Irene BradyHawaii, USA

The African TulipTree is an amazing sight, flaming bright in the dark canopy. ...

0 0 Spotting


Singapore, Singapore

This looks like it has soon to be a flower. This is lime green in color with ...

8 8 Sundowner Moth

Sundowner Moth

by TizSifundza seLubombo, Swaziland

App. 4*4 cm. This is a fruit piercing moth that can cause considerable damage. ...

2 0 Witches' butter

Witches' butter

by LuisStevensSan Luis Potosí, San Luis Potosí, Mexico

after rain it

2 0 Witches' butter

Witches' butter

by Brian38Washington, USA

after rain it

3 0 Witch's butter

Witch's butter

by Brian38Redmond, Washington, USA

after rain it