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1 0 Caterpillar Nest

Caterpillar Nest

by OskarWestinMississauga, Ontario, Canada

Caterpillar nest

0 2 Spotting


by marble.intelQuébec, Canada

bug nest

0 2 Common Wasp nest / Wespennest

Common Wasp nest / Wespennest

by Ursula FrickeAhlen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

1 1 Paper Wasp

Paper Wasp

by rsheehanLittle Elm, Texas, USA

Wasp nest just outside my window

0 0 Grass-carrying wasp nest

Grass-carrying wasp nest

by TMetcalfNew Jersey, USA

Hay stuffed into a carpenter bee's hole

0 1 Spotting


by SheaEckertBirdsboro, Pennsylvania, USA

I found this under a rotted log. Some sort of

1 0 Wasp hornet

Wasp hornet

by lidinhamariaSQS 310, Brazil

Wasps nest

0 0 Bee nest

Bee nest

by fernthewormLos Angeles, California, USA

0 2 Blackwidow nest!

Blackwidow nest!

by fernthewormLos Angeles, California, USA

0 4 Spotting


by IanLineTempe, Arizona, USA

0 0 Spotting


by ChiefRedEarthThiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India

An insect's

1 1 Spotting


by jordan44jMarquette, Michigan, USA

Bee/hornet/wasp nest

1 1 Wasp nest (possibly hornet)

Wasp nest (possibly hornet)

by BeauMurphyElgin, Oklahoma, USA

A wasp nest with larvae, eggs, and wasps in ...

4 0 stingless bee nest

stingless bee nest

by dandoucetteSabah, Malaysia

tubular shaped nest used by stingless bees

1 2 Leaf-Cutter Ant's Nest

Leaf-Cutter Ant's Nest

by _Memen_Heredia, Costa Rica

0 0 Green tree ant

Green tree ant

by CrisBeswickCairns, Queensland, Australia

Tubular nest, very active

0 0 Spotting


Florence, Kentucky, USA

Large nest like structure, very silky ...

1 3 Wasp


by TMetcalfNew Jersey, USA

Colors:red,black,yellow,orange Wasp-like

8 3 Wasps nest

Wasps nest

by MatthewKritzerPuntarenas, Costa Rica

I assume this to be a wasp or bee

2 0 Paper wasp

Paper wasp

by dotun55Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Paper wasps at work at the nest.

1 0 stingless bee nest

stingless bee nest

by dandoucetteSabah, Malaysia

another stingless bee nest, this one much ...

1 0 insect nest

insect nest

by S FrazierIndonesia

Unidentified insect

0 0 Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket

by m.t.yatskoPennsylvania, USA

Yellow jacket building a nest

0 11 Spotting


by ForestGirlPennsylvania, USA

Looks like bee

2 1 Guinea Fowl

Guinea Fowl

by KMills4560, Queensland, Australia

This family of insect and seed-eating, ...

1 3 Wasp


by wife.mommy.teacher.friendModesto, California, USA

Urban backyard

0 4 Paper wasp nest

Paper wasp nest

by DustinSimcoePennsylvania, USA

0 0 Wood ant

Wood ant

by dangood14Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Wood ant nest

0 0 Spotting


by Alessio Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, Tromelin Island

1 0 hive


by rdx1312India

some kind of a hive or a nest of an

0 2 Bagworm Moth

Bagworm Moth

by RaghaGulbarga, Karnataka, India

Nest of some

1 1 unknown spotting

unknown spotting

by dedesJawa Barat, Indonesia

Mysterious engineering insect builds to ...

1 1 Polyphemus Moth Cocoon

Polyphemus Moth Cocoon

by James A McNairTitusville, Florida, USA

Nest of

0 0 mud nest of some insect

mud nest of some insect

by valentinezzaArresi/Sant'Anna Arresi, SAR, Italy

size about 5 cm

4 1 Stick-nest Brown Paper Wasp

Stick-nest Brown Paper Wasp

by RyckiiJBirdmanBrisbane, Queensland, Australia

found this nest of paper wasps in my back ...

0 0 Mud Daubers

Mud Daubers

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

This is a Mud Daubers nest. They are wasp ...

1 1 Common Wasp (nest)

Common Wasp (nest)

by tmvdhHalstenbek, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Might be Vespula vulgaris or Vespula germanica,

14 2 Potter Wasp

Potter Wasp

by KarthiKeyanSCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Potter wasp in flight carrying its own sand mix to patch its

0 1 Unknown insects home

Unknown insects home

by JosephBullockAntananarivo, Madagascar

This nest contains an unknown

0 0 Paper wasp and nest

Paper wasp and nest

by auntnance123Cocoa, Florida, USA

insect about 1 inch long;

0 0 Spotting


by cefarrowArizona, USA

found under a rock in the front garden, the whole

0 2 Organ Pipe Mud Dauber

Organ Pipe Mud Dauber

by Amy20Bella Vista, Arkansas, USA

Mud nest structures found on my foundation ...

9 1 Leaf Cutter Bee

Leaf Cutter Bee

by KarthiKeyanSKerala, India

Leaf cutter bee carrying rose leaf to build it's

0 0 Spotting


by dandoucetteSabah, Malaysia

head size termite nest growing near the top ...

7 0 Hamerkop


by BrunoMollerMaruleng Local Municipality, Limpopo, South Africa

•They build 1.5 meters nests. •Some animals ...

3 1 Potter Wasp

Potter Wasp

by KarthiKeyanSCoimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Potter wasp(Oreumenoides edwardsii) in flight checking its newly built

18 8 Potter Wasp

Potter Wasp

by KarthiKeyanSTamil Nadu, India

Potter wasp carrying paralyzed caterpillar to its