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0 0 Spotting


by IoannisΑποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Πελοποννήσου, Δυτικής Ελλάδας και Ιονίου, Greece

Tiny (5 mm) hymenoptera, flying around a ...

0 0 Swamp cicada

Swamp cicada

by Maria dBChapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

Many colloquial names exist for Tibicen species, including locust, dog day ...

1 0 Flying Ant (Winged Harvester Ant)

Flying Ant (Winged Harvester Ant)

by Michael StrydomCape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

flying ants have emerged in the thousands. ...

0 0 Cicadas, dog day cicada, dog day harvest fly

Cicadas, dog day cicada, dog day harvest fly

by AnnaleeHodgesArkansas, USA

Cicadas have prominent eyes set wide apart, short antennae, and membranous ...

4 1 melon fruit fly

melon fruit fly

by folicallychalledJawa Barat, Indonesia

A wasp mimick fly with distinctive ...

4 1 Red harvester ant

Red harvester ant

by GoodyNogales, Arizona, USA

The main food source for red harvester ants ...

0 1 Spotting


by BareFeatCalifornia, USA

Spider looking mite (?) or aphid of some sort.

1 1 Luna Silk Moth

Luna Silk Moth

by varcakAlabama, USA

This large green moth camped out on my back window for two days before

0 0 Harvest fly (cicada)

Harvest fly (cicada)

by nikkieLouisiana, USA

mostly black with green markings on on its body. The body size is typically ...

1 0 Common crane

Common crane

by EsterGarcíaCalzadilla, Extremadura, Spain

Each year thousands of cranes overwinter in my region

0 0 Honeybee


by IoannisProvence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Tromelin Island

The common honeybee, harvesting flowers. ...

0 1 wood duck

wood duck

by GinniBaggettRadfordKentucky, USA

This dark colored duck has just a small area of white around its eye.

1 1 Potter wasp

Potter wasp

by ScottLewisVirginia, USA

plant to harvest this nectar. As it

1 1 Northern Harrier

Northern Harrier

by dferrisMichigan, USA

the tail. Spotted flying over a soy-bean ...

1 0 Marmalade hoverfly

Marmalade hoverfly

by IoannisFontainebleau, Île-de-France, Tromelin Island

aphids and in the adult stage they harvest ...

1 0 Andrena clarkella

Andrena clarkella

by HenkWallaysVlaanderen, Belgium

specifically Salix caprea for it's survival. The females

0 0 Eastern Gray Squirrel

Eastern Gray Squirrel

by JuanDiazTampa, Florida, USA

and down. This is usually due to skin irritations from bot

1 4 Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly

by SatyenMehtaMaharashtra, India

Black soldier fly larvae are used to ...

0 0 Black Soldier Fly

Black Soldier Fly

by JoZeeAlbuquerque, New Mexico, USA

The black soldier fly, is a common and ...

2 0 Common Eider

Common Eider

by DonnaPomeroyMaine, USA

form large flocks on coastal waters. It can

0 0 Borneo Dwarf Bee

Borneo Dwarf Bee

by RolandEGauthierSabah, Malaysia

Tiny black bee, about half inch or smaller, when in flight his legs hang down ...

0 0 Common Eider

Common Eider

by BrinschkTerschelling, Friesland, Netherlands

form large flocks on coastal waters. It can

0 2 Green June beetle

Green June beetle

by Sciencemre Kansas, USA

. It was flying when I first spotted it ...

2 2 Two Spotted Ladybird

Two Spotted Ladybird

by triggsturnerWaikato, New Zealand

Small red ladybird with only two black spots on its wing case and distinctive ...

1 4 Flying Termites

Flying Termites

by JohnPaoloFaustinoNueva Ecija, Philippines

harvesting species do have well-developed ...

1 0 Aphids


by Heather E.L.GerquestBangor, Maine, USA

(Aphids photographed on my Lupine plants out front.) Also Called: Plant Lice, ...

0 2 Great Blue Heron (catching a fish series)

Great Blue Heron (catching a fish series)

by HeatherMillerDestin, Florida, USA

Great Blue Herons in the area, and the bird might have thought it better to ...

2 2 Spotting


by Jan CualesCebu City, Cebu, Philippines

region. He suspected that an insect called a "cecid

2 1 Great blue heron (eating a Bull frog)

Great blue heron (eating a Bull frog)

by Brian38Kent, Washington, USA

When I first walked up to the wetland I spotted an American Bittern (which I ...

17 12 Convergent Ladybird Beetle

Convergent Ladybird Beetle

by FrancisQuintanaColorado, USA

Lady beetles belong to the family Coccinellidae and the order Coleoptera. There ...

3 2 Zellers Bolete

Zellers Bolete

by EdwardNathanReulbachJr.Bremerton, Washington, USA

The tubes that comprise the undersurface of the cap (the hymenium) are up to ...

0 0 Baya Weaver

Baya Weaver

by Biswajit DeGuwahati, অসম, India

The Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus) is a weaverbird found across South and ...

0 0 American Plum Borer Moth

American Plum Borer Moth

by KenCheeksSouth Carolina, USA

Pyralid Moth. Adult: forewing reddish-brown to AM line, which is almost ...

11 6 Paw Paw Tree Bloom

Paw Paw Tree Bloom

by SarahHiteWhittOhio, USA

similar to a banana. Paw Paw Tree flowers are pungent causing most pollination ...

3 2 Sydney Red Gum

Sydney Red Gum

by Neil RossSydney, NSW, Australia

Imagine trying to harvest this tree's ...

2 1 Zeller's Bolete

Zeller's Bolete

by EdwardNathanReulbachJr.Silverdale, Washington, USA

Boletus zelleri, commonly known as Zeller's Bolete, is an edible species of ...

4 9 Wood Stork

Wood Stork

by JackEngFlorida, USA

Wood Stork (Mycteria americana) - Several

0 0 Tundra Swan

Tundra Swan

by hannawackerUtah, USA

C. columbianus is the smallest of the Holarctic swans, at 115–150 cm (45–59 in) ...

3 2 Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

by JackEngHomestead, Florida, USA

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) flying ...

1 0 Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

by JackEngHomestead, Florida, USA

Great Blue Heron casually strolling among a bunch of American Alligators ...

1 0 Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

by JackEngHomestead, Florida, USA

Great Blue Heron stalking, spearing, and finally eating a captured fish.