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0 0 Early nesting bumblebee

Early nesting bumblebee

by DoryreedEngland, United Kingdom

1 0 Early-nesting bumblebee

Early-nesting bumblebee

by KarenLSwale, England, United Kingdom

12 mm long bumble bee

0 0 Spotting


by S.joBerkeley, California, USA

baby spiders' nest in my front yard,

1 2 Great Blue heron

Great Blue heron

by Hema ShahHuntington Beach, California, USA

Early morning,looking for

2 1 Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp

by Kevin GallagherL.A., California, USA

This nest was found in my backyard under ...

2 0 American robin (nest)

American robin (nest)

by GoodyBartlesville, Oklahoma, USA

I found this nest

0 0 Common Raven

Common Raven

by BillCarpenter

after year. Ravens and owls nest

0 0 Dickcissel


by DerekRosenbergerIowa, USA

Quite common in rural areas

0 0 unknown fledgling

unknown fledgling

by AnnaWhipkeyIndiana, USA

This little fledgling startled me as I was picking apples. Looks like it left ...

0 1 Wasp


by Trainey71Missouri, USA

Red or orange

0 0 Painted bunting, male

Painted bunting, male

by angelfoxpohDenton, Texas, USA

Painted buntings nest on and near our ...

2 8 European Starling

European Starling

by jgorneauNew York, USA

Is this chick being trained, or is it too

0 0 Crow


by HarryWest Hollywood, California, USA

Crow stoke an egg out of a nest. Very round ...

1 0 Great Blue Heron rookery

Great Blue Heron rookery

by sarah in the woodsTennessee, USA

Males getting their nests ready

2 4 Purple Heron

Purple Heron

by marirsKarnataka, India

Early morning, with all the birds chirping ...

6 1 great blue heron

great blue heron

by jamiewgoodspeedFlorida, USA

breeding pair at wakodahatchee wetlands, thought it was a little

1 0 Bird's nest fungi

Bird's nest fungi

by AugustineOregon, USA

Only one fruiting body showed peridiole (egg) growth. Still

1 5 Osprey


by LisaPlaisted-HornFlorida, USA

An Osprey Bringing Moss to its

4 1 Australian King Parrot

Australian King Parrot

by GregMcHughNew South Wales, Australia

Male Australian King Parrot

0 1 Rose-Ringed Parakeet.

Rose-Ringed Parakeet.

by RudolphAndrewFurtadoMumbai, Maharashtra, India

house in Mumbai .They are very noisy and screech

1 0 American Robin

American Robin

by bryerjConnecticut, USA

Mostly gray with orange underbelly. Known for an

0 0 House Wren

House Wren

by Holly HSan Diego, California, USA

photos here all fledged successfully in

3 2 Bumble Bee Nest

Bumble Bee Nest

by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

Yellow and black bumble bees took 3 weeks to completely enclose themselves into ...

1 0 Asian openbill stork

Asian openbill stork

by Rashid RazaGaya, Bihar, India

A nesting colony has existed at least for ...

7 11 Anna's Hummingbird (Nesting)

Anna's Hummingbird (Nesting)

by CindyBinghamKeiserEscondido, California, USA

sticky materials. They are known to nest ...

14 18 Anna's Hummingbird (Nesting)

Anna's Hummingbird (Nesting)

by CindyBinghamKeiserPoway, California, USA

’s hummingbird females build a mere platform as

4 6 Bumble Bee Queen

Bumble Bee Queen

by Small WondersGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Queen observed emerging from winter hibernation. Very

0 0 Merlin


by JamesRBernardWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

early spring until fall when they head ...

0 2 Robins


by Art3Edinburgh, Indiana, USA

Common bird in our state, arrives here in

1 0 Summer tanager, male

Summer tanager, male

by angelfoxpohDenton, Texas, USA

Summer tanagers nest on or near our ...

0 0 Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

by CammieOklahoma, USA

Unfortunately, these pictures do not show they're beautiful colors. They have ...

15 5 beryl spangled tanager

beryl spangled tanager

by SusanEllisonProvincia de Pichincha, Ecuador

forests. Its range is from Venezuela to Bolivia. Its

1 1 Chimney swift

Chimney swift

by MaryLaCourGulfport, Mississippi, USA

The chimney swift tower at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center was completed

0 0 Cuckoo Bee / Rote Wespenbiene

Cuckoo Bee / Rote Wespenbiene

by injicaCroatia

Flight period: late June to early August. ...

20 5 Beryl-Spangled Tanager

Beryl-Spangled Tanager

by Cody.conwayMindo, Provincia de Pichincha, Ecuador

Venezuela to Bolivia. Its nest is a mossy ...

0 0 Flowering Fern

Flowering Fern

by doreen.chambers.14Vermont, USA

Large fern (5-6 feet) grown in a circle. Clumped. Delicate fronds. Near water. ...

1 1 Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

by Dreams2FlyNevada, USA

It was early evening when we spotted these ...

1 0 Barn Swallow; Golondrina Común

Barn Swallow; Golondrina Común

by Malcolm Wilton-JonesComunitat Valenciana, Spain

Adults were up first thing this morning but the babies were all still in the ...

4 1 Mud Dauber Wasp

Mud Dauber Wasp

by Gareth BowdlerNew South Wales, Australia

Yellow and black wasp which builds nests ...

5 1 European garden spider

European garden spider

by Chris TaklisΑποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Αιγαίου, Greece

Those shots are the only and that's because the spiders made their

1 0 Long-tailed tyrant

Long-tailed tyrant

by BrunoMollerPetrópolis, RJ, Brazil

•They hunt insects while flying. •They make

0 2 Yellow Vented Bulbul

Yellow Vented Bulbul

by shekainah d. alabanRoxas City, Capiz, Philippines

This is the their eleventh and the last day on the

3 1 Large Bee Fly

Large Bee Fly

by chesterbperryEast Ridge, Tennessee, USA

Another bee fly early in morning willing to ...

8 1 Barn Swallow; Golondrina Común

Barn Swallow; Golondrina Común

by Malcolm Wilton-JonesComunidad Valenciana / Comunitat Valenciana, Spain

4 juveniles being fed at the nest, the last ...

1 2 bald eagle

bald eagle

by Scott FrazierMissouri, USA

, bald eagles are early breeders:

4 1 American Kestrel

American Kestrel

by KeithRoragenNebraska, USA

Five American Kestrel eggs. The eggs are light brown to almost white mottled ...

3 1 Snapping Turtle

Snapping Turtle

by RiverValleyRunnerNew York, USA

Upper shell is tan, brown, black or olive gray with three ridges, called ...

0 0 Brown-Headed Cowbird, female

Brown-Headed Cowbird, female

by Mandy HollmanGeorgia, USA

their eggs in other birds' nests. The ...