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0 0 Angel's hair

Angel's hair

by shebebusynowCentralia, Washington, USA

a very thin, ephemeral club fungus that ...

1 0 Spotting


by LuisStevensChiapas, Mexico

Fungus growing on a dead leaf. They look ...

0 2 Tree Hair

Tree Hair

by LakesideScottKansas, USA

A slime mold, not a fungus.

0 0 Spotting


by rustywheelsNorthampton, England, United Kingdom

Strange hair-like

3 8 Turkey Tail Fungus

Turkey Tail Fungus

by dandoucetteCanada

shelf like fungus, covered in minute

1 0 Filamentous Fungus

Filamentous Fungus

by MachiMaine, USA

, hair-think stalk with a silver ball on ...

1 0 Shaving brush fungus

Shaving brush fungus

by asterope12370, New South Wales, Australia

/spore-bearing bodies develop as long brown "

0 2 Minute Tree-fungus Beetle

Minute Tree-fungus Beetle

by CindyBinghamKeiserSan Diego, California, USA

Dark beetle with golden hairs about 5 mm ...

1 2 Lion's Mane Mushroom

Lion's Mane Mushroom

by Nomad MikePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Large white fungus. Soft, squishy and ...

0 0 Horse hair blight

Horse hair blight

by LeubaMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

This marasmius had an orange cap about 7 mm wide and definite convex bulges ...

2 0 red cup fungus

red cup fungus

by shebebusynowOregon, USA

Small red disc edged in dark 'hairs', ...

1 0 Plums and Custard

Plums and Custard

by MachiAlaska, USA

Red and yellow mushrooms with unusual wave-like edges, probably from growing up ...

11 4 Hair ice

Hair ice

by Brian38Duvall, Washington, USA

In 2015, the fungus Exidiopsis effusa was ...

1 2 Eyelash Cup Fungus

Eyelash Cup Fungus

by Jared_CKentucky, USA

pale orangish, covered with tiny dark

0 0 Cup Fungus

Cup Fungus

by Jared_CKentucky, USA

sparsely hairy with brown hairs, pale ...

9 2 Hairy Cup Fungus, Bristly Tropical Cup

Hairy Cup Fungus, Bristly Tropical Cup

by Irene BradyCayo, Belize

The fruiting body of this fungus is ...

1 0 Zygomycete Fungus

Zygomycete Fungus

by ForestDragonVirginia, USA

Giant Sporangiophore (so say the experts)! These grayish

0 1 Eyelash cup (Scutellinia scutellata)

Eyelash cup (Scutellinia scutellata)

by ethan crensonVermont, USA

tiny bright orange-red cup fungus with ...

1 0 Spotting


by kendall121288California, USA

Bright white hair like stems? Spores? ...

0 0 Spotting


by LeubaVictoria, Australia

Small patches of yellow fuzz. Soft to touch with

1 0 red frilled fungus?

red frilled fungus?

by ArgybeeVictoria, Australia

few soft 'hairs' ; sign of a frill just ...

1 0 Common Split Gill

Common Split Gill

by deer_lake_academySparta, Georgia, USA

This mushroom is fan shaped and covered with little

0 0 Slime Mold

Slime Mold

by dferrisMichigan, USA

Brownish red fungus growing on a fallen, ...

2 0 Felt Saddle Mushroom

Felt Saddle Mushroom

by Christine Y.Connecticut, USA

Cup-shaped tan cap with a hairy undersurface. The stipe was 4cm long and had ...

0 0 Velvety Bark Beetle

Velvety Bark Beetle

by ForestDragonVirginia, USA

give it a striped appearance. Has a velvety appearance due to short dark

0 0 Jelly Fungi

Jelly Fungi

Singapore, Singapore

were some tiny hairs growing on the fungi. ...

4 0 Brick Cap

Brick Cap

by Christine Y.Connecticut, USA

. The cap in the images showing the gills (3-4) had some

1 0 Plums and Custard

Plums and Custard

by MachiAlaska, USA

You can see where the name comes from, as the mushroom is the color of custard ...

0 0 False Hedgehog

False Hedgehog

by EdwardNathanReulbachJr.Silverdale, Washington, USA

a jelly-like fungus that has features of a ...

1 6 Old man's beard

Old man's beard

by KarenLTennessee, USA

, that generally grow hanging from tree branches, resembling grey or greenish ...

0 0 Strigose Beard Lichen

Strigose Beard Lichen

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

, that generally grow hanging from tree branches, resembling grey or greenish ...

1 0 Hairy Cup Fungi

Hairy Cup Fungi

by ChunXingWongTawau, Sabah, Malaysia

mm tall. Hairs obviously seen growing at ...

0 3 scarlet elf cap

scarlet elf cap

by RiekoSNew York, USA

eyelash cup, the Molly eye-winker, the scarlet elf cap, the eyelash

2 0 Strigose Beard Lichen

Strigose Beard Lichen

by QWMomGeorgia, USA

, that generally grow hanging from tree branches, resembling grey or greenish ...

5 1 Cookeina tricholoma

Cookeina tricholoma

by key_manFernando Lores, Loreto, Peru

Hairy, orange cup-shaped small fungus (this ...

0 0 Armillariella mellea (honey mushrooms)

Armillariella mellea (honey mushrooms)

by ethan crensonNew York City, New York, USA

-brown closer to the margin, with protruding

2 0 Lawyers wig (Shaggy ink cap)

Lawyers wig (Shaggy ink cap)

by martinlVictoria, Australia

Tall grey capped mushroom with shaggy hair ...

3 2 Phycomyces blakesleeanus

Phycomyces blakesleeanus

by DespinaTsafetopoulouΔήμος Βόλου, Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας, Greece

Phycomyces blakesleeanus, a hair-like ...

3 1 Birch Mazegill

Birch Mazegill

by flowntheloopGeorgia, USA

Irregular to kidney-shaped bracket mushroom covered in dense

1 0 Decorated Mop

Decorated Mop

by Brian38Washington, USA

has fine brown hairs.

4 4 Polyporus fungus

Polyporus fungus

by Leuba RidgwayVictoria, Australia

A flat capped fungus about 45 mm wide. The ...

7 5 Revolute Inkcap

Revolute Inkcap

by triggsturnerWaikato, New Zealand

Also known as Harefoot Fungus. Delicate ...

1 0 Jelly ear

Jelly ear

by mauna KunzahLouisiana, USA

Plush jelly fungus, covered in fine white ...

1 1 Fungus, Moss, ??

Fungus, Moss, ??

by TukupSarayacu, Pastaza, Ecuador

, guesses, whatever you can offer. The longest tuft had "

0 0 mushroom clump

mushroom clump

by LeubaMelbourne, Victoria, Australia

were black with white hairs, very thick ...

13 5 Hairy Cup Fungus

Hairy Cup Fungus

by dandoucetteToledo, Belize

small orange cup shaped fungi with light

1 5 Holm oak leave

Holm oak leave

by arlandaMadrid, Madrid, Spain

are dark green above and pale whitish-grey with dense short

0 0 Bracket Fungus

Bracket Fungus

by 4D4GprojectnoahFredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

0.5-1 centimeters, often triangular or round, with zones of fine