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0 0 Fern


by Meredith HovartSouth Carolina, USA

Green plant growing next to a tree. It is a ...

0 1 Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry

by SargonRHonolulu, Hawaii, USA

, Oahu, Hawaii. Any tree experts out there, ...

1 4 Tulip Poplar Seeds

Tulip Poplar Seeds

by DBOMcLean, Virginia, USA

, whitewood, fiddle-tree and yellow poplar ...

4 0 Tulip Poplar

Tulip Poplar

by QWMomKennesaw, Georgia, USA

I love the big yellow and orange flowers of the tulip poplar - the orange ...

0 0 Yellow Poplar

Yellow Poplar

by KenCheeksSouth Carolina, USA

Large deciduous tree. It can grow to more ...

1 1 American Tulip Tree

American Tulip Tree

by James A McNairWashington, USA

, whitewood, fiddle-tree, and yellow poplar ...

0 0 Marbled Orbweaver

Marbled Orbweaver

by RaevenLutherville-Timonium, Maryland, USA

I am not 100% certain I've identified this spider correctly since, aside from ...

4 6 Fiddler Beetle

Fiddler Beetle

by sarahaw1981Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

: Fiddler Beetles are named for the fiddle ...