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6 1 Junonia


by SckelLinhares, ES, Brazil

2 2 Buckeye Butterfly

Buckeye Butterfly

by Daniela BracamonteSalta, SA, Argentina

Junonia genoveva hilaris?

1 6 Junonia evarete or J. genoveva

Junonia evarete or J. genoveva

by asergioCampo Largo, PR, Brazil

0 0 Buckeye


by andrecoppeBragança Paulista, SP, Brazil

1 0 Mangrove Buckeye

Mangrove Buckeye

by AmandaMontanhiniSP, SP, Brazil

Host plant: Lantana camara

2 2 Brown Pansy

Brown Pansy

by JohnTasirinManado, Indonesia

A brown pansy fed on the flowers of Oxalis

1 4 Pansies


by IrungbamJatishworSinghBhutan

All these pansies are collected from different location of Bhutan (Tsirang & ...

2 0 Peacock Pansy

Peacock Pansy

by AnnieLopezReyesParañaque, Metro Manila, Philippines


15 19 Buckeye Butterfly.

Buckeye Butterfly.

by Daniela BracamonteSalta, SA, Argentina

Family: Nymphalidae.

2 1 Buckeye Butterfly.

Buckeye Butterfly.

by Daniela BracamonteSalta, Salta, Argentina

It could be Junonia evarete or

0 5 Buckeye


by remco.doumaMaldonado, Uruguay

I think this butterfly had a wing span of about 3cm.

0 4 Pansy Butterfly Cocoon

Pansy Butterfly Cocoon

by NickKingจังหวัดพังงา, Thailand

A small cocoon

1 1 West Indian buckeye

West Indian buckeye

by injicaVilhena, RO, Brazil

It is a neotropical nymphalid butterfly found from Florida and the Caribbean, ...

0 3 Buckeye


by NickCookRio de Janeiro, Brazil

Butterfly, brown wings with orange lining, ringed spots on the edges.

8 14 Junonia sp. butterfly

Junonia sp. butterfly

by pattyMontevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

genoveva hilaris is not clear yet and is one of her areas of research. ...

5 2 Spotting


by BrunoMollerSP, SP, Brazil

•Brown butterfly with orange wings and white spots. It looks like a

6 7 Buckeye Butterfly

Buckeye Butterfly

by Daniela BracamonteSalta, Salta, Argentina

A very common species in Argentina from October to May. Adult: 57mm, with two ...

8 6 Junonia evarete or J. genoveva

Junonia evarete or J. genoveva

by asergioCuritiba, PR, Brazil

"The neotropical Junonia "species" are very ...

1 2 Butterfly


by SukanyaDatta

Looks a lot like a faded Peacock Pansy (

0 0 White Peacock Butterfly

White Peacock Butterfly

by James A McNairCocoa, Florida, USA

In the first picture among many other bugs are a White Peacock, a Common ...

2 0 Blue Pansy

Blue Pansy

by Joe PanKota Kinabatangan, Sabah, Malaysia

Blue Pansy bred from eggs collected in wild.

2 0 Common Buckeye

Common Buckeye

by BugEricColorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Distinctively marked as shown.

3 0 Mangrove buckeye

Mangrove buckeye

by BrunoMollerSP, SP, Brazil

•They eat nectar. •They are one of the most colorful butterflies in the ...

1 4 (Common) Buckeye butterfly

(Common) Buckeye butterfly

by GeodialistHybla Valley, Virginia, USA

Marigold flowers (Tagetes sp.). Photo 1 ...

1 5 Owlet Moth

Owlet Moth

by PrashastiPrashantavanamKarnataka, India

First it Looked like malabar glad eye bushbrown ...

9 3 Peacock Pansy Butterfly

Peacock Pansy Butterfly

by Rajas DeshpandeThane, Maharashtra, India

Wingspan: 60-65mm. Status: Common. Distr.: India, Shri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, ...