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0 0 worms


Hazleton, Pennsylvania, USA


1 2 Leafhopper (Free-living Hemipteran)

Leafhopper (Free-living Hemipteran)

by LaviZagreb, Croatia

cute little leafhopper (1cm) visited my home

0 0 Spotting


by vanoranaudeKwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

About 5mm, suspect it is a wolf spider

0 0 Elk


by superboom76Casper, Wyoming, USA

Elk in Wamsutter, Wyoming living in direct ...

2 2 Halichoanolaimus


by ArelyMartinezArceLa Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Free-living marine nematode

0 0 Fireworm


by zapabioJundiaí, Brazil

They are marine annelidas, from the same family "Amphinomidae" of the ...

0 0 Painted Turtle

Painted Turtle

by BenjaminKabelHuntington Woods, Michigan, USA

Although found withing the confines of the Detroit Zoo, this is a

0 0 snake


by KarenSaxtonAdelaide, South Australia, Australia

fairly large brown snake, which quickly slithered out of sight

2 0 Large-eyed Free-living Mite

Large-eyed Free-living Mite

by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

A big Mite, 2 mm, compared to most mites. Very colorful,

1 0 white tailed antelope squirrel

white tailed antelope squirrel

by CynthiaMHoriNevada, USA

Lives long periods without

0 1 Sand live oak

Sand live oak

by CarolineJulienFlorida, USA

Untoothed Evergreen Simple Leaves, alternate,

2 1 Indian or Blue Peafowl

Indian or Blue Peafowl

by klmoore21Sarasota, Florida, USA

Three peacocks (father, mother, and baby$ that

0 0 Holly


Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Common tree that was originally brought over by european pilgrims but is now ...

1 1 Spotting


by MachiFlorida, USA


0 0 Trombidiform Mite

Trombidiform Mite

by LaurenZarateSan Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico

mites are predators and free

2 0 Free-Living Mite

Free-Living Mite

by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

probably lives on bark, where it would be ...

0 0 Iguana


by ElsaEscolarCBarranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia

From my bedroom window ... we live in ...

1 0 Snow Monkey - Japanese macaque

Snow Monkey - Japanese macaque

by michigander08Nagano, Japan

Individuals have brown-gray fur, a red face, and a short tail.

2 2 Leopard


by KarenLoughreyRichardSundays River Valley Local Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Photographed at the Born Free centre in ...

8 8 Lioness


by KarenLMakana Local Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Photographed at the Born Free centre in ...

1 0 Predatory Mite

Predatory Mite

by LaurenZarateChiapas, Mexico

covering the body. These mites are solitary

7 5 Arara Azul Grande

Arara Azul Grande

by valguilhostarPresidente Kennedy, Tocantins, Brazil

malnutrition. They receive special care. They

17 22 Leopard


by KarenLMakana Local Municipality, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Photographed at the Born Free centre in ...

0 1 Sac Spider

Sac Spider

by vanoranaudeJohannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

This little guy was only about 5mm in length, chevron markings on the abdomen ...

3 2 Spotting


by LindaDiazDeLeonCoronado, California, USA

hundreds seen in the tides washing ashore and lingering in the seaweed, but not ...

0 0 Lynx spider

Lynx spider

by C.SydesGaborone, South-East District, Botswana

medium sized spider with noticeably bristly striped legs. The plain brown, ...

0 0 Question Mark Butterfly

Question Mark Butterfly

by NeilDNYC, New York, USA

A North American nymphalid butterfly. They

2 1 Barklice


by asergioCuritiba, Paraná, Brazil

Although they are called lice, the Psocoptera are

0 1 Lantana


by auroraspalmFlorida, USA

Wild variety. I think. Gets huge. But it

0 0 Cutete verde, Guatemalan Helmeted Basilisk

Cutete verde, Guatemalan Helmeted Basilisk

by AndresDuarte

A green and young Guatemalan Helmeted Basilisk of about 15 cm of body + 12cm of ...

0 0 Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Duck

by NoSuttAventura, Florida, USA

Very used to people always looking for bread

0 0 Rock Hyrax/ Dassie

Rock Hyrax/ Dassie

by Mari du PreezBloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

The Rock Hyrax is the African elephant’s closest

0 0 Carpet Beetle

Carpet Beetle

by miss1awsome1L.A., California, USA

My living room. lol

0 0 Red Spotted Newt

Red Spotted Newt

by ZachTIndiana, USA

Eastern Newts are common throughout the Eastern US, and most

0 0 White-tailed deer

White-tailed deer

by Lydia4Potomac, Maryland, USA

Tawny brown with white underside of tail. Only males have antlers.

1 1 Garden spider

Garden spider

by cvorachardDenton, Texas, USA

An orb web spider. Black legs with yellow bands. Black and yellow abdomen.

1 1 Little Brown Bat

Little Brown Bat

by MattKehoeNew York, USA

Lives in my in laws attic and found a way ...

0 5 Spotting


by CameronTorodeMohokare Local Municipality, Free State, South Africa

A small cockroach species found under a rock on a cliff. Resembles ...

2 2 Red-shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk

by amberleighharperTexas, USA

She has lived in my parents yard for many ...

1 0 Annual Cicada

Annual Cicada

by ForestDragonNew York, USA

Large insect. Brown, green and black coloration with pale underside. Produces a ...

1 1 Meerkat


by AshleyTPhumelela Local Municipality, Free State, South Africa

Small, elongate, tan mammal.

13 7 Gemsbok


by Ashley.tubbsPhumelela Local Municipality, Free State, South Africa

Light brown-gray in color with a long black tail. They have a masked black and ...

9 3 Rock Hyrax

Rock Hyrax

by AshleyTPhumelela Local Municipality, Free State, South Africa

Small mammals that live in rock faces, ...

0 0 Banded Alder Borer

Banded Alder Borer

by vincent.kristy.43California, USA

Black and white beetle. Name: Banded Alder Borer. Beautiful

1 1 Pacific Sand Sole (Flounder)

Pacific Sand Sole (Flounder)

by AryaMansourzadehSeattle, Washington, USA

It is a flat fish and inhabits Eastern Pacific waters where it

0 0 Malayan Water Monitor

Malayan Water Monitor

by twolittletoddiesSingapore

Seems to be mostly grey/green/brown colour all over. Underneath seems to be a ...

3 0 Long-jawed Six-eyed Spider AKA Woodlouse Spider

Long-jawed Six-eyed Spider AKA Woodlouse Spider

by Johan HeynsHessequa Local Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

Found hiding beneath the bark of a camphor tree in my mothers garden.

2 0 Cicadellid Nymph

Cicadellid Nymph

by Leuba Ridgway

A flat green nymph about 10 mm long. Small pinkish eyes could be seen on either ...