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1 2 Lactarius


by DavidSantosLisboa, Portugal

1 0 Lachs-Reizker


by RayJakobBayern, Germany


6 0 Lactarius indigo

Lactarius indigo

by _Memen_Alajuela, Alajuela, Costa Rica

0 0 populierenmelkzwam


by AlexKonigGeldrop-Mierlo, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

1 0 Milk caps

Milk caps

by PochempieArnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands

1 2 Milkcap


by ScottLewisVirginia, USA

2 6 milk-cap


by sintija.valuckaKurzeme, Latvia

0 0 Lactarius sp???

Lactarius sp???

by DespinaTsafetopoulouΔήμος Βόλου, Περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας, Greece

Probably a Lactarius sp. , spotted at ...

2 1 Milk-cap


by Marek Koszorekpodkarpackie, Poland

0 2 Lactarius


by LarsKorbDassendorf, Schleswig-Holstein (Landmasse), Germany

Spotted in conifer woods, mainly Spruces

0 0 Ugly milk cap

Ugly milk cap

by linda.guestNewcastle-under-Lyme, England, United Kingdom

0 0 milk-cap mushroom

milk-cap mushroom

by DespinaTsafetopoulouNew Zealand

Unfortunately I don't remember details (size, spores, gils etc), I only have ...

6 0 Saffron Milkcap

Saffron Milkcap

by KostasZontanosΑποκεντρωμένη Διοίκηση Ηπείρου - Δυτικής Μακεδονίας, Greece

Open woodland, under juniper.

0 0 Lactarius sp.

Lactarius sp.

by JaeGelderland, Netherlands

Lactarius mushrooms between 3 to 5 cm tall. ...

0 0 Blue Milk Cap

Blue Milk Cap

by sub.dioTexas, USA

Blue mushroom

1 0 Vulgar Milkcap

Vulgar Milkcap

by RandyL.California, USA

Bleeds white latex that stains gills brown.

1 1 Ugly milk-cap

Ugly milk-cap

by BotanickRiga, Latvia


0 0 Bearded milkcap

Bearded milkcap

by BotanickRiga, Riga, Latvia

0 0 Red hot milk cap

Red hot milk cap

by BotanickRiga, Latvia


0 0 Milk-caps Mushroom

Milk-caps Mushroom

by joa.jvmPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

0 0 Hygrophorus Milky Mushroom

Hygrophorus Milky Mushroom

by p.young713Tampa, Florida, USA


0 2 Red Pine Mushroom

Red Pine Mushroom

by LarsKorbHohenhorn, Schleswig-Holstein (Landmasse), Germany

0 2 Candy Cap

Candy Cap

by mdoboszMassachusetts, USA

0 0 Spotting


by Noe and PiliEl Burgo, Andalucía, Spain

A type of Lactarius

0 0 Mushroom


by Greg ShchepanekCanada

Open grass & moss close to wooded area.

0 0 Saffron Milk Cap

Saffron Milk Cap

by moralcoralTurku, Finland Proper, Finland

0 0 Fungus


by JeannetteDenmark

Found in sandy soil with pine trees... My guess

0 1 Níscalo, Robellón

Níscalo, Robellón

by Pablo CRDaroca, Aragón, Spain

Delicious fungi!

3 2 Slimy Milkcap/Grijsgroene melkzwam

Slimy Milkcap/Grijsgroene melkzwam

by TheMiesMeisterDen Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

0 0 Indigo Milky Cap

Indigo Milky Cap

by LindaKing2East Ridge, Tennessee, USA

0 0 Indigo Milk Cap

Indigo Milk Cap

by carrwnBellefonte, Kentucky, USA

0 0 Grey Milk Cap

Grey Milk Cap

by carrwnWestwood, Kentucky, USA

0 0 Tawny Milkcap

Tawny Milkcap

by chesterbperryTennessee, USA

I love these mushrooms

0 2 Milky cap

Milky cap

by sintija.valuckaKurzeme, Latvia

They're growing in the forest.

0 0 Indigo Milk Cap

Indigo Milk Cap

by JDMalloryChattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Blue bottom.

1 0 Indigo Milky Cap

Indigo Milky Cap

by LindaKing2Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA