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0 0 Kissing bug

Kissing bug

by AshiAshAshKarnataka, India

0 2 Kissing bug

Kissing bug

Michigan, USA

0 1 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by MattGoodsonArkansas, USA


0 2 Kissing Bug

Kissing Bug

by lanibucaoCebu City, Cebu, Philippines

1 0 Kissing Bug

Kissing Bug

Michigan, USA

3 2 Kissing Bug

Kissing Bug

by jesloweryBrownsville, Texas, USA

A vector of Trypanosoma cruzi which can lead to Chagas disease.

2 0 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by Daniel PrinceTennessee, USA

Leaf like appearance. Resembles kissing ...

0 0 assassin bug and honeybee

assassin bug and honeybee

by Jorge4Yucatán, Mexico

Looks like a kissing

0 5 Kissing bug / Assassin bug

Kissing bug / Assassin bug

by jeffperi@live.comCape St. Claire, Maryland, USA

Small head,long reddish antennae, six legs

1 0 Eastern Bloodsucking Conenose

Eastern Bloodsucking Conenose

by Shay MoonChattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Eastern Bloodsucking Conenose, member of the Assassin

4 7 blood sucker, kissing bug

blood sucker, kissing bug

by igotthelongestemailaddressParañaque, Philippines

Triatoma rubrofasciata

0 1 Unknown spotting

Unknown spotting

by geospecusCebu City, Bohol, Philippines

They called kiss

1 4 Kissing bug

Kissing bug

by OnengDyahDaerah Khusus Ibu Kota Jakarta, Indonesia

the lenght of the body from head of about 1.5 cm.

6 2 Kissing Bug

Kissing Bug

by Diaz José MiguelProvincia San José, Costa Rica

Triatoma is a genus of assassin bug in the ...

2 0 Kissing bug

Kissing bug

by KarenLParroquia Taracoa, Provincia de Orellana, Ecuador

The members of Triatominae, a subfamily of Reduviidae, are also known as ...

3 0 Kissing bug?????

Kissing bug?????

by MuckpukSaba, Caribisch Nederland, Netherlands

color with orange and black markings. It looks a lot like the

1 1 Wheel Bug

Wheel Bug

by keaaa5Maryland, USA

Gray and black red probe like mouth. Ridge back. Reminds me if a

2 0 Western Conifer Seed Bug

Western Conifer Seed Bug

by Gaby3Ohio, USA

Conifer seed bug hiding in the folds of an ...

4 9 Black corsair (female)

Black corsair (female)

by KarenLFranklin, Tennessee, USA

All black, medium-sized assassin bug. Males ...

0 1 Kissing bug

Kissing bug

by Eunice CacatianSanta Ana, Metro Manila, Philippines

The black bug’s abdomen has an orange color ...

1 0 Bess bug/ Bess Beetle

Bess bug/ Bess Beetle

by KarenPuracanFlorida, USA

Shiny black, perhaps 1.25" long. Non-aggressive. When annoyed, it would make a ...

0 0 Blood-sucking Conenose

Blood-sucking Conenose

by BugEricTexas, USA

Size is 16-20 mm for the species. Narrowly elongate-oval in shape, and marked ...

4 1 Blood-sucking conenose

Blood-sucking conenose

by BugEricTexas, USA

Size is 23-28 mm for the species. Broadly oval in shape and marked as shown in ...

2 0 Boxelder Bug

Boxelder Bug

by Gaby3Ohio, USA

Boxelder Bug that fell into a bucket of ...

7 10 Assassin Bug/Chinche Asesina

Assassin Bug/Chinche Asesina

by Gilma Jeannette Ospino Ferreira-NormanAlfaro, Provincia Alajuela, Costa Rica

Assassin bugs are in the order of insects ...

6 3 Triatomine or Kissing bug

Triatomine or Kissing bug

by KarenLParroquia Taracoa, Provincia de Orellana, Ecuador

. Trypanosoma cruzi transmission is carried mainly from human to human by ...

3 5 Kissing bug

Kissing bug

by KarenLAlajuela, Costa Rica

Triatoma dimidiata is a blood-sucking insect whose range extends from northern ...

2 1 Eastern Blood-sucking Conenose

Eastern Blood-sucking Conenose

by James A McNairFlorida, USA

Medium-sized, boldly patterned in dark brown to black with reddish markings. ...

0 0 Lovebug ( A True Fly )

Lovebug ( A True Fly )

by maplemoth66Florida, USA

March Flies. It is also known as the honeymoon fly,

4 0 Spartocera Leaf-Footed Bug / Percevejo-Pés-de-Folha-Spartocera

Spartocera Leaf-Footed Bug / Percevejo-Pés-de-Folha-Spartocera

by Oscar NetoSC, Brazil

(Thunberg, 1783)

Hemiptera: Heteroptera: Pentatomomorpha: Coreoidea: ...