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0 0 Poison ivy

Poison ivy

by JeanneRewaIndiana, USA

12 12 Caterpillar


by Jonathan GuyotCusco, Peru

Hair causing intense irritation

0 0 Mildew


by bouskarileyMountain View, North Carolina, USA

Can be irritating to skin excpecially if ...

0 1 Salt marsh caterpillar

Salt marsh caterpillar

by AmyMassTexas, USA

Aka "woolybear". Do not sting but hairs can

0 1 Haresfoot Clover

Haresfoot Clover

by J Maine, USA

Lovely fuzzy plant. No irritation from the ...

1 1 Staghorn Sumac

Staghorn Sumac

by MatthewPrattRochester, New Hampshire, USA

Medium sized trees, fern type leaves, fruit that looks like red pinecone.

0 0 Garden Tiger Moth

Garden Tiger Moth

by leerjones1981Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Caterpillar life stage

0 0 African Milk tree

African Milk tree

by KatieAshton-Mckenzie2484, New South Wales, Australia

Nasty white sap that is an irritant to skin ...

0 0 Spider


by MatthewFullerEngland, United Kingdom

The spider's body was roughly 2cm long,

0 0 Jewelweed


by michaelcali17Minnesota, USA

Medicinal: relieves many types of skin

0 0 Toothed Spurge

Toothed Spurge

by JenniferLawrenceWhiting, Indiana, USA

Wolf Lake Park. Somewhat irritating to ...

1 1 Stinky Bug

Stinky Bug

by GreenphoenixPhilippines

Found them mating. They usually produce a very undescribable,

2 11 Mosquito


by SumukhaJavagalKarnataka, India

The most irritating among all the ...

2 2 White flannel moth caterpillar

White flannel moth caterpillar

by KarenLFranklin, Tennessee, USA

1" long caterpillar with irritant hairs.

0 0 Tread Softly

Tread Softly

by VictoriaShirleyPhotographyAiken, South Carolina, USA

also known as "Spurge Nettle". This plant causees skin

2 0 Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk

by Rachael3Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Being pursued by irritated red-wing black ...

2 2 Paper Spurge

Paper Spurge

by AciinonyxBrecht, Vlaanderen, Belgium

All plant parts are poisenous! Contact with the plant's latex may cause skin ...

0 0 Bearded Fireworm

Bearded Fireworm

by LivanEscuderoLauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida, USA

toxic/irritating bristles when touched.

3 1 Indian Flower mantis

Indian Flower mantis

by SaswataChowdhuryWest Bengal, India

its a praying mantis that mimic flowers.but

1 0 Hogweed


by VinnyEngland, United Kingdom

Large herb approx. 1.5m tall, formerly used as fodder for pigs, the sap is a ...

0 0 Spotting


by LesleyKloussiadisΑποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Μακεδονίας - Θράκης, Greece

Caterpillar, creamy peach colour with tiny brown spots. When

0 1 Caterpillar


by Alan CajesCotabato, Philippines

This species causes an irritation to skin

0 0 Goldmoss Stonecrop, scharfer Mauerpfeffer

Goldmoss Stonecrop, scharfer Mauerpfeffer

by Monkey-mindGemeinde Kottingbrunn, Niederösterreich, Austria

careful (!), the touch of this plant can cause serious skin

0 0 Siberian squill, wood squill

Siberian squill, wood squill

by lauradinglehopperLockport, Illinois, USA

Early spring bloom. Medium blue color.

0 0 plumaria


by m.roseOrange, California, USA

yellow, white, round leaves with big green succulent leaves.

0 0 Poison Oak

Poison Oak

by Bill RichieRiverside, California, USA

Low-growing, woody shrub. Sap causes skin

4 0 Flannel Moth larva

Flannel Moth larva

by KristenGilpinTampa, Florida, USA

cause immediate and painful skin

4 4 oregon newt

oregon newt

by KarenSaxtonLakeside, Oregon, USA

irritate human skin, however they are ...

0 0 Curlycup Gumweed

Curlycup Gumweed

by DidgeGuyMissoula, Montana, USA

topical treatment for skin irritation and ...

2 0 Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle

by J New York, USA

A quiet irritating and annoying creature, ...

2 0 House Fly

House Fly

by JohanHeynsHessequa Local Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa

irritation expansion in the local ...

9 8 hickory tussock moth

hickory tussock moth

by EricEllisonIllinois, USA

can cause skin irritation in some people. ...

0 0 Spotting


by AlmaGamilSorsogon, Philippines

Caterpillar with fur-like fine bristles that can cause severe skin

0 0 Chichicaste


by AndresDuarteGuatemala, Guatemala

Small tree. Up to 5m height Skin

1 4 Mother of thousands

Mother of thousands

by PoolFamilyIslandAdventureCoUnited States Virgin Islands, United States Virgin Islands

Good for skin irritations and eruptions ...

0 0 pork and beans

pork and beans

by tomato.glasgowSan Diego, California, USA

A dangling juicy leafed succulent

0 2 House Crickets

House Crickets

by KrantiAzadPunjab, India

around our homes ... Produces an annoying sound that

0 0 Fruit-piercing moth

Fruit-piercing moth

by dotun55Nigeria

Until they are pissed (irritated), one ...

2 0 Fruit-piercing moth

Fruit-piercing moth

by dotun55Nigeria

Tried to no avail to get this one to display by constantly

1 0 Spotting


by shekainah d. alabanRomblon, Philippines

medicine, the fruit can cause severe

0 0 Western Conifer Seed Bug

Western Conifer Seed Bug

by Carson HoneMaple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada

Brown in colour. I started to irritate it ...

0 0 Red oak

Red oak

by AdamGrauBlaine, Minnesota, USA

Woodland tree producing acorn fruits.

0 0 Hickory tussock moth

Hickory tussock moth

by andrew.jefferiesNew Brunswick, Canada

Caterpillar approximately 1.5 cm long. White with black spots. Hairy.

1 1 Humpback whale

Humpback whale

by LavasciaMassachusetts, USA

Huge!.. Blue and had a lot of barnacles and some pink,

0 0 Plumaria tree

Plumaria tree

by ShaneDamitioHonolulu, Hawaii, USA

Plumeria is related to the Oleander, Nerium oleander, and both possess an

14 5 Stinging Nettle Caterpillar

Stinging Nettle Caterpillar

by TamalDasWest Bengal, India

because the spines of Nettle Caterpillar release an

0 0 Tetterwort; Greater Celandine

Tetterwort; Greater Celandine

by DavidGraefKözép-Magyarország, Hungary

showed that it causes contact dermatitis and eye

0 1 Poison Sumac

Poison Sumac

by AarongunnarWisconsin, USA

irritant and is found in all parts of the ...