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1 0 Rose Chafer

Rose Chafer

by Marta RubioTexeiraDubrovnik, Croatia

Botanical garden in Lokrum Island, near

0 0 Pine?


by LipaseDubrovnik, Croatia

road trip photos

0 0 Spotting


by LipaseDubrovnik, Croatia

i think it had a minty smell

0 2 Dalmation Pellitory

Dalmation Pellitory

by Marta RubioTexeiraCroatia

Bosanka, mountain facing Dubrovnik, near ...

2 2 Sharp-snouted Rock Lizard

Sharp-snouted Rock Lizard

by NoeDubrovnik, Dubrovačko-Neretvanska županija, Croatia

Photographed in a wall of Dubrovnik old ...

1 3 Fennel


by LipaseDubrovnik, Croatia

The flower head tasted strongly of aniseed.

0 0 Yellow-legged Gull

Yellow-legged Gull

by MT63Dubrovnik, Croatia

Seagulls sightseeing us while we are sightseeing

1 0 Balkan Emerald Lizard

Balkan Emerald Lizard

by Marta RubioTexeiraDubrovnik, Croatia

It was a large adult of maybe 40 cm long with a yellow tail and green dotty ...

1 1 Lichen


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

This organism appeared as squamulose lichen, showing tightly clustered ...

0 0 Snakelocks anemone

Snakelocks anemone

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Tentacles green-greyish with purple tips anemone.

0 0 Sargo


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Shallow waters of Old City Harbor.

2 0 Coral


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

The only coral species in Adriatic sea that build reefs.

1 0 Red squirrrel

Red squirrrel

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Some 20 cm of body length, roughly the same for the tail. Dark brown, almost ...

0 0 Rosemary


by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Rosemary, belonging to family Lamiaceae, is a woody, perennial shrub with ...

0 0 Pomegranate


by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

A deciduous shrub remaining about 3m tall. Very often we find flowers and ...

2 0 Sea snail

Sea snail

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Small snail like creature. Shell about 2 cm long, patterned white, brown and ...

2 0 Broad-clawed Porcelain Crab

Broad-clawed Porcelain Crab

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

An extremelly flattened small crab belonging to family Porcellanidae. It has ...

2 0 Eurasian Red Squirrel

Eurasian Red Squirrel

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Some 20 cm of body length, roughly the same for the fluffy tail. Dark brown ...

1 4 Doblada


by marta vázquez

Cuerpo ovalado y comprimido. Dientes de dos tipos en cada mandíbula: una hilera ...

3 1 Hermit crab

Hermit crab

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Hermit crabs are decapod crustaceans of the superfamily Paguroidea. First ...

2 0 Marbled crab

Marbled crab

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

A small crab with an almost square carapace, some 4 cm across, bearing three ...

1 0 Cicada


by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Typical cicada appearance, approximately 2.5 to 3 cm in body size (without ...

0 0 Barn swallow

Barn swallow

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Well known and probably the most widespread swallow in the world. Black with ...

0 0 Carpenter bee

Carpenter bee

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

A large and impressive bee, rather big insect belonging to the sub-family ...

4 0 Blue Rock-thrush

Blue Rock-thrush

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija, Croatia

This flycatcher belong to the family Muscicapidae, and looks like an oversized ...

1 1 pavo real (hembra joven)

pavo real (hembra joven)

by marta vázquez

La hembra tiene hasta 1 m de largo y 3 kg de peso. Su plumaje es ceniciento, ...

2 0 Hermann's tortoise

Hermann's tortoise

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Small to medium sized tortoise from the family Testudinidae. It has an ...

1 0 Marsh frog

Marsh frog

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Rather large frog, covered with irregular dark green blotches, on a light-green ...

1 0 Millipede


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Approx 10 - 12 cm in length. Two pairs pf legs per segment. Shiny ...

0 0 Damselfish


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Small dark fish, some 10 to 12 cm in length; appears blackish or dark red when ...

1 2 House Martin

House Martin

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Small swallow-like bird, member of Hirundidae family, black above and white ...

1 0 Arum


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Arums are herbaceous perennial plants, forming a roosette of basal leaves, ...

2 0 Fennel


by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Fennel, Foeniculum vulgare, is a hardy perennial herb with hollow stem, 1,5 m ...

5 1 Shrubby Jerusalem Sage

Shrubby Jerusalem Sage

by Marta RubioTexeiraCroatia

It is a small evergreen shrub, up to 1 m tall by 1.5 m wide. The sage-like, ...

1 0 Sea snail

Sea snail

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Small snail like creature. Shell about 2 cm long, patterned white, cream and ...

0 0 Blackbird


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

An european species of thrush; the male is easily recognized, all black with an ...

1 0 Caper


by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

The plant is a shrub, oval in shape, with many branches. Leaves are thick, oval ...

0 0 Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bee

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

A large and impressive bee, rather big insect belonging to the family ...

1 3 Trumpet vine

Trumpet vine

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Trumpet vine or trumpet creeper, is a species of flowering plant of the family ...

0 0 Rock Bells

Rock Bells

by Marta RubioTexeiraCroatia

Edraianthus (rock bells or grassy bells) is a small genus of flowering plants ...

1 0 Dwarf Morning Glory

Dwarf Morning Glory

by Marta RubioTexeiraCroatia

This bindweed is a hemicryptophyte scapose plant reaching on average 20–50 cm ...

0 0 Convolvulus Hawk-moth

Convolvulus Hawk-moth

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Large impressive moth, some 10cm in wingspan.

1 0 House martin

House martin

by Zlatan CelebicCavtat, Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija, Croatia

Small, up to 15 cm in length, black and white swallow - black above and white ...

4 2 Pillbug


by Marta RubioTexeiraCroatia

Small terrestrial crustacean. They are characterised by their ability to roll ...

0 0 Red-backed shrike

Red-backed shrike

by Zlatan CelebicPlat, Dubrovačko-neretvanska županija, Croatia

The red-backed shrike is a carnivorous passerine bird and member of the shrike ...

0 0 Agave


by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

Agaves are succulent plants forming a large rosette of thick and fleshy leaves, ...

2 0 Common Octopus

Common Octopus

by Zlatan CelebicCroatia

It appeared to measure some 15 cm from eyes to the tip of the mantle. It was ...

0 0 Black sea Urchin

Black sea Urchin

by Zlatan CelebicDubrovnik, Croatia

Medium sized mainly black sea urchin. Hemispherical in shape, about 10 cm in ...

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