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1 1 Gilled Bolete

Gilled Bolete

by BrennaJohnsonBruceton, Tennessee, USA

A short, gilled, red mushroom.

2 4 Gilled Bolete

Gilled Bolete

by p.young713Tampa, Florida, USA


2 0 Gilled bolete

Gilled bolete

by ShannonInCTStamford, Connecticut, USA

0 1 gilled bolete

gilled bolete

by garylincoffNew York City, New York, USA

cap is bolete-like but the mushrooms has ...

0 1 King Bolete

King Bolete

by SarahNebelReykjavík, Biskupstungnahreppur, Iceland

Cap - not slimy. No gills.

0 4 King bolete

King bolete

by KarenSaxtonOregon, USA

Large red brown mushroom with sponge like

1 0 Boletes


by Joseph CHIEF REDEARTHUttarakhand, India

A thick foam like mushroom without gills ...

0 0 boletus edulis/king bolete

boletus edulis/king bolete

by KarenSaxtonFlorence, Oregon, USA

Boletes has

0 0 King bolete(button stage)

King bolete(button stage)

by KarenSaxtonFlorence, Oregon, USA

Large reddish cap, thick stem and spongelike

0 1 Orange Birch Bolete

Orange Birch Bolete

by Wendy Sherratt HoganOntario, Canada

Short, stalky. No gills. Reddish top. ...

1 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by AntónioGinjaGinjaBraga, Portugal

Spotted in river homem félinhos beach,very tiny,2cm of diameter,the

0 0 bolete type mushroom

bolete type mushroom

by KarenSaxtonOregon, USA

bright yellow with red-brown dots and spongelike

1 0 Zeller's Bolete

Zeller's Bolete

by birdlady6000British Columbia, Canada

have seen the underside of a bolete. The ...

2 14 Unknown Bolete mushroom

Unknown Bolete mushroom

by KarenSaxtonCayo, Belize

Bolete type mushroom with spongeform

1 0 Hypomyces sp?

Hypomyces sp?

by Mark RidgwayMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

this is the first time I have seen it on a

2 2 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by MatthewPrattRochester, New Hampshire, USA

This small mushroom has a dark mustard colored cap and red

1 3 bolete eater

bolete eater

by AnnaWhipkeyIndiana, USA

any gills

0 3 Brown Birch Bolete

Brown Birch Bolete

by SarahNebelVestfirðir, Iceland

Cap - not slimy. No gills. Approximately 5 ...

0 0 Bitter Bolete

Bitter Bolete

by Emma California, USA

the mushroom upside down ,it did not have any

0 0 dusky bolete

dusky bolete

by shebebusynowYachats, Oregon, USA

dark brown cap and dark brown stem, sponge rather than

0 1 mushroom


by KarenSaxtonCoquille, Oregon, USA

found during a spell of cold weather

0 1 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by DaniKautzTowson, Maryland, USA

Brown solid cap with tan gills close ...

3 0 Golden gilled bolete

Golden gilled bolete

by Mark RidgwayMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

A large bolete with gold coloured

4 4 Bolete


by gobospringVirginia, USA

About 5" tall. Rust red-orange cap with bright yellow underside. No

0 1 Ash Tree Bolete

Ash Tree Bolete

by William_DembowskiPennsylvania, USA

Found in open grassy area. Leathery; underside had a network rather than

0 0 Bolete


by MusicwolfSouth Carolina, USA

A thick brown mushroom with a concave top, and spores instead of

0 0 Gilled Bolete

Gilled Bolete

by LeubaVictoria, Australia

and irregular. Gills were decurrent, a ...

4 2 Rhubarb Bolete

Rhubarb Bolete

by dandoucetteMalaysia

velvetly, thick red fungi, slugs or snails feeding on the

0 0 Rosy spike

Rosy spike

by staccyhGuildford, England, United Kingdom

Although it has gills, it is a member of ...

3 4 Bolete


by mauna KunzahNYC, New York, USA

latex. Yellow stalk. No true gills, but ...

3 2 Unknown Bolete

Unknown Bolete

by flowntheloopGeorgia, USA

tapers from pink to cream. Darker pink flesh revealed when I cut the cap. No ...

0 1 Bay bolete

Bay bolete

by MatthewPrattRochester, New Hampshire, USA

that stain blue or black instead of gills, ...

0 0 unknown bolete

unknown bolete

by KarenSaxtonSilverton, Oregon, USA

Picture two shows the sponge-like underside of "

0 1 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by Michelle ParishVeneta, Oregon, USA

a classic bolete with reticulated stem and ...

0 0 Old Man of the Woods

Old Man of the Woods

by BrentClarkDothan, Alabama, USA

Hard to mistake this one. Has pores instead of

3 2 Dark Velvet Bolete

Dark Velvet Bolete

by JulieEdwardsNelson, New Zealand

colour. The underside of cap is pure white with no

0 0 Dotted stem boletus

Dotted stem boletus

by Alison WaldenOntario, Canada

Reddish brown mushroom grading to a redder cap.

1 1 Gilled Bolete

Gilled Bolete

by MachiFlorida, USA

A few of these were growing up the tree in the nooks

1 0 Boletes Mushroom

Boletes Mushroom

by SukanyaDattaScotland, United Kingdom

-brown. sorry, no gills.

3 0 Cinnabar Polypore

Cinnabar Polypore

by Todd5Connecticut, USA

deep rain we had last night. Underside spongy like a

2 1 Boletus bicolor

Boletus bicolor

by cqx186Lake Isabella, Michigan, USA

This species rapidly turns from yellow to blue when cut open.

7 4 Tylopilus


by SarahWhittOhio, USA

Some depressed capped mushrooms. The gills ...

1 0 Bolete Mushroom

Bolete Mushroom

by hg_williams3Turks and Caicos Islands

Mature large brown mushroom with pores instead of

1 3 Red Cracking Bolete

Red Cracking Bolete

by PatriciaPiJalón/Xaló, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain

instead of gills beneath their caps

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by EliseCohenRockville, Maryland, USA

In our yard in suburban MD, USA. Under or near a variety of conifers. Yellow ...

0 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by RexFantasticGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Large mushrooms 6 to 10 cm across, with a yellow spore print.

2 0 Gilled Bolete

Gilled Bolete

by MachiFlorida, USA

smaller mushroom grew up. Yellow gills. ...

11 7 Orange pores

Orange pores

by Argy BeeVictoria, Australia

Up to 24mm wide. Rich saffron-orange colour all over. Smooth stipe. Deep 4mm ...